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About me

I'm Choo Choo. An avid fan of movies, television, anime and novels. In my opinion, all these forms of entertainment possess infinite charm, they can lead us into a whole new world, make us forget the troubles of life for a while, and relax and nourish our minds. Watching movies is one of my favorite things. I like to find resonance in movies and experience different emotions and life. From suspenseful movies to romantic love movies, from comedies to deep social themes, I can find new revelations and touches in almost every movie. Anime is also one of my favorites. I especially love those works full of imagination and creativity, and they can always put me in a world full of magic and fantasy. In anime, I can see a variety of unique characters with different personalities, abilities and stories, all of which provide me with endless room for imagination. As for novels, I consider it another form of creativity. I like to immerse myself in the world of novels, feel those delicate and real emotions, and experience those twisted and moving stories. I like to interact with the characters in the novel, to experience their lives and emotions, to feel their growth and changes. Writing, on the other hand, is a way for me to express my thoughts. I like to write out my thoughts, feelings and ideas to share and communicate with others. Writing is a way of self-expression for me and a bridge between me and the world. Overall, I am an avid fan who loves movies, TV, anime, novels and enjoys expressing myself through writing. I hope that through my hard work and creativity, I can make more people feel the charm of these forms of entertainment and find their own spiritual support.


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  • Author: zhouhzou
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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The female lead was in a car accident, resulting in a dislocated soul, which turned her into the male lead's wife overnight, as well as from an eighteen-year-old beauty queen to a twenty-eight-year-old married woman. She was so scared that she fled, but she didn't want to be forced by her mother to return to the male lead. The male lead is the heir to a wealthy family, the president of the group, domineering and indifferent, between him and his wife is only a famous but not real couple. His wife's sister once saved his life, so in order to repay the other party, he agreed to the other party's request before her death and married his current wife. He only saw his wife as a responsibility, so getting along was extremely uneventful. Then the female lead became his wife, and their pattern of getting along was instantly broken. Before, calm as water. Afterward, a battle of wits. The heroine learned from her mother's mouth that the hero's father was the murderer who killed his own father, so she obeyed her mother's order to return to the hero's side, wanting to borrow the identity of the hero's wife to take revenge. But in dealing with the male lead, she is always led by the nose by the male lead, and is despised, struck down, and threatened domineeringly over and over again, and the heroine's road to revenge is grueling and difficult. The male lead in the face of his 'wife' change, dissatisfaction but always a little surprise, originally never want to talk to each other more than one sentence, and then more and more want to fight each other, do not let her get away with it. Gradually, the mode of getting along also changed, life is no longer calm. Later, without realizing it, the more they fight, the more they love each other, and even put each other into the heart. But just when the heroine gradually clear their hearts, but learned that their own father is not the hero's father killed, but rather their own father killed the hero's brother, which for her, simply a bolt from the blue ......


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