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Time traveler Killer

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This novel combines modern time-travel dramas, traveling from modern times to different time and space of martial arts cultivating immortality, entering different time and space, and communicating with the characters in thoughts and actions. The characters depicted enter different time and space and blend into one without any violation. The character descriptions are realistic and the exchanges are in-depth.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Old sister, I was killed by you

Lu Yin was very decadent, really very decadent, because his sister was missing.

For two whole months, his sister Lu Ying disappeared.

Having found everything he could, Lu Yin was completely desperate.

They lost their parents when they were young, and it was their grandmother who raised them up. When Lu Yin was twenty years old, her grandmother also passed away, leaving only their brother and sister to depend on each other.

Lu Yin has graduated from university and found a job. He can support himself and his sister for the time being. Lu Ying has also been admitted to university. She will come to Lu Yin's rental house on Saturdays and Sundays to help him clean up the room.

Two months ago, it was a Sunday. Lu Yin was working overtime. Lu Ying called Lu Yin and told him that she had arrived at his rental house.

After Lu Yin returned from working overtime, he couldn't find his sister. He couldn't get through on the phone and no one saw her.

She just disappeared from the world.

Lu Yin went crazy and searched everywhere for Lu Ying, who was his only relative!

At first, Lu Yin still held on to hope, but gradually, he began to despair.

Now two months have passed, and he is completely desperate. He has to admit that his sister has just disappeared from the world.

Lu Yin had resigned voluntarily. Although his leader had comforted him that he could go back at any time if he wanted to, Lu Yin no longer had any thoughts of going back.

He worked hard and earned money just for his sister, because she was his only relative.

Now that his sister has disappeared like this, what else is he doing at work? Maybe after a while, when he comes out of the shadows, he may be able to go back to work.

"The moon on the fifteenth day is sixteen rounds..." Lu Yin drunkenly walked downstairs to his rental house, raised his head and glanced at the moon, and murmured, "Xiaoying, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and you disappeared like this. You let What should I do about your brother?"

"After I die, am I going to say to my parents, I'm sorry, I didn't keep an eye on Xiaoying and let her disappear, hahaha... Do I still have the nerve to see my parents? You've hurt me. Now I don’t even dare to die!”

Lu Yin drunkenly walked into his rental house with a dozen beers, sat on a chair, threw the beer aside casually, took out a cigarette and lit it, took a deep breath, and felt the strong smoke. The circulation in his lungs made him want to cough, and a desperate smile appeared on his face.

"Xiaoying..." Lu Yin took the beer, opened a bottle, drank half of it, burped, suddenly squinted his eyes, pulled away the clothes scattered on the ground, and saw something on the ground. thing.

"What is it!" Lu Yin swayed, moved forward, and took the thing in his hand. It was a tablet computer.

"Since when did we have such a tablet computer at home?" Lu Yin closed his eyes hard, then opened them, shook his head, trying to wake himself up, and murmured to himself, "By the way, the one where Xiaoying disappeared. One day I called and told her that she had picked up a tablet on the road, but could not find the owner, so she brought it back..."

"Tablet..." Lu Yin sneered, pressed the power button, looked at the computer screen, and sneered, "What's the use...can you change my sister back for me? Answer me, tablet!" "

But at this time, a voice suddenly burst out from the tablet, "Input the accent command, analyze the soul, and confirm that it is the backbone of the original soul ancient tree. The identity is 90% genetically similar to that of the former piercing warrior Lu Ying. They are brothers and sisters."

"The soul meets the screening conditions of the Cut Through Warrior, confirms the transmission, and enters the Nine Phases Universe Realm!"

Suddenly a white light covered his body, and he suddenly entered into a strange feeling.

It feels... like taking an elevator... the inner wall of the elevator seems to be rotating... and the elevator is tilted...

It's like just before going to bed, you thought you were asleep, but in fact, when you opened your eyes, you found that you were not asleep at all, and instead you were full of energy, which was very weird.

"I'm very drunk..."

He murmured, lying on his back on the warm floor. About a hundred meters above his head, there was a dome painted with strange colorful patterns and an endless starry sky.

A huge cube composed of countless small cubes was hanging in the air in front of him, spinning constantly.

"What place is this?" Lu Yin asked in a low voice.

"Nine Phases of the Universe!"

A mechanical voice came to Lu Yin's mind.

He was stunned and looked at the cube drunkenly, "Are you talking?"


The sound is plain and simple.

"Why am I here?" Lu Yin asked, "I was drunk and dreaming..."

"Because you triggered the Qiankun mechanism. The Qiankun mechanism can be anything you know, such as computers, mobile phones, watches, electronic pens, etc. The Qiankun mechanism is spread throughout the universe. As long as the mechanism is triggered and the soul complies with the rules, it will be transported Come in! And the Qiankun mechanism you triggered is that tablet."

Lu Yin pointed his middle finger to the cube above his head, "Who are you?"


"What a loud tone!" Lu Yin sneered, "Since it is called Qiankun, where is my sister?"

"Your sister has entered the universe. If you want to find it, you can only find it after you condense the ancient soul tree and break the rules of the universe and return here. It is also possible that you will enter the same world. If she dies, you You can choose to resurrect her after breaking the rules of the universe."

"What nonsense is this?" Lu Yin suddenly shouted, "What universe and realms? What universe rules and what ancient soul tree! You treat it like a game!"

"The universe is the countless worlds... The regulations of the universe are the rules of the universe. As for the ancient soul tree, it is the origin of the soul."

"The responsibility of the piercing warrior is to kill the time traveler!"

"Travelers enter other worlds through time and space rifts, and their bodies or souls are pulled by the power of time and space, so that each traveler has a lot of luck. In the terms of your world, time travelers generally have extraordinary luck. , almost every story of a time traveler can be written into a book, and the ending of "The Time Traveler" is often that the time traveler is the strongest. Therefore, the reason why the time traveler must be killed is because the time traveler steals the source of the universe! "

"Now, you have also become a piercing warrior. All you need is to enter a different world and kill the traveler! In addition, if you see another self in the world of the traveler, kill him forcibly!"

Qiankun's voice was dull and mechanical, but it also carried a terrifying pressure.

"Kill yourself? How can you kill yourself?" Lu Yin was already speechless.

A white light shot down from the cube universe, and a group of light sources appeared in front of Lu Yin. The voice of the Reincarnation Hall sounded again, "Transform it into something you want to wear, a ring, a watch, a mobile phone, etc.!"

Lu Yin curled his lips. He had no intention of being afraid at the moment. On the one hand, he was not sober yet, and on the other hand, he knew the whereabouts of his sister in a daze.

So, the response was muted.

He stretched out his hand, held the light source, and said coldly, "Watch!"

The light source suddenly changed, turning into a Swiss watch and wearing it on his left hand. At the same time, Qiankun's voice sounded, "The reincarnation has turned into a watch. Now it is confirmed that it is worn. Unless the rules of Qiankun are broken, it will never be taken off or lost." . It contains one thousand cubic meters of space, opened with thoughts."

"Wait a minute, I'm just an ordinary person. If you send me into the world of Journey to the West, how can I get along?" Lu Yin found it funny. He was drunk, and the dreams he had were really strange. asked rhetorically.

"It is impossible to send ordinary people into the world of immortals based on strength. Entering a world that is equivalent to strength evaluation."

"As for strength... you can open the exchange column through your reincarnation watch, which is divided into four categories: equipment, blood, legend, and auxiliary!"

"Killing the time traveler can obtain reincarnation points and reincarnation badges, which can be exchanged for four types of things. By exchanging bloodlines and auxiliary items, you can strengthen yourself and improve your strength. In addition, there is a message attached. Killing the original natives of the world will also You will get reincarnation points and badges, and there will also be special surprises, such as skill cards! For example, if you kill Nie Feng, you may get the skill card of Fengshen Legs, and you can learn Fengshen Legs without exchanging them."

Lu Yin curled his lips, "Then how do I identify the person who traveled through time? Can you directly identify him?"

"No! The time traveler was transformed by the power of time and space when he traveled, causing turmoil in the origin of the world. If you understand it according to your meaning, it means that a catastrophe is about to happen, because chaos will be caused wherever the time traveler is. Times make heroes. , the time traveler will rise. Because the time traveler is shielded by the power of time and space, it cannot be determined, and you need to find it yourself. Once the time traveler is killed, the origin of the world will be restored to balance, and the judgment of the universe will be completed. "

"What you said is true..." Lu Yin rubbed his eyes and tried to wake himself up, "You just mentioned Nie Feng, right? That means Fengyun's world does exist. In that case, then In this kind of world where I know the plot, it’s easy to find the time traveler, but what if it’s another world? It’s not a world of movies, comics, and games, how on earth can I find it?”

"That's your own business. Remember, one reincarnation point automatically exchanges for your right to survive for one day. Once the reincarnation point becomes negative, you will be wiped out!"

"F*ck you, Uncle Ni!" Lu Yin roared angrily and cursed angrily, "B*llsh*t Qiankun, you are just making things difficult for me!"

"After the mission is completed, you can choose to leave that world, or you can continue to exist in that world. At that time, the reincarnation points will no longer be deducted."

"After the first mission is completed, a subspace will be given to you. You only need to think about it to enter it. You can rest in it, or you can bring it into it with the permission of the characters in the original world. However, the opening of the subspace You can only enter after killing the time traveler! In other words, you cannot enter during the mission."

"When you enter the subspace, any injuries will be fully repaired, including rebirth of broken limbs, etc. You can do anything in the subspace. Explore the functions of the subspace by yourself. Rest in the subspace for ten days. After ten days, proceed Next mission!”

"As for this place, unless you can't return until you break the rules of the universe, this will be the last time you stand here!"

"Because you are still an ordinary person, therefore, I will give you a thousand reincarnation points as a gift."

"Exchange what you need within ten minutes. After ten minutes, enter the first mission!"

The corner of Lu Yin's mouth twitched, he gestured with his middle finger, and cursed, "Oh, it's all a dream. If you have the guts to send me to another world..."

"Sister, you killed my brother... After you disappeared, you actually had such a dream... Ho ho!"

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 These days, do biohazards also have time travellers?

Lu Yin shook his head and punched the ground, trying to wake up and recover from this dream. However, his fist hurt...

Lu Yin was stunned, and he was sober that he was mostly drunk.

"It hurts so much. Is it true?" Lu Yin looked at the reincarnation watch in astonishment, feeling suddenly frightened.

Thinking carefully about what happened just now, Lu Yin broke into a cold sweat and immediately woke up from alcohol.

My sister is constantly traveling through the universe. This is too fantasy...

No wonder I couldn't find my sister's whereabouts after two months of searching in the real world. It turned out that she traveled through time and space.

It seems difficult to find her!

Xiaoying, you must live well, otherwise I will resurrect you and beat you up in the f


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