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Hannah Uzzy

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His Secretary, Mistress And Wife
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Beware, this book contains steamy content and is not suitable for underage readers. Allie had been working as Luke's secretary for seven years. She broke his heart seven years ago which pushed him to get married. Now that he's divorced, he wants Allie back, not as his girlfriend, but as a sex slave! What happens when Allie gets pregnant with Luke's child? "You mean nothing to me " he said coldly. "Men can only be nice to women who they like, after fucking them. But I can't be nice to you because I don't like you, you're just my secretary" His words felt like a knife stab to her heart. Tears welled up in her eyes. "If I mean nothing to you then why are you fucking me?" she screamed at him as pained tears ran down her cheeks. "That's the only way to get revenge" he yelled at her. "I want to get revenge because you broke my heart seven years ago"

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It started when she made a bet with her friends to make him fall in love with her. Kathleen is a supermodel turned CEO who got harshly turned down by her employee, Tobias after she asked him out. Annoyed, she placed a bet to seduce him and make him fall for her but little does she know that Tobias is an eight hundred year old vampire who is placed under a curse to kill any woman he falls in love with. How would Kathleen win him over?


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