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A Bet On The Vampire

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It started when she made a bet with her friends to make him fall in love with her. Kathleen is a supermodel turned CEO who got harshly turned down by her employee, Tobias after she asked him out. Annoyed, she placed a bet to seduce him and make him fall for her but little does she know that Tobias is an eight hundred year old vampire who is placed under a curse to kill any woman he falls in love with. How would Kathleen win him over?

Chapter 1

Darren's PovI dropped the white bouquet at the edge of the tombstone as I knelt down beside the grave.As I stared at the stone grave, I felt tears run down my cheeks.Today marked the twenty fourth year since Ava died and the thoughts of her still burdened me.There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't miss her.Especially as I blamed myself countless times for her death.I could have saved her. I had the ability to. Ava was the only woman who I was capable of being with. She was the only one who hadn't died because of my curse.I am a vampire who has been in existence for over eight hundred years. Several decades ago, Zoysia (the goddess of creation) created seven immortal beings first and left us to roam around the earth. After a few years, she created human beings and made them live amongst us. Asides from our immortality, we were also blessed with beauty, physical strength, speed and uncanny abilities. Years later, a huge fight broke out between Zoysia (the goddess of creation) and Malia (the goddess of destruction)Malia was set free and she possessed the seven immortal beings. I was no exception. She possessed us with insatiable hunger for human blood. I and my fellow immortal beings began to kill humans by drinking their blood.When Zoysia couldn't watch her creation die anymore, she and Malia had a huge fight. Zoysia won the fight by subduing Malia and locking her away for eternity, but before she did, Malia killed all the immortal beings except from me.Zoysia had me locked up for two decades to control my bloodlust until she let me out with a curse.I was cursed to kill any woman I fall in love with by draining her blood.At first, I called Zoysia's bluff. Why would she place such a ridiculous curse on me when I had done nothing wrong? I hadn't believed it, I thought I wasn't really cursed. Until, I fell in love with Willow. She was a single mom and her determined and feisty spirit made me fall for her. I started craving her blood when I realised my feelings for her. I thought I could control it by feeding on the blood of animals but I couldn't. One night, I drank all of Willow's blood and killed her. After Willow's death, I tortured myself. I begged for Zoysia to take my life or take away my curse but I got no response. I lived in solitude until another woman, Cheryl came into my life. She was my employee. She was very hardworking and cheerful. She made me see hope again. I thought I was going to spend my life with her but I couldn't because I killed her.Yet again.I didn't want to fall in love again. I figured I was easily swayed by humans and I easily fell for them. So I became cold towards everyone. Women mostly. I worked myself tirelessly and I succeeded in building a chain of companies. I was very rich but I was unhappy.Many years later, thirty two years ago to be precise, my company conducted donations to orphanage homes and I made a visit to an orphanage home.That was where I met Ava. She paid visits to her sister, Gracie who grew in the orphanage.Ava had no relatives and her parents sold their house before they died, leaving Ava and her sister in an orphanage. I could never forget the way she looked at me. Her hazel eyes held a lot of questions and emotions.In as much as I gave her reasons to not fall for me, she went against all of them.She fell for me and made me fight my feelings for her. She accepted my vampire nature and no matter how I drank her blood, I just couldn't kill her.After some years, I knew she was the woman for me. I was happy again, thinking that she'd broken my curse.Zoysia had revealed to me in my dream I had just a little time before I became human.I was so happy to finally meet Ava. The love of my life and the one who was going to break my curse. I was going to get married to her.Until that tragedy struck and Ava, my Ava died in a car accident.I could remember that day as if it was today.I and Ava had agreed to get married and we'd began to make preparations. We decided to stop at a shopping mall to get some things and I came out of the mall before her.I waited for her at my car which was across the road and as she was about to cross the road to meet me, she got hit by a truck driver as she assisted a pregnant woman in crossing the road.I still remembered how she selflessly pushed the pregnant woman to me as she allowed the truck to hit her.I remembered how she saved the pregnant woman instead of herself.Days on end, I'd blame myself non stop. I could have saved her, I could have used my ability to move faster than humans to save the love of my life but I didn't.I failed.Brokenhearted sobs racked through my body as I remembered her curious eyes, her radiant smile and banging body.If only I had saved her....I continued crying until I felt a burning sensation in my throat.The feel was unbearable and I knew exactly what caused it.I looked around and saw some people in the graveyard.Oh no!I thought I was the only one who was going to be here today since it was a sunday.The fresh smell of human blood wafted across my nostrils and I couldn't take it no more.I couldn't be around much humans because of my uncontrollable thirst for their blood.I staggered up to my feet as I tried to close my mouth tightly to stop my fangs from growing out.I had to get out of here right now.

Chapter 2

Sloane's Pov"Stay right there, don't move!" My manager, Hilda said to me.But I wasn't ready to listen to her.In fact, she was joking to think I would. There were some bodyguards behind Irene, poised and ready to bundle me into a car like some kind of birthday present and drive me to my dad's house.I wasn't having that.I wasn't going to be dragged against my will, just because I got into another scandal.Scandals were part of my life because I was a fucking celebrity.My dad just couldn't understand that. Sometimes I still wondered if he was jealous of my success at such an early age because I was the youngest, most successful supermodel in the whole country.I and my dad never bonded at the hip. As a matter of fact, my childhood was shite.I was an illegitimate child of my parents, a product of their scandalous affair, a child born out of wedlock, a bastard child.So I was treated as su


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