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Always an Ending

Always an Ending

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After 3 months of agonizing pain Kiara's mother simply passed away in her sleep. Kiara was only 18 when her mother was diagnosed with untreatable cancer. her dad split when she was just 3 so now she's all on her own. Kiara had just graduated high school when she decided to move out of her small two-bedroom apartment in New York, to a small town in Texas called Graham. she wanted to live a simple life and just go about her day and grieve for her mother. but that all suddenly changed when she bumped into him. Kiara didn't want any romance, she didn't want a relationship nor a boyfriend she wasn't ready. her feelings on the other hand were ready could she deny her heart was feeling she just let it all sink in and fall for him. but not only does she find him her father comes into play. and he does not approve. he does not approve of this boy or the way Kiara is not living her life. will Kiara find it in her heart to forgive her dad. who knows.

Chapter 1

Boxes piled almost to the door frame it was like a maze in the small apartment. with clothes scattered all over the floor and trash and weird little trinkets. think God Kiara already got all the furniture out or she wouldn't have any room to walk.

She sat down in a pile of clothes and just let the tears flow out of her eyes her mother has only been gone a couple of weeks and here she is packing up her life and moving out of the city

New York has always been her home but it didn't feel like home every time she walked into that front door it felt like she was walking into a boneless graveyard. Sadness creeped over Kiara like it was nothing and she didn't want to drown in her sorrows anymore.

So she came to the conclusion she's packing up and leaving. leaving where she has no destination in mind she doesn't know where to go or what to do. she sat in a small pile of clothes on her floor and she cried.

She cried like no one could hear her even though her neighbors were knocking at her door but she ignored them. it was none of their business what was going on she was still grieving and she needed space she knew the city wasn't space it was crowded and she didn't want to be crowded she wanted to be free.

She remembered hearing something about her best friend coming from Texas and how small some towns were and she figured that might be the best place to go. she opened her laptop and wiped away her tears stains and just googled small towns in Texas. and that she scrolled and scrolled and hours she spent one name one town spoke to her.

She clicked on the link, the city of Graham Texas popped up on her screen. she read about the history and the population and the stores and even the people. this was her new home. this is where she'll be going. she closed her laptop and continued to cry when she took a deep breath, exheld a shaky breath and stood up and walked to the window.

"Thank you New York City for being my home for the past 18 years but now I have to let you go cuz you're no longer my home for the city filled with horrible memories" she closed her curtains and finished packing now that she knew her destination.

With bags in her hands and boxes in the moving van, Kiara got into a taxi and went to the airport. ready to aboard her plane and leave the memories of pain behind. this was going to be a new beginning

Her moving truck would be at her new home in approximately 4 to 6 weeks, thank God she's rich. her mom left behind some 46 million in Kiara's name. she didn't know her mom had this much money "why didn't she use it for chemo."

I think that's what hurt Kiara the most, her mom had so much money and still she didn't use it for her. Kiara figured that her mom wanted her to use his money for good and she is she has to. she sat in her coach seat on the plane put her headphones in and just looked out the window.

As she watched the sky turn different colors ranging from Orange to Pink to yellow it was a gorgeous site. and she knew from the bottom of her heart her mom was happy and in a better place.

Kiara clicked on her phone and saw she had a missed phone call. who would be calling her she quickly dialed the number back

"hello" she said in a shaky whispered voice "who's this" she asked inside the phone speaker. she waited but no one answered "hello" she said once more before just hanging up the phone and putting it back on to silent.

The flight to New York to Abilene it was maybe 13 hours she might be wrong she didn't really care how long it took her just as long as she got away. sure finally let her eyes close and she drifted off into a dreamful sleep.

Kiara set around the Christmas tree and laughter's and music engulfed in the background her mom sat on the couch and was handing presents around the room. "Kiara" her mom said in a very happy tone " oh honey this is adorable I love it" Kiara's mom hugged a small brown teddy bear with a heart and his palms and a smile she smiled just brought tears of happiness to Kiara's eyes.

   "so mama what did you get me" Kiara's mom gave her a weird and funny look "oh you think I got you something now did you" Kiara's mom let out a laugh and had a twinkle in her eye she handed Kiara a gorgeous box. Kiara took the box from her mom very carefully and just admired the the wrapping paper.

    Red and green with a hint of white with a beautiful box and Kiara wanted to savor it. tearing the wrapping paper off as gently as she could. She looked up with tears in her eyes "mama" she pulled the necklace out of the box and held it in her Palm. the cool metal of the necklace rested in her hands. it almost felt like she was catching raindrops that never seem to disappear she was in awe "oh mama, I love it it's beautiful" 

    she placed the necklace on her neck and let the pendant fall to her chest. the pendant was a beautiful crescent moon with a wolf on a mountain. she looked at her mom now crying and just hugged her. "oh I wish this night would never end" and they sat there for the rest of the night holding each other and drifting off into a slumber.

Kiara woke up with tears pooling in her eyes and she looked at the window and sighed. she reached her hand up to her chest and grabbed a hold of her necklace and kissed it very gently though.

A male voice came over the intercon asking everyone on the plane to please fasten their seat belts they are arriving soon. and Kiara did as told this was it this was her new life a New beginning a new start.

Kiara made her way off the plane and into the airport grabbing her luggage and looking for a place to rent a car. she walks up to a lady at the front desk and she looked extremely annoyed.

"hi how can I help you"

Kiara looks down as she spoke.

"I'm looking for a rental car"

Kiara's voice was soft, like a whisper

"ma'am I have to ask you to speak up a little"

Kiara looked at the woman behind the desk, she was beautiful. she was slender yet she had a tummy. her hair was long and dark and her makeup looks something as a runway model.

" rental.... car, where can I find one"

the lady behind the counter pointed in a direction. Kiara left following the directions.

when Kiara finally found the place where she can rent a car she walked into the office and behind the counter was a young man. this young man looked up from his paperwork and smiled.

"ah yes how can I help you for today"

the way this young man talks was so friendly and heartwarming. it made her feel safe.

"I'm trying to find a car I can rent to get to a town called Graham" Kiara spoke firmly but softly and the man behind the counter nodded at her.

"well that is about a 3-hour drive from here may I see your license and ID please"

Kiara looked inside of her bag until she pulled out her ID and license and handed it to the young gentleman.

"oh we're from New York, are you visiting family or"

Kiara gave a soft smile and shook her head.

"no sir no family to visit. just starting over"

A young man shook his head and went into the back and grabbed a few pieces of paper for her to sign. when Kiara finishes signing the paper he handed her the keys to a car and told her that she could get put the car at the rental place in the town. she nodded her head and thinked the young man and leftA young man shook his head and went into the back and grabbed a few pieces of paper for her to sign. when Kiara finishes signing the paper he handed her the keys to a car and told her that she could get put the car at the rental place in the town. she nodded her head and thinked the young man and left

A young man shook his head and went into the back and grabbed a few pieces of paper for her to sign. when Kiara finishes signing the paper he handed her the keys to a car and told her that she could get put the car at the rental place in the town. she nodded her head and thinked the young man and left

when Kiara finishes signing the paper he handed her the keys to a car and told her that she could get put the car at the rental place in the town. she nodded her head and thinked the young man and leftwhen Kiara finishes signing the paper he handed her the keys to a car and told her that she could get put the car at the rental place in the town. she nodded her head and thinked the young man and left Kiara pulled up to her new house and into the driveway underneath the awning. the house looks a little rundown but that really didn't matter not to her at least. Kiara got out of the car and walked to the front door fumbling with the keys she had in her hand she finally found the right one. unlocking the doors you walked in and to behold of her eyes.

A gorgeous living room with wooden floors into her left and archway leading for the dining room in the first bedroom. attached to the dining room was a long and slender kitchen beautifully White. from the living room to her right was the hallway another room the bathroom along with the master room and the master bathroom. the backyard was long and big and it had an amazing screen and porch. the front yard was covered with grass and Big trees it was beautiful.

Kiara knew she needed something to sleep on so she placed on her money in kitchen keys on the kitchen counter and counted out what she had in pocket. $450 was what she had on person, so she climbed back into her car and put in the directions to Walmart and off she went

once she found a parking spot she walked inside the store and getting lost in the aisles she finally found the blankets and pillows and she bought a few of those she went ahead and bought an air mattress one with a pump she can plug into the wall. she knew she would need some food and some drinks and possibly a fridge so she went and had and bought some food and drinks but where can she buy a fridge.

while paying for her items at the register she has the lady scanning her things she told her to go to a place called Lowe's it's by United and the donut shop. she also told Kiara to try the Chinese buffet it was the best shop in Town.

Kiara made her way back downtown and she came across Lowe's and there it was behold a fridge one of her liking she bought it straight away and asked for deliver the same day and she paid and gone she was. she walked to the end of the parking lot and they're Chinese buffet stood she decided to go in just to see what talk was about.

on her way in the man asked and she just said one person and he set her at a table asked for a drink and she ordered a sweet tea. it was a buffet so she got up and all the foods in front of her felt like a dream. she grabbed some sauteed mushrooms and some chicken on a stick along with her favorite noodles and broccoli and rice. she has to saw the variety of desserts decided to wait until after she ate today.

she went for round two she could not get enough of those mushrooms and that was when she bumped into an unknown man she dropped her plate thank God it didn't break. she looked up to apologize

"I'm... I.. I'm so sorry" she fumbled this sentence out and her cheeks glowed red of embarrassment and she looked away.

" it's ok, I bumped into you"

the man said without any hesitation. he took his left hand and slid underneath her chin and made her look at him. "are you okay" he asked in a very concerned voice.

"ye..yes" Kiara took a few steps back. The man politely held at his hand and spoke his name. "my name is Ashton, but you can call me Ash"

Kiara looked at his hand and gently took it "my name is Kiara" Ashton looked at her and smiled he thought what a gorgeous name it was "will Kiara it was nice to meet you I hope to see you again"

the man or Ashton left without saying a other word leaving Kiara standing next to the heat of the food and her cheeks she decided to go ahead and get a box to go and leave as soon as she could.

when she paid the man for her food and she walked out of the store and into her car she sat there, she just sat there. and what felt like hours she seemed to have nodded off and fell into a dreamful sleep.

Kiara sat in the waiting room with tears wanting to go down her face she was fighting her anxiety in her legs were shaking 200 miles per hour and her heart was racing but it felt like it was stopping. she waited for the news, 4 hours of waiting felt like an eternity. where are the doctors, where are the nurses.

   as she was fighting to hold back the tears that threatened to stream down her face like a waterfall in the night she wanted to scream this couldn't be the end. when one of the doctors walked in, Kiara stood straight up and he just looked at her with empty eyes. those empty eyes told Kiara her worst nightmare had came true.

    Kiara felt like a bird stuck in a rotting cage to never be set free. the doctor shook his head and quietly said "I am so sorry" her knees buckled from underneath her she felt the pressure of the world crush her into non existence. Kiara let out of blood curdling scream and fell to her knees crying.

    she grabbed a hold of the necklace that swung from her neck, and after what seemed like forever she finally found the strength to pick herself up from the floor and look at the doctor and was choking back her words she asked to see her.

   the doctor took her back into room 107 where her mother's lifeless body lay. there was wires and tubes that lay all around her she looks like a science experiment gone wrong. she hated seeing her mother that way.

   she sniffled and wiped away the tears that stained her cheeks she walked up to her mom and held her hand. that's when her voice begin to break the tears pooled back in her eyes she laid her head on her mom's chest and just hugged her.

   "I'm so sorry mama" she cried. after about 30 minutes or so the doctors came and tapped on Kiara's shoulder and told her that she had to go to the morgue. it was now up to Kiara to figure out if she wanted her mother cremated or buried.

   Kiara look at the doctor said "give me a little time and I'll get back to you" in the end she remembered her mother asking her to cremator because she did not want to be in the ground so that's what Kiara did.  

Keira shot straight up through her hands on the steering wheel and fought to catch her breath. with her breathing labored and her hands shaking she looked outside and realized it was dark. "what time is it" she picked up her phone and the time read 10:23. "shit" she laid her head on the steering wheel and just cried.

out of all the memories and flashbacks that was the one she had to think of, the night she said goodbye to her mother. would she ever forget that night. she didn't want to but she did at the same time. her heart ached.

there is a knock on the window that startled Kiara and she jumped and let out of scream and then when she realized who it was.

Ashton was standing there. Kiara rolled down the window and looked at him with confusion. "Hi" her voice was kind of squeaky but she still smiled. "hello... um" Ashton seemed confused as he didn't understand why she was still in her car.

"are you ok"

Kiara simply laughed and shook her head.

"yeah, no I'm fine"

"Are you sure, because you have been sitting her for like 5 hours"

Kiara looked around the parking lot was empty and she kind of just saw it and laughed at herself when she looked back up but Ashton he was smiling at her..

"you're not going to kill me are you"

Ashton gave her a weird look and laughed

"No, I'm not gonna kill you"

She let out at awkward chuckle in a sigh of relief

"do you need a ride home?"

Ashton asked out of curiosity and Kiara looked at him and tried to start the car.

and after a few tries she looked up at Ashton and laughed.

"I think I fell asleep with the car on and killed it"

Ashton opened the driver side door and helped Kiara out of it.

"I can call the car rental place tomorrow and inform them and they'll come pick it up"

sure looked at him with curiosity and wondered "why is he helping me, he doesn't even know me"

is Kiara into Ashton's truck she looked at the window and smiled. she could see the stars, something she couldn't see in New York to her this was an amazing sight

Chapter 2

a couple of weeks have gone by for Kiara and that she impatiently waited for the moving truck to pull up. she's gotten really close to Ashton though which is weird for her. She just moved into town and met a strange man. she didn't feel lucky though.

she was afraid of getting close to anyone because she didn't want to lose them the way she lost her mom. Ashton came over a lot in the last couple of weeks and they just sat and talked.

"so tell me about yourself"

Ashton chuckled as he laid on his back hanging his head over the bed. Kiara laughed and she threw a pillow at his face and she laid down on his stomach.

"trust me you don't want to know about me, my life is crazy and messed up and it's dark and it's sad"

Ashton set up moving Kiara's head into his lap and he stroked his hair. he looked down at her with knowing eyes and smiled.

"key" he said in a soft voice he then moved the


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