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My Dominant Female CEO

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This is a story full of twists, turns, and frequent humor. It revolves around a wealthy family led by Wang Baishou, and the tangled emotions between Lils T and Olly. Following Lils T's divorce from Olly, complex emotional entanglements lead Olly to take drastic actions against Lils T's family, resulting in intense family conflicts. The narrative involves internal family struggles, personal emotions, clashes of moral values, and intricate relationships between different characters. This story carries significant appeal in its dramatic plot development and explores the complexities of human nature and morality.

Chapter 1 Divorce

"Olly, this is the divorce agreement prepared by Ms. Thompson. Go ahead and sign it."

Within the opulent office of the Belle Group, Soph Coll, dressed in office attire, placed an A4 paper on the table. Seated opposite was a modest-looking, handsome man.

"Divorce? What do you mean?" Olly was slightly taken aback.

"Olly, don't you understand yet? Your marriage with Ms. Thompson has come to an end. You two are no longer in the same world. Your existence, to Ms. Thompson, is nothing but an impediment," Soph Coll spoke bluntly.

"An impediment?" Olly furrowed his brow. "So, that's how she sees me?"

When they got married, the Thompson family was undervalued and heavily indebted. It was he who helped the Thompson family through tough times. Yet, now that they had attained wealth and glory, Lils T wanted to push him away.

"You can think of it that way," Soph Coll raised her chin and gestured to the magazine on the table. The exquisite cover featured a stunning beauty.

"Olly, take a look at the headline on this magazine. In just three years, Ms. Thompson's net worth has exceeded a billion. Not only has she created a miracle but has also become the most sought-after female CEO in all of Rivertown Grove! With her beauty and capability, she's destined to rise to the top, revered by all. And you? You're just an ordinary person, absolutely unworthy of her. So, I hope you can have some self-awareness!"

Seeing Olly silent, Soph Coll couldn't help but frown. She continued, "I know you're not willing, but this is the truth. Perhaps you've helped Ms. Thompson in the past, but in these three years, she has repaid everything she owed you. Now, it's your turn!"

"Is marriage merely a transaction?" Olly took a deep breath, trying to suppress his emotions. "If a divorce is necessary, let Lils T come and talk to me in person."

"Ms. Thompson is busy. Such a trivial matter doesn't need her involvement," Soph Coll replied.

"A trivial matter?" Olly paused, then chuckled self-deprecatingly. "Is that so? Does she consider divorce a trivial matter? Not even a moment to meet me and say a few words? She really is out of reach now!"

"Olly, at this point, let's not waste words," Soph Coll pushed the agreement forward. "As long as you sign it, not only will you have a house and a car, but you'll also receive eight million as compensation. Know that this is money you won't earn in your lifetime!"

"Eight million is indeed a lot, but unfortunately... I don't need it. If she wants a divorce, let her come in person; otherwise, I won't sign," Olly said coldly.

"Olly! Don't push your luck!" Soph Coll slammed the table. "Don't blame me for not warning you. With Ms. Thompson's current power and status, divorcing you is simple, but she values past emotions and wants to leave you some dignity. You'd better not challenge her bottom line!"

"Dignity?" Olly found it somewhat amusing. Not even willing to appear for a divorce, where's the dignity in that? Moreover, if she truly valued past emotions, would she utter such threatening words?

"I don't think we have anything else to discuss," Olly was too lazy to say more and stood to leave.

"Oliver Hayes! You—" Soph Coll was about to react when a stunning woman in a black dress, with a slender waist and alluring curves, walked in.

Her skin was smooth, features exquisite, and figure graceful. Coupled with her cool demeanor, she seemed like a fairy walking out of a painting, especially stunning!

"You've finally shown up." Seeing the breathtaking woman in front of him, Olly felt a mix of emotions. Three years of mutual respect had finally reached this point. He didn't even know what he had done wrong.

"Apologies, I was held up. I'm late," Lils T took her seat automatically, her expression as indifferent as ever.

"Ms. Thompson is truly busy, so much so... she needs someone else to handle her divorce," Olly remarked.

Hearing this, Lils T furrowed her brow slightly. But she didn't explain and continued, "Since you're here, let's get to the point. I won't bother with unnecessary words. Consider this my apology to you. We'll part ways amicably after the divorce. Afterward, the house and car will be yours, and I'll add another eight million as a parting gift. How does that sound?"

"Do you think emotions can be measured with money?" Olly asked abruptly.

"Too little? Fine... Whatever you request, as long as I can fulfill it," Lils T said calmly.

"It seems you haven't understood what I meant. Well, let me rephrase: are money and power really that important?" Olly was perplexed.

Lils T walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, gazing at the entire city of steel. She spoke with determination, "At least, for me, they are!"

"But with the money you make now, you have enough to live comfortably for a lifetime. Is it necessary?"

"Olly, that's the difference between you and me. You'll never understand what I truly think." Lils T shook her head in disappointment.

The differences between them extended beyond social status; it was a disparity in their spiritual levels. More importantly, she couldn't see any hope in him.

"Yeah... how would I know what you're thinking?" Olly smiled self-deprecatingly. "I'll only cook for you when you're hungry, bring you clothes when you're cold, and carry you to the hospital when you're sick."

"Now, speaking of these things has no meaning," Lils T's eyes flashed with complexity, soon replaced by firmness.

"That's true." Olly nodded indifferently, then added, "I heard you've been getting close to the Parker family's heir lately? Is it because of him?"

Lils T was about to deny it but eventually nodded, "You can interpret it that way."

"Well, then I wish you both happiness." Olly smiled faintly and directly signed the divorce agreement. No hesitation, no hesitation, just a sense of desolation.

Ironically, today was their wedding anniversary. Choosing both marriage and divorce on the same day—how ludicrous.

"I don't need money or anything else, but you have to return that piece of jade to me. It's my mother's heirloom and also proof of being part of the Hayes family," Olly pointed to the area around his collar.

"Okay." Lils T nodded and handed over the jade pendant.

"From today onwards, we owe each other nothing."

After hanging the jade pendant around his neck, Olly stood up and left abruptly. In that moment, his gaze transformed from gentle to indifferent.

"Soph Coll, do you think I did the right thing?" Lils T's expression was mixed with complexity. Even though it was she who initiated the divorce, at this point, she realized she didn't feel happy at all.

"Of course!" Soph Coll nodded firmly. "You have the right to pursue happiness. The current Olly is simply not worthy of you. He will only hinder your progress. You are destined to stand at the top of Rivertown Grove."

Lils T remained silent, just gazing at the desolate figure before her, feeling an inexplicable pang in her heart. It was as if something important was slowly slipping away...

Chapter 2 Beating up the Younger Brother-in-law

Inside the elevator, Oliver Hayes stared at the jade pendant on his chest, his eyes filled with melancholy. Even though he had anticipated this outcome, ending the marriage still didn't come easy to him.

He once thought happiness was simple—three square meals, a tranquil life, and contentment. Now he realized, ordinariness was a kind of sin. In this gentle haven for three years, it was time to wake up.

*Ring ring*... While lost in thought, the phone suddenly rang. Upon answering, a familiar voice reached him.

"Mr. Hayes, I'm Daniel Miller from the Rivertown Grove Business Association. I heard today marks your wedding anniversary with Madam Thompson, and I've prepared a gift. When would you have time?"

"Thank you, Mr. Miller, but there's no need for that anymore," Olly replied nonchalantly.

"Hmm?" Daniel Miller was slightly taken aback, sensing something unusual.


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