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The oracle said that the Goddess of Love would give birth to a child of the God of Light and save the world from being ended by the God of Darkness. But before long, Aurora picked up a dark species with amnesia. Aurora promises to influence him, and then he is entangled, only to find that he is a sick girl. When the end of the world came, the dark species circled the confused girl and pressed her ear, the voice was cold and sick: "You are my treasure, I will not let you be eaten by the demons." Then he interlocked his fingers with Aurora's and pulled out a long sashimi knife. Aurora resists, loses both sides, then chooses to flee and jumps into the lake. When she was drowning, a man who claimed to be the God of Light rescued her and promised to help her save the world. Love thought fate to go on the right track, the world peace and their true love came, the result of the bird god took love back locked in the secret steel bird cage in the palace is not allowed to see other men, but also play feed. Who would dare want such an object! Aurora can't take it anymore. When world peace is over, he runs away! Halfway through the run, Aurora realized to her horror that she was pregnant. In order to prepare for pregnancy and a stable life, Aurora bought a big house and a universal butler. The parents have to look good and have abdominal muscles, and every day the faithful dog holds her feet from the toes to the knees and back to the toes, taking care of the life inside and outside, intimate and perfect. One day, she looked at the butler's handsome and inhuman face in a daze, and after coming back to God, she exploded, and stepped on his face. "No, you again? "

Chapter 1

The maid next door to Aurora's house died pruning the vetiver iris.

Under normal circumstances, this should be a small matter, at least for the unrelated Saint of the Temple of Love.

But this time it was serious, because the place where the servant died showed traces of the dark curse, and the body associated with the curse was too close to the home of the Goddess of Love, Aurora.

The safety of the holy woman and son is undoubtedly extremely important for every temple, and Joyce, the bishop of Love Temple, summoned Love back to the temple for the first time.

The girl with fair skin and soft skin changed into her own snow-white fishtail veil holy dress, showing a perfect body curve like a work of art. Her long blonde hair, soft as a cloud, fell down her back, and on top of her head was a chain of crystal flowers hanging from her forehead.

The girl knelt before the shadowy idol of Love, at whose feet stood the white-haired, bearded bishop, holding a pink candle in his hand, looking at her silently and gently.

"Aurora, I think you know how serious this is. I sent you back this time because I wanted you to listen to Lord Love."

Aurora moved her lips. "But, Lord Joyce, do the gods really speak to me?"

The God of Light and the other gods under his throne have been gone for a hundred years.

Old Joyce shook his head and told her, "Aurora, you were chosen because eight years ago the Goddess sent an oracle telling me that you were the key to changing the fate of the end of the world."

But after that, he never heard from Love again.

Aurora was shocked at where she came from.

The performance of the magic class is moderate, the identification of magical talent is good, and the worship of the God of love is not as devout as Vera and Lilith, and the past Aurora has not understood why she was chosen as a saint of the Temple of love.

Is it really because you're the chosen one? !

Joyce: "Now, put your hand in the basin of destiny where the notes were and take out all the notes."

The Basin of Destiny is a flat silver ball inlaid with various gems, with an opening for two hands.

After praying, Aurora reached in, not sure she could feel anything in particular.

There were three pieces of paper inside, and Aurora took them all out.

The holy and warm breath of the gods filled the temple, and light fell from the skylight.

A miracle did happen --

The first piece of flat cloud paper, as white as snow, was written in pale gold: "The God of light and life will soon reappear."

Then there's the second one, which reads: "The Mother of Love gives birth to the new God."

With a shudder of her hand, Aurora nearly tore the paper.

Joyce's beard trembled and he grabbed her wrist. 'Calm down! Calm down, Aurora! Don't worry, let's see what the next oracle is."

Trembling, Aurora pulled out the third oracle.

The heart of destruction ends in the sword of the Virgin.

Three oracles pulled out, used for hundreds of years around the basin of fate embedded in the various gems like time magic, weathered dim, silver basin body is also covered with oxidized gray black.

Finally, with a few clicks, the basin of fate was broken and destroyed.

Aurora: "... Lord Joyce, I didn't do very well in my Divinity class. Is that really what it says?"

Old Joyce nodded gravely, stroked his chested beard, and said, "These three oracles are all about the end times and you... So, Aurora, you must take on the responsibility of being our savior."

"Lord Joyce, shall we have a discussion? You see, my grades are average, the fighting level is not high, this I have never felt that I am a qualified saint, let's re-choose a truly responsible genius to be a Saint, OK?"

Joyce touched Aurora's hair with his dry hand and kindly asked, "God's oracles must have cause and effect, Aurora, you are very likely to become the wife of the God of Light, don't you want to marry the God of Light?"

Joyce would say this because in the land under the illumination of the God of Light, although there will be places that believe in other sub-gods of light, the only one who can directly call "God" is the God of Light, so the new God in the oracle nine times out of ten refers to the children of the God of Light who will inherit the throne of Light in the future.

The God of Light is the Lord of all the deities, including the God of Love. How dare Aurora say no, with tears in her heart, answered, "... I do."

"Do not be afraid, my child, it is normal to be nervous, and if it were my fate to be the wife of a God, I would panic too." But you are a child blessed by the gods, fate will not abandon you, and you will surely be happy in the future."

Aurora touched the spot where Joyce had touched her and said, "Really? Is this what the Lord of Love said?"

Joyce smiled and stroked his beard, seemingly acquiescing.

As soon as Aurora's little heart sank back into her stomach, she wondered, "So what should we do now to prepare for future disasters?"

"Naturally, we must first look for the crown of the God of Light. God and his affiliated gods have disappeared for nearly a hundred years, and there must be an inseparable relationship with the temporary departure from the crown of the God of Light. If the God of Light returns to the throne, other sleeping gods will also return to wake up."

"But all the temples have been casting a wide net for clergymen for decades, and still no one has found a god, have they? Is there sleep under the corona of Light? Shall we try to dig down?"

Joyce choked: "Aurora, under the crown sleep will only be on the ground, become an ordinary human or angel."

"And elves and dwarves?

"It's unlikely, given the light nature of the crown."

While they were talking, a regular bell rang outside the palace.

"Dong -- dong --"

Joyce looked up out the door and said to Aurora, "There's something you need to see me about, probably because of the task of repairing the border defense."

Not everyone can enter when the oracle is requested, so the bishop can only be notified in this way.

It had something to do with Aurora, too, because she was involved in the restoration, so she had to go with Joyce.

To the front hall, saw dozens of light knights wearing platinum armor, Aurora knew that the original is the temple of light people have arrived.

"So brother Xavier is coming?"

Surprise, Aurora.

She came forward with her dress and asked, and the Knights of Light saw the beautiful Saint of the Temple of Love coming, and smiled together, and when they heard her question, they pointed in a direction, and Xavier and one of the priests of the Temple of Love came here while talking.

The young man with long light blond hair did not wear a heavy armor like the light knight, only wore a white and elegant Holy Son God robe, hanging between the forehead and the bright sun pendant, and his hair was meticulously combed in the back of his head and tied into a ponytail.

He wore a holy sword with an ornate sheath around his waist, and a broad sword almost as long as Aurora was tall on his back. Both swords looked gaudy, but no one here would doubt Xavier's fighting power.

If Xavier strikes, even without his armor, it will take him at most a quarter of an hour to bring down the dozens of Light Knights who follow him.

"Brother Xavier!

As Aurora trotted up with her dress, everyone around her was watching, and Xavier couldn't hold out his hand to hug her. Instead, he nodded and gently called, "Sister Aurora, long time no see."

Usually the high cold iceberg son actually melted in front of the girl, everyone looked at each other, and then the heart turned their heads, pretending to see nothing.

The Son of the Temple of Light and the other knights are servants of the gods of service and patronage, and are legally bound to abstain from sexual love.

But now the God of light is not there, in order to fight with the dark species and the dark demon of the left, the temple even selected the half-blood angel as the Son of God, which is something that will not happen for thousands of years, so now the ambiguous relationship between the Son of Light and the Goddess of Love is not surprising.

In order to maintain the security and stability of the territory of the God of Light, the strongest warlord Xavier is indispensable, and only the power of Light in his magic can still cast the purity that is close to and normal when the God of Light is in power.

Aurora wanted to meet Xavier because she had heard about him: "Brother Xavier, I heard you raised your blood when you advanced, are you closer to the Angels now? Can you grow wings like an angel?"

Xavier reached out and touched her soft hair. His eyes were warm. "Yes, the costume is now angelic, and the wings can be extended freely from the back."

"Are brother's wings white, too?"

"[The Angels] are all white, and mine certainly is."

"Lord Xavier." Joyce stood not far away, smiling with her old eyes, looking kindly at the two holy sons and daughters.

Xavier saw disapproval in the eyes of the archbishop of the Temple of Love. After a few seconds of silence, he turned to Aurora and said, "The route for this renovation and mission has been arranged. Let's go first."

There were no ordinary people here, no need to maintain the modesty and sanctity of the saint, and Aurora followed Xavier step by step to see the hidden piece of cloth behind him designed to facilitate the spread of wings, like a pet rabbit following its master.

"Please be quiet for a moment."


"Repairs are more serious, and if the boundary is not reinforced, there will be monsters foraging for food, threatening the safety of the people, so the route should reach the boundary wall quickly."

"The missionary route back is also determined, you wear the fairy forest back, retrieve this year's leaf of life, visit the two human empires and inspect this year's selection for the enrollment of the Holy City College, the Lord has not returned to the throne, there is no need to hype the clergy, just announce the preferential treatment."

The priest of the Temple of Light said this, and when the priest distributed the scroll, he glanced at the saint who was falling asleep, his voice increased, and seriously told all the priests who were going to go far: "Finally, the archbishop of the Temple of Light has given instructions that if you meet someone with high light attributes, even if you cannot attract them, you must try to bring them back!"

Aurora nodded awake and opened her eyes. All eyes turned almost simultaneously in Xavier's direction for a moment, then quickly back.

Xavier didn't seem to notice anything, his fingers pressed on the smooth hilt, his pale blue eyes staring straight ahead.

The meeting was finally over, and Aurora wanted to go back and catch up on her sleep, but old Joyce beckoned to her and left her alone.

Aurora lifted her light skirt and walked over doubtfully. "Your Eminence has something to say to me?"

Shouldn't he be hosting the priests from the Temple of Light? No one would dare to say anything, even if they were placed in the position of a deapostolic bishop.

Chapter 2

"Good boy, I called you here because of you and Xavier."

The dull hair on Aurora's head stood up and asked warily, "About me and brother Xavier?"

"Yes, is Aurora very fond of Son Xavier?"

"Of course I like brother Xavier... But certainly not the kind His Eminence fears!"

Joyce shook her head, stroked her beard, reached over, touched her head, and said kindly, "Of course I know your feelings for the Son of Light are like those of a half-brother, but Aurora, you are a beautiful girl now grown up, not the child you used to be, and easily attract the attention of teenagers."

Aurora knew what the Bishop was trying to say: "No, my brother only thinks of me as a sister."

"Boy, the human heart is complicated..."

"Why is Your Eminence so worried? My brother is the Son of the Temple of Light, and is not the Son of the Temple of Light to be celibate?"



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