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The most powerful special forces king

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He is the most powerful demon, also a revered demon king! Four years ago, framed and exiled, he ventured to distant lands. Four years later, the king returns, reigning proudly over all! Amidst the backdrop of a world scarred by betrayal and rife with political intrigue, the demon king's journey serves as an allegory of hope, determination, and the enduring pursuit of justice. And as he ascends once more, he becomes a beacon of change, poised to rewrite the annals of demon history

Chapter 1 The Return of the King!


A plane headed for Moyer city,L state.

A handsome young man, somewhat silent, had been sitting there quietly.

Briggs Moore looked out at the clouds through the thick window with a depth and vicissitudes in his eyes that did not fit his age.

The cabin was quiet except for the cabin TV program playing.

But not attractive.

Because many passengers, some read newspapers, some read electronic novels, and some watch movies.

Suddenly, a news bulletin came over the cabin TV broadcast:

The notorious world's top hungry Wolf mercenary, all 18 mercenaries are destroyed by the regiment! It is reported that the strength of these mercenaries, any one of them, is comparable to the existence of the special military king of various countries! According to field observations, its members have been dead for at least seven days! And suspected to have been killed by the same person!

There was a murmur of voices in the cabin.

Eighteen special military Kings of different countries!

He was murdered for seven days before he was found!

Suspected murder by the same person!

These words certainly do not stimulate everyone's eardrums and eyes!

Briggs Moore was unmoved by the news and continued to look out the window.

Next to him sat a beautiful, quiet girl, Andrea Hill.

Andrea Hill was curious about Briggs Moore, who had been looking out of the window since he got on the plane and didn't speak much.

While the flight attendant was delivering drinks, Andrea Hill offered Briggs Moore a drink, and Briggs Moore thanked her.

It was the only conversation they had the whole time.

"This guy is too cold!"

No wonder Hill had the idea.

As one of the three college students of L University, any boy as long as with Andrea Hill, even if there is no topic also want to create a topic with her!

Where can like the side of the teenager! I only said two words to myself the whole time!

A middle-aged man of thirty-seven or eight sitting on the other side was staring at Andrea Hill all the way.

At that moment, the middle-aged man stood up and came over.

"Why don't you make friends with beautiful women?"

The middle-aged man tried to be a gentleman.

Andrea Hill was stunned, but felt disgusted by the look in the middle-aged man's eyes.

"Sorry, I don't like to make friends," said Andrea Hill politely.

Even if the middle-aged man heard Andrea Hill's refusal, he still stood beside Andrea Hill, his eyes did not stop looking at Andrea Hill's whole body.

"I suggest you reconsider, or you'll just be a plaything if you beg me later!"

The middle-aged man did not hide his lewd look.

"Please observe the boarding order! Do not harass other passengers!"

One of the flight attendants, on a normal patrol, just walked over and saw what was going on here.

One of the attendants, who had been following the middle-aged man, immediately came over, looked coldly at the steward, and said: "You'd better stop meddling with rats!" Do you know who he is?"

The attendant said, "I don't care who he is, please follow order..."

The attendant took out a golden business card and threw it at the steward, saying, "Open your dog eyes! Can you believe what Mr.Wallace said about losing your job in Moyer city? "

The flight attendant's face was also angry, but when he saw the name on the card, he was completely stunned and his face changed.

“Edward Wallace…… Mr.Wallace! I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you! Please forgive me..."

The flight attendant immediately apologized!

Hearing the flight attendant's apology, no one blamed him, although this apology is so unprincipled, no bottom line!

Because Edward Wallace is a big name in Moyer city!

Moyer city has several famous kingpins and even runs syndicates.

One of them is the Edward Group, the head of which is Edward Wallace!

Even this airline has shares in Edward Wallace!

Who would mess with Edward Wallace? It's too long to live!

Seeing the flight attendant's submission, Edward Wallace gave a cold snort and said, "Who is going to stop me?"

No one answered.

Edward Wallace reached straight out to touch Andrea Hill's soft cheek.

"Garbage, get away from me, don't disturb my purity!"

A quiet voice came suddenly.

"Boy, are you talking to me?"

Edward Wallace took a good look at Briggs Moore and said in a cold voice.

Briggs Moore said, "You're a piece of trash that knows your way around."


The attendant, who was a big man, immediately rushed over and threw a punch at Briggs Moore.

Briggs Moore looked so thin to everyone, that one punch would have knocked him down!


The crackling sound of broken bones.

Several passengers looked at Briggs Moore with sympathetic eyes.

They also hate what Edward Wallace is doing, but they are afraid to speak out against it!


The attendant, however, cried out immediately!

It was only then that everyone noticed that the man whose wrist had been broken was this seemingly fierce follower!

Edward Wallace was also slightly stunned and said: "Oh, I didn't expect you to be a practicing family!" Fortunately, I also know some kung fu, and I will destroy you today!"

Briggs Moore ignored him, flicked a finger at Edward Wallace and said, "Later, I'll kill you!"

Others found Briggs Moore's move baffling.

Kill a man with a snap of your fingers?

Did he think he could do it?

This kid's not freaking out, is he?

All of us have these thoughts in our minds.


Edward Wallace turned pale.

He immediately fell to his knees and said, "Forgive me, Sir, I was wrong, I was wrong, I should not have disturbed you!" Spare my life!"

Briggs Moore gave a cold snort and said, "If you are still sensible, I will give you a chance to live." If you meet me in Moyer city in half a month, I'll spare your life!"

Briggs Moore then taps Edward Wallace twice.

Edward Wallace shuddered, his face was even more pale, and he smiled hard and said, "Thank you, Sir!"

Briggs Moore said, "Go home!"

Edward Wallace immediately returned to his seat with the attendant.

Everyone saw this scene, are dumbfounded, and even secretly in the heart that this all-powerful Moyer city Lord Edward Wallace is not head kicked by a donkey? For no reason, he gave up to a young man!

The plane landed quickly.

"What's your name, please? You saved me, and I haven't thanked you enough..."

Andrea Hill asked quickly when she saw Briggs Moore leaving.

Briggs Moore looks at Andrea Hill and says, "My name is Briggs Moore. I only reprimanded him because he was bothering me. Not specifically to save you."

Briggs Moore turned and got off the plane.

Andrea Hill gritted her teeth, trotted for a few steps, grabbed Briggs Moore's arm and said, "You are my benefactor." I must thank you, please give me a contact information!"

Chapter 2: Things Are Not People!

This is the first time Andrea Hill, one of the three students of L University, took the initiative to ask a boy for his contact information!

Andrea Hill saw a pair of profound eyes, continued: "I hope, at the very least, you let me buy you dinner, to show my gratitude!"

Briggs Moore said, "If you have to thank me, and you see me in Moyer city, thank me again."

Briggs Moore then turned and left.

Blow and frustration!

Andrea Hill has never felt before!

I felt it this time!

She took the initiative to ask a boy to contact information, the other party did not tell themselves!

Take the initiative to invite each other to dinner, the other party unexpectedly refused!

Andrea Hill looked around and noticed that Briggs Moore had disappeared into the crowd and was nowhere to be found.

However, Andrea Hill did not dare to linger too long. She knew that Edward Wallace and the attendant were still on the plane.



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