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The return of the demon King

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A woman's voice filled the ward...a woman grunting and screaming until she gives birth to a baby...a baby boy who came to life with a slow heartbeat. Not even a sound was heard from the baby when he came to life, he was assumed dead. Some minutes after, a loud and heart-filling voice was heard which got everyone relieved. Everyone? Maybe not everyone... He was assumed a monster in this beautiful world, assumed a wicked youngster until they sent him on an exile, only to come back a breathtaking god of seduction, god of love, god of demons, god of himself. **** He stared at his room with a bright glitter in his eyes. He made a loud sigh before dropping his bag on the floor roughly. "I can't believe I am coming back from Britain only to work here as my color changer," a fluent British English language was spoken by a breathtaking man. He took off his clothes, before changing them into nice relaxing wear for painting. He went back into the other room to get the roller. **** She walked into his room with a purpose. She looked around for him only to see the place so dark and huey like. "Is the rumor true? Is young master a monster?" She muttered to herself before swallowing her saliva in anxiousness. She climbed on the chair to open up the curtains. Immediately she opened it up, she heard a loud-soft sweet voice of a man. "What are you doing?" As soon as she heard that beautiful sound, she lost her balance, almost falling from the chair. He quickly took hold of her by grabbing her arm while she grabbed his shoulders. The two ended up staring at each other faces in a complicated place and situation. Then, there was a spark...

Chapter 1 birth of the king

“In three, two, one, push!”The woman on the hospital bed pushed with all her might. After minutes of hard pushing, the baby's head finally emerged.It wasn't crying at all, his eyes were shut closed, and he wasn't moving.The baby finally came out in silence. But why was he silent?“Why? Why can't I hear my baby's voice? Why isn't he crying?” The woman panicked.The nurses were unable to say anything. She is the wife of the powerful Hendersons, they are scared, they can't provoke her, or they're doomed. The doctor listened to his heartbeat. It was beating so slowly. Is the child dead?“Give me my baby,”She collected the baby from the doctor, then looked at its face. He wasn't even moving. It was a boy.“Why is his body cold and why isn't he moving?” She questioned, then placed her ear on his chest, only to hear a slower heartbeat. She made a sigh of relief.“Please check on him, he is okay,” she gave the baby to one of the nurses who were shocked to hear that the baby was still alive.****Lilly Henderson carried her baby in her arms, cuddling him.He suddenly started crying which shocked everyone in the hospital including the mother.'He didn't cry when his mother was giving birth to him, how come he is crying so much now?' The nurse in charge of the ward thought to herself…The nurse who was in charge raised one of her brows in surprise, even all the nurses were so surprised.Lilly smiled at the child in her arms, then kissed its forehead.“See, I told you he was alright,” she said to the shocked nurses.“He is a Henderson, strong and fragile.”“Ma'am, please,”“Sure,” she placed the child on the bed.The doctor checked his pulse first, his body was cold which scared them so much. He then checked his heartbeat, it was so slow, too slow in fact. How come??“Is everything okay?” She asked the doctor who nodded his head like a lizard who has nothing to explain.“Good, now let me have my baby,”****“Mom gave birth to a boy,” Riley said, staring at the mirror while one of the servants was making her hair.“A boy?” The youngest, Dorothy, questioned in shock.Now that there's a boy child in the family, everything will turn out for them in a bad way. They wouldn't have all the attention they need anymore, they wouldn't be taken seriously anymore. Now that there's a boy child in the family, everything would turn out so bad for them.Henderson Jake d'first has always been one of the richest tycoons and men in the business world, including Asia and Australia. He is a much respected man in his world. He is almost invisible to go deep into.Now that he was already forty, he had no male child to take after him. Even though he has two children, he still finds them incompetent enough, all he wanted was a boy child in his family.Now that a boy child has been born, he was so happy that that day, he invited lots and lots of his friends to come celebrate with him.His wife, Lilly Henderson, is the Queen of the jewelry world. She would always get jealous of the boys' child her friends have. She has always wished for a male child, maybe things would be nice.And now that she has one, she couldn't help but being a joyful mother.“Should we go check on the boy?” The younger one asked her sister was staring at the mirror.“The boy isn't dead, why would we go check on him,” she scoffed.“Riley!! Dorothy!!” They heard their mother's voice.“Mother is calling on us,” Dorothy said, and the girl seated stood up immediately.“Perhaps we should go check on him,”She walked out of the room with her sister with her.**The two stood by the door staring at their parents, especially that baby boy their mother was carrying. It pained them so much, especially Riley, who gritted her teeth in anger and sadness. Now all attention would be on that boy.Fortunately, Lilly saw them and beckoned them to move forward. They both walked towards their parents slowly.“Come on, girls,”They finally reached their mother's side, then turned to look at the boy she was carrying.“This is your baby brother Damien,”“Okay,” Dorothy replied, staring at the baby.Lilly also stared at the baby with hatred in her eyes.“Mom, why did you name him Damien?” Dorothy suddenly asked.“Kids, have you ever heard of the name Damien Henderson d'first?”“Never heard of him,” they both chorused.The name seems to be somehow related to their family, as it was a Henderson, which was also their family.“He was a strong man, mighty and a very famous billionaire. He was in the first generations of the Hendersons, which means he was your great-grandfather,”“So you gave birth to our great grandfather,” Riley frowned.“He is not your great-grandfather Riley,” it was Jake's turn to talk. “He just has the name of your great-grandfather which is good,”“Yeah, right, that's wonderful,” Lilly rolled her eyes with her arms folded.The baby began to cry suddenly.“Oh my, oh my, my baby is crying,” Lilly said, cuddling the crying baby with care.“Come on, Dorothy,” Riley said in irritation. A frown was visible on her 12 years old eyes.She couldn't take all those care they were giving to their child anymore which made her excuse herself.“The baby child looked cute though,” Dorothy couldn't help but say the truth, which made Riley frown at her.“Why are you even saying that Dorothy, are you trying to piss me off with your words, should I tell you that it is working, or I should slap you instead,” Riley threatened with a frown on her face.She hated the fact that there's a new baby in the house, not just a new baby. It was a new baby boy, how ironical. Now all care and all attention would be vested to that baby. She frowned again.

Chapter 2 unintentional accident

*Five years later**Patricia's kids' school*Damien was staring at the toy in his classmate's hand with great fury on his face. Isn't that his robot? Why is it in his hand?He had been looking for that toy for ages because it was his best toy. Now he couldn't believe the toy was stolen by one of his classmates all along.He wanted to keep his cool and not attack his classmate. But his ego wouldn't allow him.He suddenly ran to the boy and yanked the toy angrily."Hey, that's my toy," Dan collected it back."It is not yours. You stole it from me, give it back!" Damien said and the boy frowned."You are lying. My mom said I don't steal, that I am adorable and innocent. So you are lying about me being a thief," Dan defended."Maybe you and your mother are thieves, what do you do best? Stealing toys from others," Damien accused.


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