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In a town that is located next to a forest inhabited by supernatural creatures who are tired of humans killing their habitat, they make a pact with beings of darkness to kill them. And Luisa, a young girl with a hidden power, is the key to achieving their goal. This causes her lover Luis to become a warrior of a secret league of vigilantes called the Guardians of Light to protect her and save humanity. But fate places a third man who also plays to conquer his love and defeat the enemies, Can the Guardians of Light protect Luisa and save the world from the supernatural threat? Find out in this exciting story full of action, magic, and romance.

Chapter 1; DRY WAVES

“Those were ancient and dark times, at the dawn of the world, when nothing was as it is now and other kinds of beings populated our forests.”

“But my lord, how old can the history be if there was no observer to tell it?”

“Perhaps it is true; however, sometimes knowledge is captured in the landscape or even in the wind itself.”

“Another problem is that past civilizations did not have as good a way of preserving knowledge as we do now.”

“Mike, The problem is that we always think we are the center of the universe; maybe there have been more advanced people and our scientists have copied them; that's why they don't say invent. But discover that, just like our civilization that is based on oil can collapse when it runs out, some mega-people could have been erased from the face of existence by exhausting their resources, leaving only arid land as a vestige.”

“I still don't understand you, old Richard; what does that have to do with the fact that my beloved went off with a mobster and that she is pregnant, maybe by me?”

“I understand your discomfort, my dear Mike. I don't want you to think that I'm making fun of you, I just don't want to bother him. But this story, which reached my ears like a rhythmic knocking, has something to do with yours, and it can be of help to you.”

“Well, I'll make you a deal; you tell it while I uncork these bottles of drink in my belly, to see if first these or your words are finished.”

“I'll make you a deal, but I'll also help you get rid of these beggars. Cheers!”

“All for her, all for the most beautiful, all for the bottle, all for the best, all for love!”

“The story is centered in a small town where the old customs were so ingrained that they were already unquestionable; precisely for this reason, the two protagonists of this story had a hard time. Although their love seemed to be a raging hurricane sweeping away any impediment to it, it was soon demolished by injustices and dogmas. And even more serious, some very dark things that, fortunately, are now extinct, have only a slight presence in myths and legends. Others are distorted; perhaps there are still some of these creatures camouflaged in the real world; perhaps they themselves are the ones who were responsible for romanticizing their races or making them perish into oblivion. However, our couple, with little in their favor and much against them, in the end achieved their goal, perhaps not in the best possible way, but, well, not all endings can be happy. Moreover, we do not know if the “and they lived happily ever after” of the fairy tales is real to what extent or if it was just a cut to avoid including what would come later. Perhaps the prince became a wolf king who took a thousand consorts, and perhaps the princess became a bitter witch because she discovered that she did not fall in love with the man but with the crown. Perhaps the stories do not end, but they can become jokes. So to the rhythm of drums that sang empty melodies On a moonless night, with lightning, rain, and a noisy wind that hit the houses like waves on the beach. Young Luis met the beautiful Luisa; even by name, they seemed predestined to be together; they were like two magnets that were attracted to each other. The young Luis, with light brown hair, was almost blond, a little taller than those of that village, and with well-developed senses like his hatred, with which he could hear the soft cries of her asking for help. Because the squall had raged in the house where she lived with her parents and her four siblings. I know it will be hard to believe that a windstorm damages a house. But her father made a hut with some cans and wood that he found around, giving them the status of temporary, which he never changed for bricks but for drunkenness. With all the money he spent on his vices, he could have bought a mansion on the beach. Well, let's resume. He heard her screams for help, which caused him to run without thinking to help her like any good gentleman. Finding that gloomy scene where she struggled unsuccessfully trying to lift some debris from where other screams and cries came out as if the old cans had come to life. He ran without asking, helped her lift the debris, and discovered that it did not weigh much. And therefore, this tender girl did not possess any strength, and more importantly, under the ruins were some bodies struggling desperately to survive except for the two largest ones, who seemed to be sleeping soundly. He got them out of there; the most complicated thing was to wake up the parents, who, when they exhaled consciousness, released an anesthetic mist, proving my theory of their unbridled and outrageous spending for a legalized and vainglorious evil. The mother, seeing this spectacle, screamed like crazy, and the father almost hit Luis, believing that he was the architect of his tragedy. But at the same time that Luisa tried to calm her parents by explaining to them the situation, Luis heard how, from the forest, something very big was approaching very strongly, knocking down trees; however, no footsteps could be heard.”

“Maybe it is an avalanche.” He thought anxiously, which led him to make a massive effort to get them out of there. Guiding them to his house to serve as a shelter for the night. But another thought came to him: suddenly his father would be moved to let them in, since he was angry with Luisa's parents for their vulgar behavior, for living from fight to fight, and for their profuse blasphemous lexicon. He thought they even invented words to insult their neighbors. While he was thinking about this, he was startled by what approached. Something brought down what was left of the rancho. Catching a glimpse of his eagerness to evacuate the area and succeeding in his heroic act with that family. Although a shout from Luisa just added seasoning to the dark night environment, from the chest of the noble Luis, a jet of vital liquid gushed. Apparently, that wave, like a dry wave, reached him to hurt him with something that resembled a claw.


“Don't let the night break!” exclaimed a madman who was called Coffee Cup for having only one ear and who faithfully assumed that if he did not shout this throughout the neighborhood, the sky would collapse. Perhaps he was right because that night, when he was about to begin his task, an ex-insurgent insulted him for insisting on this absurdity, and without saying a word, a coffee cup gave him a jug. Similarly, the person who was pardoned but was not found innocent He thought of himself as more important than others, and despite the fact that he started first, he was unaffected by the town crier's actions. In retaliation for the action, he pulled out one of his guns and broke this “little savior of his world” forever. I hope he is caught and tried. That this crime does not go unpunished like those he committed when he was an official militant, covered by a false demobilization, which like many noble acts of the government concealed some dark economic motives. I now resembl


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