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After Bankruptcy, I Became the Big Shot's Plaything

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The family went bankrupt, and she was sent to powerful men as a bargaining chip by her own father. Three years, the man's cool dominance broke her down, faked her death and ran away with the ball. In a matter of years, her precious child asked, "Where is daddy?" She said, "Who knows what nook or cranny your father is squatting in, may be even worse than the two of us." The man who has long controlled the global film industry: huh? I'm miserable?

Please spare me

The night, always seemingly endless.

Outside the Zhou family mansion.

Huo Ci, with her arm and knee grazed during her descent from the second floor, didn't have time to pay attention to her injuries.

After waiting for a moment and seeing no one around, she sprinted towards the back door as if flying.

The bottom of the backyard wall had a breach she had been watching for a while, just waiting for an opportunity to escape from there.

She didn't love Zhou Yanxiao, not only did she not love him, but she also hated him to the core!

The night seemed to shield her, making everything from the bedroom to the courtyard and finally escaping the estate surprisingly smooth.

She dared not stop, overcoming her fear of the darkness, running toward the end of the night.

She wanted to get away from Zhou Yanxiao!

To escape from this hellish place!

Running for about half an hour, Huo Ci turned her head, and now she couldn't see the mansion, which resembled a cage.

That's great...

Finally, away...


A cluster of firelight suddenly lit up, dispelling the thick darkness and causing Huo Ci's heart to plummet into an abyss.

"Tired from running? Do you want to rest a bit?"

Huo Ci was almost startled out of her mind by this voice!

She incredulously turned around!

It was Zhou Yanxiao!

The man stood about a dozen meters away from her, and if he hadn't spoken, it would have been hard to notice anyone there.

And not far behind him, there was even a car parked by the roadside.

Had he known that she would escape from the back door?

So he had been waiting for her here?

Despair almost instantly overwhelmed Huo Ci's entire body!

She was angry, scared, and furious. Why couldn't she escape from his control?

Suddenly, she missed her home, her mother, her younger brother Xiao Yan, but she couldn't get out of Zhou's cage!

The man was wearing a meticulously tailored black suit, walking through the night.

"Don't come any closer!"

Zhou Yanxiao stopped in his tracks at her words, surprisingly listening to her.

Huo Ci stared straight at him, her expression numb. "Zhou Yanxiao, every moment by your side makes me feel suffocated. You make me feel like there's no hope in living at all. I don't want to stay here. Can't you find someone else to like?"

The light had gone out in the woman's eyes, and in her despair, she had put aside her pride and dignity, bowing to the man.

She pleaded, "Let me go, please, I'm begging you!"

Once radiant and admired by many, she had now fallen so low as to kneel and plead.

And every time she knocked, it felt like she was hitting Zhou Yanxiao's heart.

Her suppressed crying seemed to have a soul, turning into sharp blades that relentlessly tore through his internal organs.

Huo Ci had never thought that she would one day understand what it meant to feel like life was worse than death, what it meant to want to die but not be able to.

In her fear, Zhou Yanxiao had already approached.

He lifted her face, his expression gentle, and softly reassured her, "Huo Ci, as long as you don't mention leaving, I won't interfere with anything you do. But what you want right now, I can't do it yet. I'm sorry."

She wanted freedom, she wanted to leave...

But he couldn't give it to her.

Huo Ci's emotions suddenly burst forth, and she coldly accused, "You say you won't interfere with me, but you've imprisoned me under your watchful eye, making me obey your every command, living like a criminal! You used my father and my brother to threaten me! You've been scheming from the beginning! You even ruined my ability to play the piano... Don't say you love me anymore; it's disgusting!"

"Zhou Yanxiao, I hate you! I wish I could kill you!"

Try Liking Me for a Moment

Upon hearing her words, Zhou Yanxiao froze.

He remained silent for a long time, then asked, "Kill me?"

There was determination in Huo Ci's eyes as she replied, "Yes, I wish you were dead!"

Zhou Yanxiao reached out and pulled her up. He turned around and effortlessly carried her on his back.

His back was broad and warm, but all Huo Ci felt was boundless fear.

She was furious and immediately bit down on Zhou Yanxiao's shoulder!

She bit with all her might!

Huo Ci soon tasted a hint of a sweet, metallic taste.

But he didn't even flinch or try to avoid it.

The more he acted this way, the more fear she felt inside.

He had nothing to fear, not even a hint of vulnerability.

She had run for half an hour, and he had returned to the house that she detested so much in just twenty minutes!

Once inside, Zhou Yanxiao ordered in a deep voice, "Everyone, leave."

As long as Zhou


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