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Grandes High School (Leslie)

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Leslie Felicia ... a 17-year-old teenager who was forced to change schools because she followed her parents. Grandes High School is the school Leslie chose because it is the closest to her apartment. But unexpectedly, her presence at school was not expected by all her classmates. Every day they bullied Leslie, hoping she would leave the school soon. Leslie feels increasingly miserable at her new school, especially after she finds out that the school is very haunted and full of curious ghosts that inhabit it. Leslie's life changes completely when a mysterious teacher discovers her secret that she is an indigo girl. Leslie could not refuse when the teacher asked for her help to calm and return the curious ghosts to their realm. This is the story of Leslie Felicia ... a teenager who can see and communicate with invisible creatures ...

Chapter 1 Susan Part 1

The morning air that enters the sidelines of the bedroom window feels so warm, making me increasingly lazy to get out of bed. The atmosphere of a quiet house without sound makes me feel comfortable and sleepy.

Kriiing ... Kriiing ... Kriiing ...

The loud sound of the alarm clock made me realize that it was time to wake up. Although reluctantly, I forced myself to get up from this soft bed. Then, I lazily walked to the bathroom and started my activities there.

When finished, covered only with a towel, I walked out of the bathroom to the wardrobe. I opened the cupboard door wide. As soon as the cupboard door opened, a school uniform was displayed there. The school uniform is pretty cute in my opinion. The top is a white shirt with a dark green bow tie. Then, the lower part of the uniform was a short knee-length skirt with ruffles all around, the short skirt was dark green the exact color of her bow tie. On the arm, there is an attribute that shows the name of the school.

I, who had finished putting on my uniform, stood in front of the mirror to see how I looked. I tied my hair up and felt my appearance was perfect. I took my school bag and left the room.

In this house... hmm... no... more precisely in this apartment, I live alone. Actually, since childhood, I lived with my parents. However, starting next month my father will be reassigned to this city, so we have to move our house too. Grandes City is the name of this city. A small town in the southernmost part of Arizona. When compared to Los Angeles which is my hometown, this city is very small and remote.

Since the school year started this month, that's why I moved one month earlier than my parents. As a result, I live alone in this apartment, yes, even if it's only for a while, but I feel very lonely.

To be honest, I can't cook at all, that's why this morning I can only have breakfast with bread and milk. After completing all the activities, I was ready to go to school.

I went to school by taking the public bus, incidentally, near the apartment, there is a bus stop making it easier to go to school. I didn't have to wait long for the bus to come. The bus drove quickly to take me to school.

It didn't take long for me to arrive at school. That's a natural thing because the location of the school is not too far from the apartment. That's the reason I decided to study here because it's the closest to the Apartment compared to other schools.

Grandes High School ... that's the name of the school and I'm a transfer student here because I started studying at this school in the second semester in grade 2.

I entered the school gate, this is the first time I set foot in this school. Apart from me, many students were passing by but none of them greeted me, haha... I guess that's a natural thing because none of them knew me. I walk around the road to class while looking at this school building, I feel that this school building is old enough which indicates that this school has been around for a long time.

It didn't take long for me to walk until finally, I arrived at a classroom that displayed a sign that read 'Class 2B' at the top of the door. Yes, in this class I will study. The door was open until finally I stepped into the classroom. There was a moment of hesitation about entering the classroom, but I realized that there was a condition where I couldn't run and had to keep going no matter what, and I was currently in that state.

I stepped into the classroom, all the class looked at me it made me embarrassed and nervous.

"H-Hello everyone. I'm a transfer student in this class. I..."

I haven't finished what I said but I immediately stopped it as soon as I saw the reaction of all the occupants of this class who turned their faces away as if they didn't want to hear any further what I said.

I looked around at the empty seats in the class until finally, I found one empty seat at the back. I walked towards the bench without caring about the occupants of this class who were staring back at me. To be honest, I feel uncomfortable right now, whether it's just my feeling or it's a reality, I feel that everyone's gazes are very sharp and sharp.

Amid the discomfort I was feeling, a teacher was seen entering the class, whom I just found out was named Mr. Wiston. He is our homeroom teacher. Mr. Wiston took one by one the students who were in this class until when my name was called, he seemed to realize something.

"Ooh, you're that transfer student huh?"

"Yes sir," I said, a little nervous.

"Come forward, introduce yourself!"

I've always been very reluctant to change schools. The reason is because of this. I hate the situation when I have to stand in front while introducing myself in front of this many people. But, once again I was in a condition where I couldn't run and I only had one choice, namely to obey Mr. Wiston's words and move forward.

After standing in front of the class, I saw everyone looking at me at this time. That of course made me even more nervous.

“Introducing, my name is Leslie Felicia. I'm a transfer student who will study with you guys from today. I'm not very good at getting along with people, but I want to be able to be friends with all of you. I also just moved to this city, so there are still many things I don't know. I-that's why I need help and cooperation from all of you. Please cooperate and help."

I said that while lowering my face. At first, I thought that everyone would agree with what I said, but what happened was something I didn't expect. Neither of them made a sound in response, making me feel very irritated to see that.

"All right, Leslie. You can return to your seats. Show your best performance in this school, OK?"

"Okay, sir."

Without waiting any longer, I walked quickly to my seat. This annoyance of course could not go away that easily. I don't understand at all why everyone in this class doesn't seem to care about me, making me feel uncomfortable on the first day of studying at this school. I became doubtful, can I survive studying at this school?

Chapter 2 Susan Part 2

Just like yesterday, even today I feel uncomfortable studying at this school, none of my classmates talk to me as if I'm invisible in their eyes. I want to scream as loud as I can and let out this annoyance so they notice my presence. However, of course, I discouraged that intention because it was impossible for me to do it amid silence. After all, now learning activities were taking place. There is a teacher who is giving the lesson material.

Two hours of lessons seemed so long to me. When I studied at the old school, every day I had great fun. In the old school, I was so close to my classmates, that it felt like I was at school. Very different from my new school. After only two hours of being here, I already felt uncomfortable and wanted to go home quickly.

The teacher left the class after the bell for recess rang. I sighed, feeling relieved.

"Hey, you. Why are you sighing like that?"

I was surprised not to play w


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