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A Night With The Guy Next Door

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Rinna
  • Chapters: 30
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 353
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


*A Night With The Guy Next Door* It isn't normal for a student to have transfer to a completely different university on the opposite side of the country during their last year but Rianna had never been normal and neither her life. Staying at her old school meant putting herself into a scandalous position, forever staining her record while leaving meant she could start over. Choosing to leave, Rianna soon meets a sinfully attractive guy by the man of John who lives next door. However though he was devilishly handsome, there was something very mysterious and dark about him that Rianna couldn't put her finger on. She was desperate to know more about him and one evening of snooping around where she couldn't have been puts her in a very dangerous situation. She just hopes that their Sexual relationship would be enough for him not to kill her. He is dark and scaring.

No more forbidden desires

I had two choices: Stay where I'm at and plunge first into a scandalous disaster that would forever leave a stain on my record or leave and start fresh at an entirely new school. I wanted none of those two choices but I had nothing to do since l brought the disaster to myself.


"Rianna, do we have a deal?", I stared up into dean's cold eyes as he glanced over his desk at me. His jaw was wound tight and if he was a bomb, he would have exploded in less than five minutes. He had been talking for a good time but l was lost in my own thoughts.

"I still don't understand why I have to make this decision and yet professor douchebag is going to keep his job and stay here, it sounds like you trying to protect him. Are you trying to sweep this under the rug, Dean Godfrey?", I cocked up an eyebrow letting him know that l wasn't the type of girls he could pull the wool over their eyes and get away with it.

He could try to hide the fact that professor douchebag was a complete womanizing jerk- tricking his female students into having s*x with him - but l knew the truth. Clearing his throat, he watched me intently as he adjusted his tie. "I'm not sweeping anything under the rug", He adjusted in his lavish leather chair before shuffling some papers in front of him.

"If any of this gets out Ms. Martinez, you and l both know it won't be just the professor in trouble. You will face jail time as well", He spoke with his eyes on me. I groaned inwardly at his words. He was right. If l hadn't tried to burn his house down and then basically assault him, l wouldn't be here faced with a life changing decision.

"Fine, where do my credits transfer to?", I knew there were only a few universities in the states that would allow me to transfer so many credits and two or three were close by. This only meant that l would get transferred to the farthest school possible. "It's a fine university, Rianna. You will find that it is just a short drive out of Boston, we believe you will love Massachusetts this time of year", He began shuffling more papers on his table until he found what he was looking for then he handed me a small stack of papers with my name printed on top.

"Massachusetts? Doesn't it get cold there?", I asked. I hated winter and the thought of getting stuck in the tundra while this jerk gets to stay in sunny Arizona made my blood boil. Dean Godfrey sighed while shaking his head. "I know it's not your first choice, Ms. Martinez but this is what I have got. Take it or leave it but know if you leave it, you will go to jail - that is the judge's terms",

When I heard his words, my fists balled up on my lap and l crinkled the papers in my hand as l glared at the dean in front of me. He was probably laughing at me inside his heart. He knew it that l had no say in all of this. I was totally screwed up. "I guess , I'm off to Massachusetts then", Standing up from my seat, l turned and headed towards the door but, I didn't open the door quickly. l just stopped in mid motion. I had one more message for the dean.

"Can you give professor Michael a message for me?", At my question, the dean looked up with curiosity written all over his face. Caring less about it, l reached into my back pocket and extended my middle finger toward him. "Nice", He replied dryly while shaking his head at me. Yes I meant. That b*st*rd should f*ck himself.

A small chuckle vibrated through my chest as l left his office. I made sure that I slammed the door hardly behind me. As l made my way across the campus, l looked down at the papers in my hands noting that they were copies of my transfer. The date on the top told me that I will be starting at the new college in a week's time. Too bad that useless professor was MIA at the moment, l would have given him a proper farewell - a punch to his perfect nose.

As l was walking, l stopped for a moment then looked at the papers. Standing still , l flipped through the papers until I found what I was looking for. It was my housing situation, it looked like the dean had me sharing a house near the campus with four other girls. I didn't know anymore but I still couldn't wait to meet them.

Sighing out, l shoved the papers beneath my arm and headed back to my current house to start packing. The faster l packed up, the faster l could get out of here and I needed that. If l stay here any longer, l will end up hunting the useless professor then make him suffer as much as I was.

Good enough my roommates were all away, l quickly packed up my stuff then put them in my car. I spun around and looked at the apartment l had lived in for the last two years and l noticed how l didn't feel an ounce of sadness. I could see that there was nothing here for me anymore.

Closing up the door behind me , l descended the familiar stone steps and climbed into my spots car. As l drove away from the house, l had grown to know, l didn't look back once. I had to start over and l had to do it right now.

Starting over meant - no professors , no more forbidden desires.

The new roommates

My new roommates are crazy. That's the only term l could give them at a moment. I literally just arrived at my new house twenty minutes ago and walked into a full-on keggar. The house was bursting at the seams with bodies and the music was so loud, it felt like my ears were bleeding.

Different colored fluorescent lights illuminated the living room where a beer pong table was set up and two teams we're currently battling for a win. As l stared around, my luggage at my feet, l noticed that not a single soul had noticed me standing up here. It was no surprise that l was new but no body seemed to care.

I didn't even know what my roommates looked like so there was no way for me to pick them out in this full crowd of people. I guess I could wander upstairs and see if there was a vacant room with my name on the door but something told me that wouldn't be the case either. I enjoyed the good party like the rest of them but come on! This was the type of party


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