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Twilight :night by night

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In a mysterious and magical city, there lived an extraordinary pair of siblings, Dalesha and Edward. Dalesha, a vibrant and determined girl, and her brother Edward, a vampire who always guarded her. One day, Dalesha made a staggering decision—to become a vampire and create a home of her own. However, her choice wasn't merely about the pursuit of eternal life; it was about being with Edward forever and establishing a genuine home. This decision sparked a series of questions and challenges, especially when she discovered the lingering presence of another brother in Edward's heart. Dalesha's whims and impulsiveness added complexity to the situation, but Edward silently stood by her side. He understood that, no matter what happened, he was willing to sacrifice everything for his sister. His love was unconditional, and his promise was eternal. In the dark corners and bright streets of the city, the siblings faced various challenges, including tests of love and threats from the unknown. Despite Dalesha's occasional waywardness, with her brother Edward's companionship, she gradually grasped the true essence of home—a bond that would never fade and a commitment to each other. This is a story of family, love, and immortality—an adventure that immerses readers in a world of mysterious fantasies. Every night in this city, the siblings confront darkness and light together, embarking on an unprecedented adventure.

Chapter 1


I had no inkling that such profound suffering existed in the world. A scorching intensity enveloped my body like air itself. From my neck to my forehead and then to my heart, it felt as if an inferno raged within me. Astonishingly, amid such torment, my ability to contemplate remained intact. I even entertained the ludicrous notion that I had transformed into air, thus sensing the waves of heat. In this whimsical thought, a modicum of relief seemed attainable. Perhaps my nervous system had been seared, for the blazing flames displayed a tendency to cool. Awaiting this transformation with anticipation, I found a modicum of solace. Though the process was protracted, by the time I no longer felt the pain, my taut nerves gradually relaxed, and weariness ensnared me like silk, lulling me to sleep.

Slumber seemed preferable to a stupor, as the former implied repose, while the latter suggested an undesirable reaction. Nonetheless, sleep birthed hallucinations. Before me materialized an extraordinarily handsome visage. His pallid countenance and golden hair bestowed upon him a medieval elegance. Long, graceful fingers exuded a bone-deep beauty. His face surpassed perfection, with azure eyes emanating a soft glow that enhanced his grace. Of course, I couldn't overlook the white robe he adorned. I dare say, no one could wear such white with such finesse. The gentleman in the midst exuded an urbane aura, akin to a celestial being descending to earth.

A gentle breath whispered in my ear, offering a comforting sensation. Opening my eyes, I realized they might appear disproportionately large, akin to a protagonist in a supernatural film, possibly alarming to others. Mentally prepared for the gentleman's exclamation, my hope was futile. I wished to shrug, but alas, I hadn't gained full control of my body. Instead, a surprising low chuckle met my ears.

"Dalesha, you are unexpectedly charming," his tone slightly elevated, reflecting the master's contentment. Blinking, I sought to convey the question, 'Why do you know my name?' I believe he discerned my intent, for he chuckled again, albeit sharper this time.

"Dalesha, forgive me for everything," he suddenly turned solemn, an expression that amused me. A pleasant sound escaped my lips, as watching a gentleman conversing with such levity was amusing. However, unpredicted circumstances unfolded, adding a layer of complexity to the amusement.

"Hmm?" I arched an eyebrow, truthfully not comprehending every word he uttered, such as 'everything.' The entire affair remained an enigma from start to finish. Especially after enduring such agony, my recollection of past events had become hazy. Perhaps this was a normal physiological response, a manifestation of innate self-preservation instincts, though its impact on me was relatively mild.

"Now, you reside beyond the realm of humanity," he furrowed his brow, seemingly intending to temper his words. Delivered in a soothing and measured tone, a consistent reassurance, likely meant to pacify me. At least, that was my assumption.

"What?" I continued to inquire through my gaze, albeit inconvenient, yet undoubtedly comprehended by him. "More precisely, you now inhabit the vampire domain." Pausing, he gauged my reaction, only to cautiously proceed when assured I wouldn't react fervently.

At that moment, I interjected, "Sir, are you weaving a fantasy?" Finally in command of my body, I promptly interrupted him. Such an absurdity would scarcely find credence.

"Hmm," he mumbled, appearing somewhat disheartened. Then, adopting a contemplative demeanor, he regarded my face and murmured, "Well... I'm uncertain. I can't ascertain whether you would believe this seemingly absurd tale that defies common perception."

I laughed, radiantly so, perhaps outshining the sunlight at that moment. Observing him gaze at my face in contemplation, I declared, "Sir, I believe you should understand that I am no ordinary person."

"Well, that is true. Someone who endures such pain, or rather, someone who has become a vampire, cannot be deemed ordinary. My negligence," he appeared somewhat remorseful, yet the creased brow only accentuated his handsome features, enticing one to approach and smooth his forehead.

"Well... perhaps I comprehend this matter," I meticulously retraced our conversation from my awakening until now, drawing probable conclusions. "You turned me into a vampire, and the excruciating pain is a stage of this transformation. However, sir, I fail to fathom why you chose to transform 'me' into a vampire." My tone carried a hint of sarcasm, for his countenance soured.

"You may call me Carlisle," he regained composure.

"Oh, my apologies, Carlisle," I continued to smile.

"I must admit, Dalesha, you are far more astute than I imagined. You have deduced everything correctly, sparing me the need to recount the tale. Welcome to this abode, Dalesha."

I stared at him in astonishment. What did this mean?

He continued to smile. "I believe you don't wish to become a demon."

I nodded. "I think that sentiment is shared by any mentally sound individual."

"There is now a way for you to survive without turning into a demon. Would you like to try?" His tone took on a cautious note, indicating some probing.

"Of course," I replied.

"That's splendid." He resumed his elegant smile, courteously responding, then clapped his hands.

"In that case, you should meet your future family."

Entering were two individuals, or rather, vampires. Leading the way was not so much a woman as a maiden. Her light brown hair complemented her ethereal pallor, an enticing vision of youth untouched by time. Following closely was a youth, though I estimated his age to be more advanced. He sported bronze-colored hair, perfect lips sculpted by the hands of God on a face that beckoned irresistibly. His golden orbs sparkled, capturing one's gaze.

Carlisle introduced them to me. "This is my companion, Esme," he gestured to the young lady. "And this is another new member, whom you may consider our child, Edward." Undeniably, he pointed toward the impeccably handsome lad.

Esme embraced me, stating, "Welcome to this home." Edward chuckled softly, and I saw his lips curve as he planted a kiss on my forehead, saying, "Hope you enjoy it here."

How could one not? That feeling, just by looking, exuded warmth and happiness. I found myself momentarily stupefied. Was this feeling, the so-called home? That... cozy warmth?

Such a home was the elusive pursuit of a lifetime!

Chapter 2

The sunlight streamed warmly through the window, beckoning me forward. However, a sense of trepidation held me back. In literature, vampires are often portrayed as fearing sunlight, and I presumed I wouldn't be an exception, especially given the unprecedented circumstances.

"Déjà," a dazzling light outside the window momentarily blinded me. I squinted, adjusting to the brightness, acknowledging the advantageous aspects of a vampire's body, including the eyes that could change color at will—a truly remarkable feature. I smiled at the thought. Yet, how could he be outside? I gazed in surprise as Edward lay on the lawn, his eyes, despite the threatening gleam, radiating a warmth that intrigued me. I hesitated, then cautiously ventured outside, expecting him to laugh at my cautious approach. To my annoyance, he burst into laughter, gasping for breath.

"Forgive me, Déjà, but your expression was... truly amusing," he managed to say b


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