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Bride of the beast

Bride of the beast

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" Father, what is mother talking about?, How can you make me marry someone I don't know and don't love!!!, I'm nineteen for goodness sake !!! " I voiced angrily at my father who kept an expressionless face. " Montana, that's not how you speak to the king!!!" My mother tried to correct and i shot her a glare. "You're not getting married to just anyone but prince Ace" My mother pointed out and I held my bedspread with trembling hands. " P..rince..What?... " I stuttered, my voice trembling in fear. " Prince Ace of the Adrel's kingdom " she replied calmly and i could feel tears wet my bright blue eyes. "How can you tell me to get married to someone that is rumoured to be a devil?!!! " I cried, greatly surprised at my parents. " You're getting married in the next morrow and that's final, get her things ready, She's leaving this palace first thing tomorrow!!!" My father said authoritatively and left my chambers. " Why do father hate me so much" I faced my mother with glassy eyes. Condemned and hated by her father since birth due to a prophecy surrounding her fate and destiny, Montana's life get a drastic twist when her desirous father gave her out as a bride to a being rumoured to be a cruel beast. What's becomes her fate in Adrel's kingdom? What happens when she finds out mystery surrounding her prophecy? Can love ever happen between two people with daring characters? Find out in this story

Chapter 1 - Marriage ceremony


I looked at reflection from the mirror as my personal maid, Dazel, dressed me for the saddening event of being a bride at nineteen. Yes, I adumbrated this heartbreaking occurrence as saddening.

As I heard, Being in a conjugal bliss with a man you love was considered a blessing as the marriage would be prosperous. I had dreamt my whole life to be free from my father's treacherous desires towards me and wished to be loved by someone dearly.

However, my dream was cut short by my father who despises me. Maybe he hates me for being female offspring, so I thought as I grew but sadly it wasn't the reason for the rooted hostility towards me.

This unsettled execration continued to grow even at my nineteenth year as a princess of the kingdom of Condrel. On that year, he announced that I be married to man whom I know not. A man rumoured to be a vicious beast, a man whom I don't love.

My gloomy face remained unaltered despite being dressed on my favorite colour as my wedding dress. I was on a blue floral royal gown, my legs adored with a silver heels. My hair was beautifully styled curly and scented with oil mixed with floral perfume.

Finally, Dazel placed a diamond crown on my head and gasped at my sight.

" You look absolutely ravishing my lady" she gushed and I frowned.

"What's wrong my lady?" She asked worriedly, noticing my awful countenance.

" You should know I'm not happy Dazel" I retorted sadly, playing with my fingers.

I could feel my heart beat loudly and I held my chest to stop it's rapid beat.

"I know but... " She tried to make an utterance but i cut her short with a fierce look.

" But what Dazel, I'm nineteen and I'm getting married to someone rumoured to be a devil or should I say a beast, What would be my fate in the so called kingdom?, What becomes of me?, What sort of a father is a king to give out his daughter to a stranger!" I asked, wetting my dented face with tears.

" At least you'll be out of his troubles" Dazel tried to relieve me of my fears but I didn't fall for it.

" So you are happy I'm leaving the palace to a stranger that I know not?" I questioned passively and she looked away shyly, not knowing what to say.

" I don't know why the father bears hatred for me, he keeps saying he doesn't want the prophecy to come to pass and I don't know of that prophecy which he speaks of !" I mumbled frustratingly and She sighed.

" You need to take it easy my lady, you're looking beautiful this morning. I'm sure your husband will not take his eyes off you" Dazel cajoled, trying to change the topic.

I frowned at the thought of my soon to be husband staring at me lustfully.

" If he does that I'll pluck his eyes off from it's sockets, I hate it for a man to stare at my body lustfully" I scoffed angrily.

" Aren't you ready yet Montana?, Your father's waiting" Came my mother's voice as she walked in to us.

I faced her and my lips spread to a shock as I saw her dressed on a golden gown with her red robe cascading her back and golden crown shone brightly over her long silky grey hair. The gown she wore hugged her entire body and part of her cleavages were slightly exposed.

I couldn't refute it, she was really prepared for this day and she was looking extremely beautiful.

" I'm almost done your highness" Dazel said as she did some finishing touches on my face.

On my face, she brushed with facial powder, and my cherry lips, rubbed with little oil to make it shiny, and on my neck was a necklace with an pendent of a blue moon.

I was born with the necklace on my neck and vowed to wear it all my life, said my mother when I was of the eleventh year.

It was part of my sacred treasures that I don't desire to trade or lose.

"Done" Dazel said brightly and I stood gracefully.

My mother gasped at my sight and I secretly let out a blush. She had been my means of consolation whenever I feel rejected by my father, she is a good mother, a wife who is dutifully submissive to her husband.

" Oh my ravishing princess, you look absolutely stunning" She said and my lips formed to a bright smile.

Strangely, her little commendation overwhelmed my saddened heart to an inch of happiness.

She reached for my hands and sighed deeply.

" I know that you're not happy with I and your father but you know how the king is, No one dares to go against his rules and decision, my hands are tied " My mother said sadly and I faked a smile.

" It's okay mother, it's okay " I replied calmly, engulfing her to a hug.

" I give you my blessings my child, you shall find love at your new home and I'll miss you" my mother said, crying bitterly.

" I'll miss you too mother, So much" I sniffled, tears gathering my eyes.

She disengaged from the hug and looked at me lovingly.

" Today's the day you'll be a complete woman by consummating your marriage" My mother said, caressing my cheeks and i looked confused.

"Consummate my marriage? What do you mean by that mother?" I asked perplexedly

She wanted to give a reply but was interrupted by a knock on the door

"Your highness, his Majesty request for your presence along with the princess at the ball room" A guard said from the door.

" Okay, give us a minute, we'll shall join you soon" my mother replied.

We left the room and went to the ball room as instructed, with the guards.

The king, my father, saw me walking in gracefully and he smiled.

I wasn't surprised that it was the first time his lips spread to a smile because of me. I knew he had something to gain from giving me out to a complete stranger.

Important guests honoured his invitation, of course they would, who wouldn't attend a wedding of a great king who is now in relation with a mighty kingdom.

A kingdom as rumoured, beautiful but deadly as no kingdom as ever gone scot free for waging war against it.

So yes, your thought from the beginning, I was sold to be a bride to one of the sons of the kingdom in other to expand my father's wealth and to make his kingdom more great, making it a threat to other kingdom that wishes to wage war.

"Here comes the bride!!!" He shouted excitedly as he walked towards us.

" Be of a joyful expression daughter, it's a great day today" My father whispered hoarsely to my earlobes, grabbing my hand, and squeezing it tightly.

I forcefully let out a smile as we walked and waved at the guests and citizens of the kingdom.

As usual, the impecunious citizens of the land were separated from the important dignitaries for easy recognition. It saddens my heart to see my father's callousness, even to his own people.

My mother sat down on a throne besides my father's, watching us sternly as we faced the people present.

My father, still holding my hands, said with a loud voice.

"Our one and only princess, my beautiful daughter, is getting married to prince Ace of Adrel's kingdom in order to expand our wealth and name in other kingdoms threatening for wars because as we all know that Adrel's kingdom is known for victory in wars. So in respect to our tradition our princess will be handed over to her husband family after receiving her parents blessings!!! " The king said and a huge clamour followed.

The name of the rumoured beast was heard and recognized, I guess they were thinking I would be getting married to a wealthy and well known prince.

' But why would father keep them in the dark?' I wondered.

I knew of the tradition but I don't know of the reason behind the ridiculous tradition which I find archaic.

Why won't my husband attend my marriage ceremony when he's still alive?"

However, someone interrupted my unending thought with a question

"Isn't prince Ace the prince rumoured to be a beast?" A man, a citizen asked, amongst the congregation of the less privileged and my lips curved to a smile.

Finally, someone who would question my father's decision.

However, my father frowned at his outburst and displeasing sight.

"If the king of this kingdom gives his precious daughter to the prince of Adrel kingdom to protect you, who are you to question that order, you obnoxious fool !" He spat hatefully and the man bowed apologetically.

"I'm sorry your highness" the man apologized and he scoffed.

" Do not let this impecunious man ruin this blissful moment, you may go ahead with the tradition as we are solely behind you" One of the important guest, a royal I guess, spoke sonorously to calm my father's nerves.

I secretly clenched my fists as I stared hatefully at the callous being who basically insulted a citizen of my kingdom in the presence of my father, the king, just because he's of a higher status than him.

The king faced me and reached his hands for my head and I bowed to receive his blessing.

Finally, he blessed me with my mother by his side.

A guard came to announce that the chariot was ready and loud cheer filled the large room. I waved royally to the people and said my goodbyes to my parents and only brother, Prince Albert the third.

Well, my father's name was king Albert, so was his father. It was been a rule in the kingdom that the male offspring would bear the father's name honourably.

Asides that, my brother had a striking resemblance with my father but his character, I'm proud to say, extremely different from his. He would make a good king, that I'm sure of.

I could also tell he was controlling his emotions as we hugged.

My footsteps was graced royally with petals of flowers showered on my head as I walked with other guards to where the chariot was, I could see my mother and elder brother teary eyed and I gave them a reassuring smile that everything would be alright, however, I was scared deeply for my welfare.

"Bye mother" I whispered silently as I entered the chariot.

I gave a final glance at the palace and sighed deeply.

I'm finally leaving my home to meet with a man, a stranger as my husband.

"Yahhh" I could hear the charioteer yell, interrupting my distressing thoughts.

The horse quickly moved in a quick speed towards the road leading to Adrel's kingdom.

Chapter 2 - His demons


It was a three hours ride to Adrel's kingdom, and I thought it would take days, I was the adventurous type of woman, who was extremely sneaky and mischievous whenever I'm punished for wandering about.

However, I can't properly characterize this intolerable torture of hunger during this short journey as an adventure. I felt like crying, I didn't have anything to eat at the palace because I had to maintain my tummy strap.

I wonder if it was under my father or mother's commandment, not to carry along, food items for this journey. I shouldn't be looking like a starving beast in front of the guests.

Thankfully, we arrived at the designated palace and I must commend of it's attribute. It was beautiful compared to the kingdom I came from. For a moment, I had doubts of the rumours circulating as a kingdom known for unvanquished wars because it was extremely filled with peaceful people.

" So why would


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