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Grandes High School (Leslie And Sean)

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Leslie is an indigo who can see and communicate with spirits. Her life is never quiet because she is always visited by ghosts who ask for her help. Luckily, she has a lover like Sean, who always accompanies and helps her. But suddenly, Sean becomes cold and indifferent. Leslie realizes that something is wrong with her lover. Follow the story of Leslie as she unravels the mystery of the ghosts that come to her and tries to solve the mystery that Sean is hiding. NB: This story is the final instalment of the Grandes High School Trilogy.

Chapter 1 Eric Part 1

Today, the sky looks clear. White clouds were chasing above. The birds chirped happily, making the day even brighter. The scorching sun makes the atmosphere this afternoon feel hot. Even though the breezy wind that blows makes the hot air slightly covered, it can make you feel hot and stuffy momentarily.

Another thing that distracted the hot atmosphere in this bustling place was because now everyone was busy watching the chase action in the field area. Ten people, to be precise, the men, were chasing after the ball with only one goal: to put the ball in the basket. Yes, there is a pretty fierce basketball match at the moment. The basketball team from the law school is facing off against the basketball team from the economics faculty.

The crowd cheered loudly when a player with number 11 from the law school managed to snatch the ball from his opponent. He ran while dribbling the ball. None of the players could hold back or grab the ball from him. A moment later, he had made it under the basket, and with a high jump, he managed to get the ball into the basket.

The referee's whistle indicated that the ball had been declared in, and the basketball team from the law school got an additional point.

"Aaaaa! Cool!"

There were screams from the audience, which women dominated. They hailed the name of the player with the back number 11. The man whose name was being called lifted his right hand high up with a clenched fist as if showing the satisfaction he was feeling right now for successfully executing a perfect slam dunk. His hair, wet with sweat and flowed down his handsome face, made him look even cooler. Of course, it invited enthusiastic screams from the women who saw him.

The referee's long whistle signaled the end of the game. The final score on the screen shows the numbers 152-108, with the law school team winning. The audience cheered and applauded, especially when they saw the look of joy on the faces of the players from the law faculty team.

Shortly after that, many female spectators were running toward something. I followed the steps of the women and made a sullen face when I saw them crowding the man who had been the center of attention from the start of the match. Yes, that man is none other than the man with jersey number 11. Indeed, a sight like this is not something I have just seen. Every time that man finishes a match he participates in, it always ends like this. He was surrounded by many women who screamed hysterically, shouting his name like a fangirl. Every time I see this scene, my heart warms up, and even though I don't see it in the mirror, I'm sure I'm putting on a sullen face right now.

I was still standing, looking at a man surrounded by his fangirls. He tried to avoid them even though it was clear he was having quite a hard time because the women were crowding him without giving him any space to escape.

The man's eyes stared at me. He finally noticed my presence. He gave me a regretful smile, and I only replied with a snort, which he couldn't hear. I couldn't stand the sight anymore, so I decided to leave.

I had just set foot when a call made me stop.

"Leslie, wait!"

I heard it. I heard it clearly, but this annoyance kept me going.

"Hey, I said wait, right? Haah, Haah," said the person, more precisely, the man, with an exhausted breath. Yes, it's only natural that he felt tired. He had just finished a basketball game, which was draining. I ensured he had just run after me, who walked away from him.

"You mad, Leslie?" he said as his breathing started to sound regular.

"No. Why should I be angry?" I lied. I was annoyed and angry with him. Or the word jealous is more appropriate to describe my current mood.

"Sorry, I was trying to run away earlier."

"But you seem to have enjoyed it earlier. Surrounded by many beautiful women, "I said in a flat tone.

"Hahaha... I knew you were jealous."

Of course, I'm embarrassed now because it looks like I was caught feeling jealous of him.

It's only natural that I get jealous when I see my boyfriend surrounded by many beautiful women who keep shouting his name like a fan who just met an idol artist. They are also very aggressive, so they don't let them escape. But I realize it's a risk because I have a famous boyfriend.

"OK, don't be pouting. Your face is ugly when you're sullen," Sean said, trying to tease me. But what he said p*ss*d me off.

"Sorry if I'm ugly," I replied in a flat tone in my voice.

"Sorry, sorry, I was just kidding. Don't be angry anymore." He calmed me down again while stroking my long hair gently. He came closer to hug me, but I quickly stopped him.

"Your body is drenched in sweat. Clean your body first, "I rebuked, to which Sean responded with a grin.

"Hahaha... yes, sorry. You're not mad anymore, are you?" I shook my head while smiling as a sign that I was not angry with him.

"Huff... thank God," he said while exhaling slowly.

"I'm going to the dormitory.first, OK? Don't forget to accompany me to the library this afternoon, OK, Leslie."

"OK," I said, and he walked away from me.

I stared at his back, which was getting farther away at the back of the man who had been my boyfriend since we were students at Grandes High School. His name is Sean Maxwell, and just like when we were in high school, he's still popular. Many women idolize him even though we are now students. Yes, that's a natural thing because he is handsome and cool. Am I happy to have a boyfriend like him? Of course, I was pleased. I even felt proud when the women looked enviously at me when they saw me walking hand in hand with Sean. I always smile when I remember the annoyed looks on the faces of Sean's fangirls.

I had broken up with Sean before, but we decided to get back together when we realized we still loved each other. Now, Sean and I are college students. Grandes University was the name of our campus. I majored in Economics, while Sean majored in law. The reason Sean majored in law was that he wanted to be like his father, who was a lawyer. Yes, since I'm his girlfriend, I should always support his decisions.

On this campus, there is a rule that all first-year students must live in campus dormitories. My house is just a short distance from campus, but I have no choice but to accept the rules of this campus. When the holidays come, I often go home with other students.

That is my new life as a college student. I've been studying here for three months, and everything has gone smoothly, with no problems dealing with ghosts. I'm relieved because this campus differs significantly from the haunted Grandes High School. Although now the school is back to normal like a school. When I remember Grandes High School, I always think of my best friend, Angie. She is happy now. She has married the man she loved a long time ago. Although I rarely see her, I often communicate with her via cell phone.

The days I spend on this campus will be smooth and peaceful.


As I promised Sean, I will accompany him to the library this afternoon. That's why now I'm sitting in one of the chairs in the library. I was busy watching Sean, who was doing his college assignments. Coincidentally, I didn't have any charges, and there weren't any books that made me interested in reading them because that's why all I've been doing since earlier is just staring at my boyfriend, who looks frustrated with many college assignments. Sean and I have been in this library for almost an hour. Seeing the look on his face, I felt sorry for him. It wouldn't hurt if I helped out.

"Sean, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Hm, there's no need. I can still do it myself," Sean replied without looking at me, his gaze still focused on the books before him. It's like this: he always asks me to accompany him when he does his work without ever accepting my kind offer to help him. If I look at the assignments, it seems that majoring in law is more complicated than the economics major I took. Yes, that's what I think if I see Sean's many tasks almost daily. Not that I don't have duties. Of course, I do, too. But Sean's college assignment is more than mine.

"You have nothing to do, Leslie?" he asked, which made me jerk from my reverie.

"Yes, but I did it last night. Today I happen to have no work."

"It's delicious, you just make me jealous," he said with eyes that didn't even look at me. He was still busy looking at his books.

"There's still a lot of work?"

"Yes, and unfortunately it must be collected tomorrow."

"You, this is your fault. Already know that there are many tasks, why did you play basketball? You always care more about basketball than studying."

Sean seemed annoyed by my words because now his gaze shifted to mine.

"That's not it, it was the economics faculty that challenged us to a match. There's no way we can refuse it."

"Yes, yes, it's up to you. I think you care about basketball anyway." He looked annoyed at me. I ignored him because I didn't think anything was wrong with what I said. I've been dating him long, so I know his personality well. He loves basketball so much.

"Wow, Leslie and Sean are here too, huh?" A voice sounded and succeeded in making me and Sean stare at the owner of the vote. A beautiful girl with only shoulder-length hair was standing beside us. She was holding several books in her hands. Sean and I know her very well. Her name was Muggie Maxwell. She's Sean's cousin and my best friend in college. I'm in the same faculty as her, and not only that, she's even my roommate in the dormitory.

"What book is it?" I asked Muggie.

"Textbook, I'm studying for a quiz next week. Are you studying with Sean here too, Leslie?" she asked, which I answered with a shake of my head.

"No, I'm accompanying this basketball maniac to do his work," I replied, staring at Sean lazily. Sean put on a strange face and made me want to laugh at that. It was apparent he didn't like what I was saying.

"Hey, what do you mean basketball maniac?"

"You are a basketball maniac."

"Don't talk carelessly."

"That's the truth." I kept arguing with Sean without noticing that Muggie was laughing at us.

"Hahaha... you guys are a unique couple, huh? I was surprised to see you too, Sean. You're usually cold and stiff, but you turn into someone else when you're with Leslie." A blush appeared on Sean's face. What Muggie said is true. The first time I met him was at Grandes High School. He was indeed a bit stiff. He rarely talks, and according to Angie, he is very cold to women. But I'm happy because now he is very open to me. Every time he had a problem, he would tell me. Of course, I did, too.

"Don't say anything weird, Muggie," Sean said, still blushing.

"Oh yes. Sean, are the rumors true?"

"What rumors do you mean, Muggie?"

"Ghost rumors in the Men's Dorm." I was shocked to hear Muggie's words. Sean didn't even tell me about the rumors.

"What rumors are there?" I asked Muggie.

"So Sean didn't tell you?" Once again, I answered her question with a shake of the head.

"Hm... sorry, Leslie, I don't know about those rumors either. You better ask Sean. Oh yes. Sorry, I'm back at my desk first. Leyna must be waiting for me." Without waiting for my approval, Muggie just left. I also looked sharply at Sean, asking for an explanation.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Why didn't you tell me about the ghost rumor?"

"If I tell you, you must want to involve yourself with the ghost," he replied lazily.

"Huh? At that time, you said you could accept this ability of mine. But what you said now seems like you still haven't accepted my abilities?" I'm mad at Sean.

"It is not like that."

"Then tell me, what rumors are there in the men's dormitory?" Sean put on a lazy face. It was clear he didn't want to tell me at all. But I kept staring intently at him until Sean finally let out a rough breath. It looks like he gave up and is going to tell me.

"There is a room that is always locked and empty. That the room should not be occupied because there had been a student who committed suicide there. Everyone believes the ghost is haunted."

"Why would they think the ghost is wandering?" I asked enthusiastically, while Sean still had a lazy face.

"Often heard the sound of crying in the room. Besides, some of the people who used to occupy that room are always possessed."

"Oh, I see? Why did that student kill himself?"

"Well, how do we know? After all, that incident was a long time ago, around 3 or 4 years ago." I was silent, and Sean looked back at his books.

"There must be a reason that makes the ghost wander."

"Possible. Come on, it's none of our business." Sean's words p*ss*d me off. How could he possibly speak so lightly? He didn't care; I did because I could communicate with the ghost. I had promised Angie to use my skills to the best of my ability. So how could I not care?

"Sean, come with me later, OK? I want to investigate why the ghost is haunting." Sean's eyes widened perfectly. It was clear he was shocked to hear what I said.

"I knew you would say that. That's why I didn't tell you."

"It turns out you really can't accept my ability, huh?"

"It is not like that. The problem is the ghost is in the men's dormitory. There's no way I'm taking you to the boys' dormitory!" Sean must be annoyed with me. You can hear from the tone of his voice that snaps at me a little.

"So what? I, right, want to investigate the ghost. After all, how come so many male students go to the women's dormitory to do their assignments," I answered while grinning.

"Yes, that's because they are working on group assignments and have already reported this to the dormitory guard. Well, you, what do you want to report? There's no way you're reporting for permission to investigate ghosts. After all, you're my girlfriend. I don't want other people to think bad things about us." I agree with Sean's statement but want to help the ghost. I felt I shouldn't stay silent when I could help him return to his realm.

"Sean, I beg you. Let me think about the reasons. Accompany me, OK?"

"But now there is no Angie. Are you sure you can do it alone?"

"I am not alone. I'm with you, Sean. The two of us will help the ghost. I'm begging you, Sean." I put my hands together, indicating that I was begging him to grant me this wish. Sean just stared at me silently. Then he exhaled lazily. I knew if he had shown that expression, he would have given up and would have granted my wish.

"OK, next Sunday we will investigate the ghost. But you were the one who thought of an excuse when you reported to the dormitory guards."

"Ready. Leave that matter to me."

"Now shut up. Let me do my college assignments in peace," I responded with a nod and a smile. I'm pleased because Sean wants to grant my request. I've decided to find out why the ghost in that room has become a haunting ghost.

Chapter 2 Eric Part 2

As Sean and I had planned, this Sunday, we were going to investigate why a ghost was haunting one of the rooms in the boys' dorm. I didn't want to lie to the dormitory guard, so I told the truth about my intention to enter the room. I said my goal without hesitation and even spoke about my strange ability. Does the dormitory guard believe what I say? Of course, the answer is no. He didn't even permit me and Sean to come into the room even though I had begged him many times.

Sean had told me to give up, but of course, I couldn't give up that easily. I finally had no other way but to ask Angie for help. Yes, I called Angie, and I told her everything that happened. Angie is my best friend. She always supports my decisions and does whatever it takes to help me. Over the phone, Angie told all about me, the dormitory guards. Angie even asked for help from other teachers at Grandes High School to tell the truth about what I said about the fact that I am an indigo


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