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Soul Swap: The Billionaire's 18 Year Old Wife

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The female lead was in a car accident, resulting in a dislocated soul, which turned her into the male lead's wife overnight, as well as from an eighteen-year-old beauty queen to a twenty-eight-year-old married woman. She was so scared that she fled, but she didn't want to be forced by her mother to return to the male lead. The male lead is the heir to a wealthy family, the president of the group, domineering and indifferent, between him and his wife is only a famous but not real couple. His wife's sister once saved his life, so in order to repay the other party, he agreed to the other party's request before her death and married his current wife. He only saw his wife as a responsibility, so getting along was extremely uneventful. Then the female lead became his wife, and their pattern of getting along was instantly broken. Before, calm as water. Afterward, a battle of wits. The heroine learned from her mother's mouth that the hero's father was the murderer who killed his own father, so she obeyed her mother's order to return to the hero's side, wanting to borrow the identity of the hero's wife to take revenge. But in dealing with the male lead, she is always led by the nose by the male lead, and is despised, struck down, and threatened domineeringly over and over again, and the heroine's road to revenge is grueling and difficult. The male lead in the face of his 'wife' change, dissatisfaction but always a little surprise, originally never want to talk to each other more than one sentence, and then more and more want to fight each other, do not let her get away with it. Gradually, the mode of getting along also changed, life is no longer calm. Later, without realizing it, the more they fight, the more they love each other, and even put each other into the heart. But just when the heroine gradually clear their hearts, but learned that their own father is not the hero's father killed, but rather their own father killed the hero's brother, which for her, simply a bolt from the blue ......

Chapter 1 A handsome man

April, East City.

Xia Qi Xi opened her eyes, her head was dizzy and painful, and everything in front of her was completely unfamiliar.

Where is she here?

"Finally willing to wake up?" A cold voice suddenly rang out, echoing in the room.

Xia Qi Xi was startled, how could there be a man's voice?

She sat up from the bed in a panic, her puzzled eyes looking towards the source of the voice.

Soon, she saw that there was actually a man sitting on the sofa opposite the bed.

The man seemed to be staring at her!

Xia Qi Xi inadvertently collided with his deep icy eyes, and could not help but shiver.

So cold ......

However, who was he?

To actually sit there indifferently, completely in an egotistical manner.

In the moment Xia Qi Xi shook her head, the man suddenly got up and came to her, grabbing her hand.

As if a king's aura, strong and domineering, came towards her.

Xia Qi Xi snapped back to her senses and looked at his hand, "What are you doing?"

"Xia Qi Xi, how dare you, how dare you run away with a man!" The man's icy voice was clearly permeated with thick anger.

Xia Qi Xi was like a lightning strike and sobered up quite a bit, "Elope?"

When did she elope with a man?

She didn't even have a man!!!

"Hey, don't accuse people wrongly!" Xia Qi Xi frowned and looked back at the other party in dissatisfaction.

At this look, she couldn't help but be stunned, what a handsome face!

Actually better looking than her male god schoolmaster, features refined, handsome, nose straight lips thin, body long, simply ...... too showy.

Such a handsome man, always only seen on TV.

Xia Qi Xi was pleasantly surprised, as if she saw the male god of her heart, shyly cupping her small face with her hands, her clear and bright eyes looked at each other, gradually sprouting pink peach hearts.

Gosh, she must be dreaming, right?

Otherwise, how could a handsome man suddenly appear in front of her?

Right, whether it's a dream or not, wouldn't you know if you try it?

Xia Qi Xi playfully blinked her large eyes, as if saying cheer to herself.

Then, she pursed her pink moist lips, and regardless of dizziness and headache, she directly pounced on the other person, wrapped her arms around the other person's neck, and directly and domineeringly kissed the other person's lips.

Cold and soft feeling, actually kissed.

Xia Qixi was instantly enraptured!

One word, cool!

"Xia, Qi Xi, Xi!" She dared to kiss him with the mouth that had kissed another man!

The man was enraged!

He grabbed Xia Qi Xi's shoulders and threw her to the ground without a trace of pity.

"Ah, it hurts!" Xia Qi Xi fell to the ground and cringed in pain, instantly having the feeling of falling from heaven to hell!

Is there any mistake, he actually threw her!

What kind of man is this?

Do you understand?

What does he take her for?

A rag?

Xia Qi Xi pouted, disappointed.

So it wasn't a dream about a male god, but a dream about a demon.

She endured the pain and stood up, looking seriously at the 'devil', "You dare to throw me, looking ...... for death?"

"Looking for death?" The man looked at her out of the corner of his eye, fearless, and his tone was icy cold: "It just so happens that this is something I want to ask you as well, if you are looking for death, I can fulfill you!"

"What?" Xia Qi Xi nearly spit blood, what kind of person ah, the tone is not small: "Hey, don't think handsome can be arrogant, you ......"

Huh, wait!

How does this man look more and more familiar?

Xia Qi Xi raised her eyebrows, pursed her lips and thought ...... Boom!

Li, Shaojue, Jennifer!

It's him!

The East City's rich and powerful young man, the president of the Dongguan Group, Li Shaojue!

It was actually him!

When Li Shaojue's name popped up in Xia Qiqi's mind, she immediately had a feeling that the sky was falling, and the whole person was completely dumbfounded.

Oh my god, how could it be him?

Shouldn't he be on TV, or in magazines, how could he be standing in front of her?

Xia Qi Xi's eyes widened in surprise, she rushed up to hold Li Shaojue's handsome face, as if studying an antique that way to measure him.

Don't blame her for being so excited, to know that she and Li Shaojue is simply a distance between heaven and earth, and such a distance has been formed since they were born, even if she stepped on the wind and fire wheels, she can't catch up.

If you ask what kind of relationship between her and Li Shaojue, with his wife happens to have the same name and surname counts?

But so what if she had the same name, but unfortunately different lives!

She Xia Qi Xi is just an ordinary music student.

And he Li Shaojue from the moment of birth, has been worth a lot of money, I heard that he is the only heir of the powerful Li family!

The Li family ah, no one in the entire East City knows about it, no one knows about it, there is more money than she can count in her lifetime!

"Xia Qi Xi, take away your dirty hands!" Li Shaojue couldn't bear it anymore and pushed her to the ground again!

"Ouch!" Xia Qi Xi fell to the ground, feeling like her bones were about to fall apart.

Is there any mistake, he actually pushed her again!

Xia Qi Xi frowned, her angry little universe instantly erupted, her hands propped up on the floor and fiercely stood up, once again looking at Li Shaojue.

"Surname Li, what gives you the right to push me, sick, right?"

"Xia Qi Xi, watch your words!" Li Shaojue's eyes sank, "If you dare to fool around again, don't blame me for not being polite!"

Chapter 2 Gorgeous Transformation

"You!" Xia Qi Xi was so angry that she blew the bangs in front of her eyes, and then stepped forward again, her fingertips poking at Li Shaojue's chest, "I say, Young Master Li, it's not just a kiss, as to be so petty?"

Actually said something about being nonchalant and threatening her?

Li Shaojue's icy cold eyes glanced at Xia Qi Xi's finger, then his handsome face sank, his body moved a step towards the right, avoiding her finger.

Xia Qi Xi was momentarily unprepared and poked the air, her body staggered a step forward, brushing shoulders with Li Shaojue.

She didn't feel stunned, looked up and unexpectedly saw the dressing mirror on the opposite side.

Through the dressing mirror saw Li Shaojue's upright back, and ...... a woman who was both familiar and unfamiliar.

At this moment, is with her four eyes relative!



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