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Resurrection of Vampires

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Seventeen years old Amber Willow, living a normal life at Cinder City didn’t always have her life go according to the way it should. She always believed that life was all about family, education and then love but little did she know that those were the things humans want, and she was far above all that. Her step to realizing who she truly was started when she stepped into a witch bookshop and the journey began when she got kidnapped on her way home after leaving the bookshop. That night, after escaping the kidnappers with a boy she never knew, she discovered there was more about herself that she didn’t know about or more so, a hidden version of herself which was very much different from her normal self. Her reality soon became a lie when the bloodthirsty creatures started resurrecting from the grounds of their school when they were having a bonfire and she knew she had resurrected them with a drop of her blood.

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It was the regular school days for Amber Willow; a seventeen-year-old high school senior in her last grade living in a small City called Cinder. The previous weeks for her were something she would name ‘surviving’ if she were ever told to give it a name. Being in her final grade and knowing that she had exams the coming week that would finalize her being in high school, she knew she had to let go of some feelings which she had held on to for quite some years.

Amber held tightly to the strap of her backpack as nervousness filled her chest. She has not seen any sign of her only best friend as she walked down the hallway, heading to her classroom with other seniors who were either chatting away or minding their own business.

The juniors classroom is based downstairs so it was rare to see them in the ‘Senior’s space’ as it is usually called which had caused a clash for over some years now.

As she walked alone with her hair down, covering both sides of her face which was unusual for her but due to a reason, she suddenly sighted Kevin Wells; her classmate and crush since Eighth grade, coming from the opposite direction, but as usual, he was not alone.

Amber felt her chest tightened and with every step she took, she felt her heartbeat increase. It was not because of the fact that Kevin is a good-looking person who could make a girl’s heart melt at the sight of him. As a matter of fact, he is a nerd! But Amber felt her body going stiff every second that passed as she stared towards his direction because of the other person that walked and giggled beside him, and not to talk of the way they held hands like a couple.

From the way Kevin looked, someone could tell that he is not comfortable with the way he was walking with her but they would easily know that he has no choice because everyone knows who Mirabel Avery is_ a sadistic person who would stop at nothing to make Amber Willow’s life miserable.

Amber could not understand what Mirabel saw in a nerd like Kevin when there are other hot and sexy guys who suit her taste better but what she does know is that Mirabel was only trying to make him her puppy while also trying to get back at her by making her jealous and angry. And the other reason Mirabel was doing that was because she does not like to be controlled or spoken back to and instead, be the one to give the rules while people follow it and if anyone tries to oppose her, she would do anything to make them succumb which was why she is after Amber’s personal feelings because that was the only way to get her and make her miserable.

When Kevin eyes met Amber’s, at the same time, someone came to jump on her back, making her divert her eyes and attention away from him. Amber knew it was only her best friend that does that whenever she was coming from behind and a smile came to appear on her lips.

“Emma!” Amber breathed out her name and Emma giggled from behind before coming to walk beside her.

They got into the classroom first before Kevin and Mirabel and Amber felt relieved a bit. Taking their seats at the back of the fifth row, she caught sight of them, taking their seats together at the middle of the third row. She looked away from them and was about getting lost in her own thoughts when the teacher came in.

“Good morning sir,” the class greeted and Mr. Evans placed his books on the table before facing them.

“Good morning class,” he started, “I believe you are all aware that your exams will be starting next week and after that, you will be getting ready to be admitted into the University of your choice. This is the time you have to prove that all the years of our teaching is not a waste of time and efforts. I wish you all successful results,” Mr. Evans wished them before opening his ‘book of mystical beings’, named by the students.

Being a history teacher, he always goes about with the book which contains the tales of some mystical legends and he always tells their stories before the end of his class.

“I already told you all the stories in this book,” he raised it before dropping it back on the table. “You won’t have to see it again but do not be deceived, they were real.” He said with a serious tone and expression and some of the students laughed it away. He smiled before his eyes came to focus on Amber.

Amber’s heart thud in her chest when she felt the intense gaze from Mr. Evans and she stylishly lowered her head. She hasn’t done anything for him to look at her that way. That was what she thought until she heard him say next, “Amber Willow and Emma Miles, see me in my office,” he ordered them before packing his things and leaving the classroom.

The students soon began chit-chatting and Amber turned to look at Emma with worry in her eyes.

“Are we in trouble?” Amber asked and Emma shrugged her shoulders.

“I wouldn’t know. We did not do anything,” she replied her.

“I asked because this is the first time he will call us to his office,” Amber said before moving her eyes and that was when she saw Kevin looking at her with a hint of worry on his face before Mirabel turned her head and Amber immediately look back at Emma who had her lips pursed together.

Since it is revision week, most of the teachers won’t bother to go to the classrooms.

Emma looked at Amber and said to her, “Let us go.”

Amber’s eyes widen a bit. “Now?” she asked.

Emma nodded and stood up, followed by Amber and they walked out of the class together.

Kevin, who looks slightly worried, heard Mirabel say with a smirk, “Looks like bitch got into trouble.”

As much as he wanted to leave the class and go after Amber because there was something he needed to tell her, he knew it would be difficult for him to do so, because, Mirabel will not let him leave her sight.

He sat there looking lost while the other students chatter with each other.

On getting to Mr. Evans office, Amber felt nervous as their history teacher looked her and Emma with a serious expression on his face before he spoke to them, “Don’t be surprised that I called you both here,” he started. “I know you all are studying hard to get good grades but permit me to say that sometimes, all that does not matter.”

Both Amber and Emma looked surprised at his words before he continued. “You both have a great future ahead of you but you need to realize it. Only if you take a look back will you come to know that we have come this far.” He let out a hum and said, “I sense that the time is near and nothing is going to delay it any further. When the time arrives, do not be taken by surprise. This time is going to be different than the last one.”

Amber and Emma, who believes that Mr. Evans was only talking about their studies, nodded on the man’s words and after going silent for few seconds, he said, “This is the last time you are going to see me, but I believe we will be seeing each other very soon,” he said in a twist.

After he had dismissed and watch them leave his office, he pulled out a book from his locker which has a dark cover and a name inscribed on it at the top. But when he opened the pages, it was empty of words.

Denied feelings

After Amber stepped out of Mr. Evans office with Emma, she heard her friend say to her, “Am I the only one who thinks Mr. Evans is weird?”

Amber looked at her with the same expression she had worn when she left his office and she answered, “I think so too.” She released a sigh before asking, “Is it still too obvious?”

Emma stopped walking and came to stand in front of Amber. She pushed the sides of her hair back and after taking a look at Amber’s cheek, she set her lips into a thin line before bringing her hairs back to cover the side of her face.

“It isn’t obvious but on a closer look, it is,” Emma said and received a nod from Amber before they resumed walking in the quiet corridor.

“I thought Mr. Evans saw it because he kept staring at me. He must have been wondering how my face is like this because I am not the type to fight,” she said as they walked.

“He is just weird, that’s all.” Emma shrugged it off and Amber could not agree more.

As they w


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