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Abnormal Collector

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Star sea roaming, time and space travel, mechanical technology, the goal is the unknown sea of stars. Li Fan, who wanted to quit his job on the first day of work, suddenly realized that he turned out to be the number two villain of this world. "I'll just eat and wait for death to stay up until retirement, okay?" "Mr. Collector, the brothers all support you to be the president, let's go against it."

Chapter 1 Ready to Quit on Your First Day on the Job

Resignation report

Dear Bureau Chief:

Today is the first day of official employment, I am very happy that I formally resigned from the bureau at this time.

Entering the unit for initial training has also been six months, in the six months, and did not get the bureau what help, every day to work like a tomb, a Monday on the heart.

Here I harvested the cumbersome approval process, harvested the omnipresent bureaucracy, is not harvested much salary.

I really don't want to waste my life in a job I'm not suited for, and I'd like to change the environment and see some poetry and faraway places.

Love whoever you want.

Of course, not because the unit's salary is low, not because the working environment is dangerous, and not because the formal entry into the job transferred me to the logistical support department.

It's sad to leave the Bureau of Anomalies, sad to leave the bureaucratic nepotism of the leaders, sad to leave the pats on the back of my coworkers.

I'm glad I can't contribute to the leaders' brilliant tomorrow.

In addition, it is recommended that in the future to the young people to draw a big cake, do not use "leadership are in the eyes of" this kind of rhetoric.

Over time, it is easy to give everyone the illusion that the leaders have cataracts.


Resignation: Li Fan

Resignation: Li Fan

Put the pen down, Li Fan gently flicked the resignation letter just finished writing, showing a relieved smile.

In passing, he threw the notice of "Training Classification E, Spiritual Power Level E, Assignment as a Trainee Investigator in the Anatomy Division of the Support Center" in the trash can.

It had been more than a month since he was reborn in this world.

He, an antique dealer in his previous life, crossed over into a trainee investigator of the Southwest Branch of the Anomaly Bureau.

He hadn't yet inherited the other's memories and went straight into training.

After more than a month of closed training, the entire person was confused, and in the end, he was directly set at the lowest rank and assigned to the worst department.

If it was not that he was not allowed to come out during the closed training, and also in order to find out what the condition of this predecessor of his was in the end, he would have already resigned.

Today is the first day of the end of the training to officially start work, but also the day he completely resigned.

It is really not suitable for this kind of life that is frightening every day and having nightmares from nine to five.

There is the establishment also do not want.

Putting the resignation report into an envelope and folding it, Li Fan walked out of the apartment dormitory and walked towards the office building with a relaxed pace.

The welcome meeting for the newcomers of the whole bureau was about to be held in the auditorium, and the electronic banner of the meeting could already be seen from afar.

There were also some warning signs in the courtyard, such as:

"Report as soon as your heart is empty! Alert the Cleansing Association!"

"Those with spotless hearts are often not human!"

"The calmer you are inside, the further away from humanity you are!"

Coming to the office building and stuffing the resignation report into the director's mailbox, Li Fan felt the big stone in his heart fall completely.

Everything here next had nothing to do with him, and he would be completely free in the future.

Then turned to go to the unit restaurant to eat breakfast.

Entering the restaurant, it was already bustling with people.

Although a few days ago everyone was still training together, but today after the division of departments and positions, the people eating in the restaurant have been divided into distinct groups.

Near the windows, the most open and comfortable, were those who had entered the first-line investigation department and had the most hope of becoming Awakened.

These people wore straight uniforms, their voices were loud, their eyes were bright, they talked to each other, and from time to time they let out loud laughter, although there were not many people, their voices covered the entire restaurant.

There were a few who were originally familiar with Li Fan, when they saw Li Fan they just glanced at him as if they didn't recognize him at all.

The class was just drawn out.

Then there was the middle area, where all the members of the political and industrial departments who had a bureaucratic look on their faces were seated, although their spiritual power was not up to the standard of Awakened Ones, they were the real power departments.

Lastly, there was the area near the edge corners.

Here were all the people who were assigned to the support center, probably trainee investigators for the rest of their lives, low rank, low salary, low treatment, three low personnel.

These trainee investigators in the support center were also eating in a low key, not much noise.

A bunch of defeated dogs.

"Brother Fan, here, here!" A voice came.

Li Fan, who had just punched a serving of doughnut and soybean milk, followed the voice and saw Zhao Lei waving at him from the dining area of the support center with a gleeful face.

Li Fan carried his dinner plate over and sat down, and Zhao Lei couldn't wait to start gossiping:

"Brother Fan, which department did you get assigned to? I was assigned to the Support Center Equipment Division, it is said that Zhao Ya Qing was assigned to the second group of the third brigade of the Investigation Department, hey, I didn't expect her to be that good, I don't know if I'll see her again when she comes to receive her equipment."

Li Fan ate a piece of curd and said, "I was assigned to the Anatomy Division."

Zhao Lei almost sprayed out a mouthful of soymilk and choked and coughed violently.

The several colleagues next to him also pulled their plates back slightly and subconsciously moved away from Li Fan.

The Anatomy Department, that's not a good place, basically the worst department in the Bureau of Anomalies.

Every day they deal with those weird corpses, no hope for promotion, hard to get a raise, and the work is said to be extremely busy.

Moreover, it is said that people who stay with those corpses for a long time are prone to perversion and go crazy.

Anatomy Division attrition is rare, usually suicides, can not collect a few people each year, so rarely hear who went over.

Next to a few coworkers who originally still felt the same illness looked at Li Fan with a little superiority in their gaze.

The defeated dog of defeated dogs.

"Brother Fan, how many points did you score on this? But the Anatomy Division is nothing, at least ...... least it is peaceful." Zhao Lei was a little unsure of how to comfort for a moment.

Around a few people have also spoken to comfort, what the starting point is not the end, do a good job leadership are in the eyes and so on said a bunch of words.

Li Fan did not care, after all, his resignation report was submitted.

On the TV on the wall, the new issue of "Abnormal Briefing" had already started to play.

"A mass abnormal infection has occurred in Maple Leaf Valley City, the Northeast Branch of the Anomaly Bureau is dealing with it swiftly. ......"

"The Phantom Party attacked a Mexican military and police convoy, resulting in 131 casualties. ......"

"The North American Bureau of Soul Suppression has discovered nearly 100 Indian undead churchyards and is struggling to suppress them ......"

"Thirty-five days ago, 'The Collector', one of the Twelve Knights of the Cleansing Society, raided the Bangkok General Assembly of the Southeast Asian Adventist Church, killing thirty-five séance masters on the spot, including seven abnormally possessed Grand Séance Masters with their heads intact ...... "

Li Fan whistled.

The Cleansing Association is worthy of being the largest Awakened criminal organization, it is really too evil, no, I should say that the "Collector" is too evil.

Thirty-five Spirit Séance Masters are thirty-five Awakened, no dregs left, what a concept!

Worthy of a fierce reputation, in the Awakened's most wanted list of the top few characters, it is said that he has been assassinated by the president of the South American and African countries there are seven.

It's a good thing that after he resigned and settled down to be an antique dealer, it's unlikely that he'll ever meet a collector in his life.

Across the street, a man who also belongs to the Equipment Division whispered:

"I heard that this collector is quite principled, never strikes at civilians, the targets are all Awakened or dignitaries ...... Who do you think is powerful between our director and the collector?"

The Director he was talking about was Zhao Yifeng, the Director of the Southwest Branch of the Anomaly Bureau.

Zhao Lei similarly whispered:

"That goes without saying, Director Zhao Yifeng is a top-tier Awakened, and his rating is rumored to be up to A. I estimate that the Collector would need at least three rounds to kill him, right?"

A handsome-looking young girl next to him covered her mouth and laughed:

"You're also too detrimental, can't our Collector surrender? I've heard that the Collector is super handsome, but no one has seen his true face ......"

Zhao Lei said, "Paradox paradox, since no one has seen him, how do you know he's handsome? Hey, this cleaning association strength expansion a little too much ...... you say right Fan brother?"

Li Fan shook his head and said, "The collector is a bit too strong, and it's not a good thing for the Cleaning Association to have a high meritocracy."

At this time, the words "Awakened Criminals Wanted List" appeared on the TV, followed by the top ten Awakened Criminals, and the first one was the Collector who only had a silhouette!

"Crap, the Collector's ranking has risen again! It's soared to number one!"

"It seems like even the Advent Society has issued a wanted notice for him, and both black and white are out in force."

"Is the Cleansing Association so honorable? Any random one inside the Twelve Horsemen is so strong ......"

Amidst a sea of exclamations, Li Fan finished breakfast, said hello to Zhao Lei, returned to the dormitory, and began to pack his bags.

The welcome meeting for newcomers was still ten minutes away, but he was too lazy to attend.

Anyway, he had already resigned, so there was no point in exchanging false pleasantries with people.

After packing for a while, the phone suddenly rang, it was from the communication room at the entrance.

"Li Fan, your parents have come to visit you, and according to the regulations, you must be picked up and taken in by the insiders themselves."

Li Fan couldn't help but stare, his gaze all softened as he looked towards a photo frame placed on the table.

In the photo frame was a group photo of a family of three, and unlike his previous life, he had his own parents and family in this life.

Although he didn't inherit the memories, just by looking at the slightly serious father and the mother with kind brows in the group photo, he could tell that this was a cozy family.

He had only spoken on the phone before, he hadn't really met his parents yet, and he hadn't communicated about his resignation, so he hoped they would understand.

Gathering up his mood, Li Fan received his parents in the communication room.

"Little Fan, did you not eat properly again recently? How come you've lost weight?" His mother, who was wearing a long floral dress, said heartily, "Quickly take your father and I to the dormitory to take a look and bring you a bunch of delicious food."

"This kid looks like he's got some energy, looks like he did well during the training." The father smiled and patted Li Fan's shoulder in satisfaction, "Grown up ......"

Li Fan's heart warmed, in this life, he was no longer alone.

"Dad, mom, let's go to the dormitory." Li Fan said with a smile as he received the heavy traveling package.

The two of them had a trolley case in their hands and a large backpack, and had brought quite a lot of things with them.

One could even faintly smell the flavor of bacon and sausage.

Walking with a brisk pace and leading his parents through the Abnormalities Bureau's compound, Li Fan's heart settled down a lot.

The feeling of having a family was really good.

Even for the sake of his family, he should resign, leave the Anomaly Bureau, and live the life of a peaceful ordinary person.

It was just that he didn't know if the two old men would care about the establishment.

Li Fan decided to properly explain his decision to his parents when he arrived at the dormitory, hoping that they would understand.

"Today the bureau is having an entry orientation meeting, everyone is in the auditorium." Li Fan said with a smile.

The parents looked at each other, still smiling and didn't say anything.

Only occasionally lamenting the fact that there wasn't even a guard in the compound.

Soon arriving at the dormitory, Li Fan opened the door and put down his salute, and was about to pour water for his parents, but he didn't expect the expression of his originally smiling parents to be instantly serious.

Could it be that they had found out about their resignation?

The two men closed the door and stood respectfully in front of Li Fan.

Looking at their expressions, they were surprisingly very fearful of Li Fan, while there was a fervor in their eyes.

While Li Fan was puzzled, the two suddenly raised their hands above their heads in unison and saluted Li Fan while chanting in a low voice:

"The souls of mankind will be purified in the end, the filthy earthly world will be cleansed in the end, and the Lord of the Abyss will come in the end!"

Immediately afterward, the father bowed his head to Li Fan and said in a deep voice:

"Reporting to Team Leader, the first phase of the Cuckoo Plan has been set up, the spirit bombs at all 323 locations of the Southwest Branch of the Anomaly Bureau have been set up, and once activated, they will destroy sixty percent of the operational power of the Southwest Branch of the Anomaly Bureau in a short period of time, while releasing locally-housed anomalies to cause a large area of infection. The Cuckoo Squad's infiltrators are all on standby, ready to launch a general attack at any time."

Mother then stepped forward and respectfully dropped her hands:

"May I ask if the first phase of the plan should be activated immediately? With just one explosion, all the investigators will be purified, this is truly a flawless plan, please accept the praise of my subordinates, may the earthly world be cleansed and may the Lord of the Abyss descend."

"Also, your weaponry is ready ......"

A large suitcase was opened, revealing human heads hanging in several rows inside, each one embalmed and air-dried and shrunk to the size of a palm.

Some of them also had brilliantly tattooed faces, and were clearly those Adventist séances seen on TV today!

The faces of the father and the mother were filled with pleasing and excited smiles, and they said in unison:

"...... Defend your order with your life ......"

"...... Honorable Lord Collector!"

Chapter 2 Everyone Is Scared

Li Fan's smile froze on his face, and a huge wave had already risen in his heart!

I am the Collector of the Cleaning Association!

These two cheap parents are all in disguise!

Where's my peaceful life of love and filial piety? It's all gone!

When his parents chanted those words of the Cleaning Association at the same time, Li Fan thought that the two were joking about something.

Upon seeing those dried up heads in the box, he had completely realized what kind of situation he had gotten himself into.

It was absurd and real.

He had actually traveled to the Collector of the Undercover Anomaly Bureau!

That was a ferocious figure that ranked number one on the Awakened Criminals Wanted List!

But he didn't know anything! Not only did he not inherit any memories, but the other party's powerful abilities were also


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