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Wulin: The Evil Taoist

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In the mystical world governed by Dao and the forces of nature, a transcendent being known as Su Chu finds himself on the formidable Blackwood Cliff, armed with the enigmatic Sage System. Unveiling an unexpected twist of fate, Su Chu discovers that he is not only a wanderer of the martial arts but also a discarded disciple of the Wudang sect. Mastering the profound art of Primordial Divine Techniques, Su Chu stands unwavering in the face of adversity, embodying the mantra of 'Nine Yin, Nine Yang, I alone dominate.' As he cultivates the North Sea Divine Art, absorbing the essence of myriad rivers, his prowess becomes a lethal force, shaping qi into blades that seek only one outcome – victory. Amidst the power struggle for leadership on Blackwood Cliff, Su Chu, learning of the true identity of the enigmatic Eastern Unrivaled, takes a decisive stand. With unyielding determination, he claims his place among the intricate web of power dynamics. The stage is set with iconic characters from the realms of "Smiling Proud Wanderer," the "Condor Heroes," and "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils." From the laughter-echoing sisters of Jianghu to the dragon ladies and enchantresses of "Divine Condor Heroes," and the ethereal figures in "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils," Su Chu, the unorthodox Taoist, boldly declares, "All these are under my control!" Yet, this is just the beginning of a cosmic conquest, as Su Chu sets his sights on realms beyond imagination – from the laughter of heroes, the dragons in the sky, the legendary blades, the first in the world, the moonlit adventures, the sword immortals, to the epic journey to the West. As the Martial Odyssey unfolds across dimensions, the myriad realms await Su Chu's relentless pursuit of dominance. Will he become the master of laughter, the sovereign of blades, the unrivaled in the world? The answer lies in the pages of this enthralling saga, where Su Chu charts his course through the laughter, the tears, and the battles that define his destiny.

Chapter 1

"Chapter 1: Pinnacle of Martial Arts"

"Suu Chu! You useless piece of trash, get up!"

"Where am I?"

Amidst the furious scolding, Suu Chu reluctantly opened his eyes, feeling intense pain in his abdomen as he was kicked away.

"Oooh..." Suu Chu let out a mournful cry, clutching his stomach as he fell to the ground, the intense pain akin to being stabbed with a knife.

Enduring the pain, Suu Chu barely surveyed his surroundings. In front of him stood a tall monk in ancient attire, his fierce countenance resembling that of a demon. Obviously, it was he who had kicked Suu Chu. The surroundings exuded an ancient charm, with the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers, nothing like the scenery of the modern world.

"Hahaha..." pointing at Suu Chu sprawled on the ground, the monk laughed heartily, "No wonder you were expelled from Wudang. Truly a useless fellow! I don't know how someone like you passed the entrance assessment of the Holy Sect. Don't let me see you again, or I'll beat you every time."

"Spit..." the monk disdainfully spat and left.

"This guy is really unlucky, just arrived and already targeted by Qinglong Hall's Fang Yi."

"Yeah, this guy is doomed sooner or later! But speaking of it, why did Fang Yi suddenly pick on this waste?"

"I know about this. It's said that Fang Yi had a dispute with people from Wudang, which led to his expulsion from Shaolin. That's why he harbors intense resentment towards anyone from Wudang."

"I've traveled to another world..." with everyone gone, Suu Chu staggered to his feet, smiling bitterly, "This body's memories have fused with mine. This body, also named Suu Chu, was originally a disciple of Wudang but was expelled due to low aptitude. After accumulating money throughout his life, he barely entered the Holy Sect. Just arrived and already bullied by Fang Yi, and that kick just now directly ruined my dantian, making it impossible for me to practice martial arts again."

"D*mn it!" Suu Chu fiercely hit the wall, his eyes bloodshot, roaring in frustration, "Why? Why? Why is the heavens so unfair?"

In two lifetimes of misery, Suu Chu cried out to the heavens with tears. But in this world where martial arts reign supreme, being unable to cultivate internal energy is equivalent to being crippled for life, especially in a ruthless place like the Holy Sect.

"Ding dong, detecting that the host's resentment has reached the activation limit, Saint System activating..."

"Saint System activation successful, issuing the mainline world mission: 'Eternal Glory, Unify the Martial World!' As the leader of the Holy Sect, unify the martial world. Mission reward: one spatial ring, one manual of heavenly techniques."

Name: Suu Chu

Cultivation: —— (far below that of an ordinary person, not listed)

Aptitude: Trash (dantian already ruined, making him a waste)

Internal Energy: Taihe Gong (not initiated), Little Nine Yang Gong (not initiated)

Martial Arts: Wudang Long Fist (not initiated)

"With such poor aptitude, even if I get the system, what can I do?" Suu Chu's face was full of despair. Even if this body's aptitude wasn't ruined, it was still extremely poor. After practicing for ten years, he hadn't even reached the basic level of the three foundational martial arts of Wudang.

Suu Chu asked with hope, "System, what abilities do you have? Can you restore my body?"

"The purpose of this system is to cultivate a martial arts saint. It doesn't have capabilities for exchange, lottery, etc., but it can deduce any martial arts to its fundamental state."

"What an incredible ability," Suu Chu exclaimed, but his face remained desolate. It was filled with helplessness, even with this extraordinary ability. The Taihe Gong and Wudang Long Fist were the most ordinary martial arts. Still, the Little Nine Yang Gong derived from the Wudang Nine Yang Gong, and the Nine Yang Gong was born from the Nine Yang Divine Skill. The system could deduce the complete version of the Nine Yang Divine Skill, an incredible ability.

Suu Chu's dantian was ruined, and unless there was a god-tier technique that could reshape his body, it was useless to him. Such techniques were impossible to possess in this 'Smiling Proud Wanderer' world.

"D*mn it!" Suu Chu fiercely struck the wall, his eyes bloodshot, and he roared in frustration, "Why? Why? Why is the heavens so unjust?"

In two lifetimes of misery, Suu Chu cried out to the heavens. Yet, in this world where martial arts reigned supreme, being unable to cultivate internal energy was akin to being crippled for life. And in a place like the Holy Sect, which devoured the weak, his situation seemed even more hopeless.

"Host, this system asks you, do you have the determination to become stronger?"

Chapter 2

"Chapter 2: Beyond the Ordinary World"

It wasn't until the second day, when the sky was already bright, that the pain in Suu Chu's body gradually dissipated.

Struggling to stand up, although he looked haggard, Suu Chu was filled with joy. Clenching his fists, he exclaimed, "Amazing! I've never felt like this before!"

Opening his hands in a stance, the excited Suu Chu immediately performed a set of Wudang Long Fist. Unlike before, this time he truly felt the essence of Wudang Long Fist. His movements were powerful, kicks swift, and actions distinct! Even his empty dantian, with this set of Wudang Long Fist, generated a trace of internal energy that circulated slowly.

"This feeling of rebirth is incredible!" Suu Chu exclaimed excitedly, "System, show me my attributes."

Name: Suu Chu

Cultivation: Low (just birthed a trace of internal energy)


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