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Knight In Shining Fangs
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Just a week to her wedding, Josephine found out that her fiance, Brian, is cheating on her with her best friend, Maya. Torn and betrayed, Josephine stormed out of the house and into the street, until she ends up in a bar, but little did she know that she had just walked into the midst of vampires, where the base for all the drinks is blood. She soon found out the next day that the bartender was not just a bartender, but the popular young handsome rich CEO; Lucas Gray. But then she had found out about his dark secret and he was not willing to let her go free. Meanwhile, Josephine got to know that her fiance was planning to get married with Maya in her stead and she wants to put on a show by attending the wedding with Lucas as her new boyfriend. What will be the fate of Josephine after the wedding?


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