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Marked By The Devil's Son

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TW!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE SCENES TW!! At a point in life, every wolf dreams of a happy ending with their mates, family, and friends, and Lenora wasn't an exemption. She was blessed to have been pregnant by her mate; the Lycan prince. She was finally going to build the family she never had the luxury of and her happy ending was about to begin, but fate had different plans for her and Alaric as a buried past showed its ugly head. Chaos, deceit, hatred, betrayal, secrets, death, lust, and love became the new theme for her and Alaric's love story as they grew to realise their enemy has always been their biggest supporter. This book is the sequel to Mated To The Devil's Son, I recommend that you read Book 1 to gain a better understanding as the book doesn't stand alone. °°° Book 1 — Mated To The Devil's Son (Completed)

Chapter 1

"Who's there?" I shrieked in pain as I felt some movements close to me. I couldn't understand what had just happened, but one thing I was well aware of was the pain and ache all over my body, as I could feel my body against some rough and sharp grass while the sounds and smell of burning grass filled my ears and nostrils.

I couldn't move or see clearly as I felt different stings on my body and I saw my clothes partly burnt with my blurred vision and some parts of my skin were burnt and opened to the air.

My hands felt sore and I wasn't even able to move my fingers a bit. Neither could I move my legs. It felt like they were numb and there wasn't any nerve in those parts of my body. I was only able to slowly crawl on my stomach, but I had no idea where I was headed to as I groaned in pain.

There was still thick smoke that surrounded me, making it difficult for me to breathe, and I could still see some fire around me.

"Ariel?" I called out her name in my weak voice but got no response in return. While driving, something suddenly happened and our car fell off a cliff, yet I couldn't find either the driver or Ariel beside me.

I could see some scrap metal from the car and the fire that was still on them, but I couldn't find anyone around me. I was only able to hear the strange movements around me.

I was scared I wouldn't be able to make it away from here with my severely injured and weak body. If only I had known that this would happen, then I would have patiently stayed in the packhouse and waited for Alaric to get back from wherever he went to.

I could remember being on a call with him some seconds before the incident happened. He seemed to be worried over something and his voice held fear for the first time ever, but I was too focused on being upset with him for not allowing me to accompany him that I didn't bother to ask what was wrong.

When he had asked about where I was, I couldn't give him an answer. Our car had flipped off the cliff before I could say anything to him, but why was I the only one left?

"My baby!" The thought of my unborn child suddenly crossed my mind as I struggled to reach for my stomach and clenched it tight while heavy, warm tears rushed down my cheeks.

"My child," I cried again, hoping and praying for my child to be alive and well. I had no idea how I was able to survive the fall as a pregnant wolf, but I was even more scared for my child, and there was no one around to help.


I was starting to worry and was already in tears as I screamed her name at the top of my lungs, but it only drained my last energy as I coughed even harder and held my stomach tight in an attempt to protect my unborn child in hopes of it being brought alive.

The fire and smoke were making the environment suffocating as my head was spinning and it felt like I could pass out at any second. I had no hope of leaving this place and could only pray that someone good would come to my rescue.

"Ariel," I called one last time as my voice faded and I succumbed to the pain, collapsing to the ground and closing my eyes.

"I have you now!" A voice growled as I heard fast approaching footsteps, but I was unable to see who it was. The only thing in my sight was his black tall boots before he picked me up from the floor after covering my face with a black piece of clothing.

"Alaric, help!" I whispered before my vision finally went out.


Noises and different sounds filled my ears as I was forced to cover my ears tightly, but I couldn't seem to be able to bring my hands to my ears before I realised that they must have been tied behind the chair on which I was seated. I couldn't see anything for a while until I noticed that I was also blindfolded.

I tried to find my way to stand up but immediately fell back onto the ground with the heavy chair on my back. My legs had also been tied with ropes too, but why was I here and who was behind this? Whoever was behind this clearly wasn't joking and meant business.

"Where am I?" I yelled but got no response in return. I would have agreed that the room was empty and I was the only one in the room, but I could perceive the smell of someone else in the room. It had a strong masculine wolf smell, but it wasn't like any other typical wolf smell. It smelled stronger, but the smell only irritated me.

I had no idea who the smell belonged to, but I knew it wasn't up to any good.

"I know you're here, so you better give me an answer!" I growled in an authoritative tone but realised it would have little to no effect on whoever the person was. I was only mated to Alaric and he did not mark me, so my aura would have no effect on people as strong as him, especially if I'm far away from him.

Even after asking him questions twice, he chose to stay silent and I started feeling uneasy in my seat. I don't know how dangerous he is or what he was capable of doing. I have no clue whether I could be beheaded or shot any moment from now as I could barely see. I don't know what his motive was, but whatever it was, it can't be good and I'm in a really fucked up situation.

"You must be hungry," he finally said in a gruff tone, and his voice was the exact voice I heard before passing out at the car crash, but I wasn't able to see what he looked like.

"I'm not hungry. Who are you? Where am I? And where the fuck is Ariel and my driver?" I growled back at him. I might not have his exact aura or the aura of Alaric on me. I must try my best to be intimidating.

Will you obey me or should I take it the hard way with you? He threatened as I gulped down some saliva. At this point, I knew I was weak and had no strength in me. On the other hand, he had a really strong aura all over him and could easily deal with me.

I chose not to speak to him any longer because he was not going to answer my questions, but I will do my best to remain silent. I couldn't possibly irritate him right now, and I needed to think quickly if I wanted to get out of this situation as soon as possible, even though I have no idea how that would be possible with my legs tied and my eyes blindfolded.

After some moments of silence, I heard some extra footsteps coming towards us as the door creaked open and the noise I was hearing before became clearer and more obvious.

They were the cries of females, and I was also able to hear a whip and their screams getting louder whenever the whip made contact with their skin.

Where the hell could I be?

"Feed her," the man said, as I felt someone standing really close to me, and by her smell, it was obvious she was a werewolf.

She had picked me up from the floor and positioned me well on the seat. With the way her hands felt feeble, it was obvious she was as young as me or maybe a little older. What could she be here for?

"Here," she said with a soft voice, but her voice held fear in it as she gently poked my lips with a metal spoon.

I refused to receive whatever was in her hands as I folded my lips and the food seemed to have poured on the floor as she gasped, but it was easy to sense fear in the way she behaved.

"Please, I'm sorry. Give me one last chance. I'll feed her. Please, I beg of you! " The girl cried as my brows furrowed. What the fuck is going on in this place?

I could feel her bringing another spoon close to my sealed lips and I could sense her hands shaking as the spoon was also shaking on my lips.

"Please save my life. Eat this, "she whispered as she pleaded beside me.

I had no idea who she was, but I felt pity for her. Whatever this was, it was definitely a terrible thing, and she was gravely scared for her life.

After considering her for some time, I decided to give in as I opened my mouth and she put the food in it. It was beans, a normal food, but after what had been happening to me since I was born, I was scared.

I was scared and worried that the food shouldn't be laced with any wolfsbane. I already have too many of those in my system and wouldn't want anymore. My mother has definitely succeeded in causing some sort of PTSD in me.

"Thank you," she muttered beside my ear as she gently shoved another spoon of beans into my mouth, but after five spoons, I had refused to receive any more.

I said, "I'm full," and when she wanted to put another spoon in my mouth, I shifted my head away so the spoon met with my cheeks.

"Please, you're almost done," she pleaded, but I wasn't going to listen to her. I barely knew her, so I shouldn't feel any pity for her. I can't have any more wolfsbane in me or else something bad might happen to me and my child.

The thought of my child made me wonder if everything was still okay after the fatal accident, and I was suddenly feeling gloomy after various thoughts of my child did not cross my mind, "but if I've truly lost my child, then I should feel it, right?"I asked myself, but I couldn't even provide the answers I needed to hear.

"That should be enough for now," the male gruff voice said again as I felt the lady retract her steps and the door close. She must have left the room, and it was just me and the unknown man in this room.

"Go ahead and inquire. I shall give you answers, "he said while I sat on the hard wooden chair without being able to move.

"What do you want from me?" I asked and a loud laugh echoed in the room, followed by his hands clapping. I was confused and trying to understand where I had sounded funny.

"I had expected your question to be more about who I am because I have just too many things to do with you." He answered.

"Who are you?" I asked and silence filled the room for some seconds before I felt some footsteps walking in my direction. I knew he wasn't the on working towards me. The smell of the person approaching me was less intimidating which meant he wasn't the only one in the room.

Suddenly, I felt a rough hand on me as the blindfold was loosened and fell on my lap. The rays of the sunlight immediately hit my eyes causing me to squint before opening my eyes after some seconds.

I shifted my head to look at the man who had removed the blindfold but he didn't stare back at me, neither did he move a muscle. He stood still and stiffed that I wondered if he was a living thing or not.

I returned my eyes to look at the direction where the voice came from but I was obstructed by the blinding rays of the sun whilst the man was in the dark.

"Show your face, you coward" I spat in disgust while staring at the dark side of the hall hoping to see who he was but my efforts went in vain as a loud laughter came from him.

"Mind your words, young lady. I hold the power here and could do anything to you" he threatened but I was unfazed.

"Do your worst!" I fiercely replied.

"Slit your throat!" He commanded in a low tone and the next second, the man beside me was on the ground with his blood splattered on me as my I became dumbstruck while staring at the lifeless figure on the ground.

"That could be you" he cooed across the room.

Chapter 2

"Otto!" He called for someone while I was still stunned and unable to comprehend what had just happened.

In a few seconds, a bigger bald man with a muscular chest walked into the room.

"Clear this mess up," he commanded, and Otto instantly dragged the lifeless body away. Once he got out, three girls ran into the room with cleaning equipment as they cleaned the mess up without glancing at anyone else in the room.

Where the hell could I be with these type of people around me? I had no idea what I could have done to result in this, nor did I understand why the girls that had been coming into the room were all young like me.

As soon as they finished cleaning up the mess, I turned back to look at the man behind the shadows, with my chest rising and falling in fear. I tried to control my fear, but I knew I was in a critical situation at the moment.

"Why am I here?" I asked in a calmer and lower tone. I saw what he did to the


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