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A qualified superhero

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Until the explosion, Audrey didn't know the answer to that question. She lives in a war-torn, dark and chaotic world where she lives in a laboratory with Kryptonians and has never seen the sun. Until someone rescues them and tells them that this universe is a mistake, known as the "flash point." So, in order to restart everything that went wrong, Audrey died at dawn. Her mind is scattered across the universe. She saw the tears of the blue-uniformed figure falling on the ashes, the black bat falling in the middle of the battlefield, the red lightning taking a letter and running furiously, and the universe flashing with dazzling light. Everything is successfully restarted, and Audrey opens her eyes again to find that she still has memories of the universe. She was born again. What makes a superhero? Is it a mighty force, a righteous determination, a like-minded partner or a fatalistic enemy? Audrey already knows the answer. She wanted to reverse all that she had been powerless to change, to fly freely in the sky, to run to the sun in the warm day.

Chapter 1 Reboot

Audrey awoke to a cold touch.

Something moved in her face, and she could feel her neck and limbs trapped in a device.

She opened her eyes.

In front of her was a young man wearing a mask and a white coat, mumbling a pungent ointment on her forehead and temples.

Electrodes were attached to her head, chest and limbs, connected to instruments of unknown purpose, and there were a lot of people in white coats working nearby.

Where is this?

Audrey's still reeling from the nothingness. A flood of memories washed through her mind, washing time into pieces.

She blinked slowly and blinked again.

Then the moving, tangled images froze: She held Carl's slender wrist as she had done so many nights and nights.

They stand on the mountaintop, waiting for that future - they look expectantly up to the sky, waiting for the universe to be restarted by some light, and everything will be right.

But as the light faded, Carl's eyes, which had grown so large because of his thinness, suddenly showed something other than anticipation and anxiety.

Her childhood friend and companion in Superman's uniform held her hand tightly in the wind and asked anxiously, "Will I forget you when the universe resets, Liz?"

What did she answer?

"But I'll forget you, too. But in that universe, we'll meet again."

She lied. The universe is too big, life is too big... They may never meet again. But she didn't want to forget Carl.

The moment the universe rebooted passed, and she woke up here.

The experimenter who applied the ointment to her saw her eyes flicker a few times, and finally slowly opened, and inside were two bright red pupils. They were not the eyes of a living person, but like pools of pure blood.

And the bright red eyes looked straight at him, and in the reflection of those cold, calm eyes he muttered with some tension, "My God, you have red eyes..."

Then, without hesitation, he turned, dropped the ointment and electrodes, and ran toward the long, lean, red-haired figure who stood out from the crowd.

"Dr. Lawrence! A063 Consciousness appears! We are now entering the stage of individual recovery!"

"So soon? Reconfirm the dose of the sedative." The doctor turned and strode to the lab room with casual instructions.

Her blue eyes were sharp and deep, but reflected a strangely gentle halo behind the heavy frames. This Dr. Lawrence is clearly a beauty who still has charm, and the white coat doesn't hurt her charm.

Audrey looked up and made no effort to conceal her observation. The Doctor stood in front of Audrey, gave her a soothing pat on the shoulder, and said gently, "Calm down, calm down, don't hurt yourself, okay? What's your name?"

She waved to them to go on with their work and turned her head patiently for Audrey to answer. Audrey opened her mouth and paused. Her voice was hoarse and deep, as if she hadn't spoken in years. "Audrey Lewis."

"Well, thank you for telling me," said the Doctor. "If you don't mind, may I call you Audrey?"

She took the pad from the others, nimbly clipped a piece of white paper, and as she wrote a few lines, she said kindly to Audrey, "Relax... Do you remember what happened?"

Audrey shook her head and nodded again.

Unconcerned, the doctor continued, "About 72 hours ago, you were struck by ball lightning, and for a time, your life was in danger. The hospital couldn't handle your condition, so we took you over. I'm Dr. Lawrence, director of the laboratory at the NRC, a research institute under the National Center for Unconventional Biological Change and Intelligence Research."

“NRC…… I haven't heard of it." Audrey said quietly. Her expression was dazed and helpless, and her golden lashes fell pitifully over her perversely colored eyes. It made her look miserable and wronged, for in spite of the appearance of a mature woman, her manner so naturally exuded the softness of a little girl.

The doctor could not help but soften her face, she smiled placidly and said kindly: "Don't worry, your health is very good." It's just, there seems to be something happening to you that we don't understand yet. For the sake of your health, you may need to stay with us for a while and cooperate with our tests. I hope you don't mind."

Audrey's expression looked so fragile and soft that it radiated a kind of haunted panic and trance. She repeated Dr. Lawrence's words in a whisper, and, looking up as though she still could not look the Doctor in the eye, simply asked in a low voice: "How long shall I stay here? I have a job..."

The doctor waited patiently for her to return and smiled, "It won't be long, as soon as we can check the specific changes in your body..." Do you work for NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research)?"

Audrey frowned. The poor frightened beauty seemed to think with some distress, and gently shook her head: "It is Dawn Atmospheric Laboratory." I'm the chief engineer of the laboratory's program on atmospheric turbulence and thunderstorms... That's why the accident happened."

Dr. Lawrence raised an eyebrow, jotted it down on the page, and made a joke. "Guess I should call you Dr. Lewis? God, you look so young! Are you 25 years old?"

Audrey just lowered her eyes and smiled. She didn't make small talk. But the doctor was not displeased, but gently folded up the pad and said, "We will arrange the work for you, don't worry." Get some rest. You can't leave this pod yet. See you tomorrow."

Audrey gave a faint smile and nodded as Dr. Lawrence left.

The door was closed, the light in the hallway outside the lab was dimming, and the lights in the lab were dimming. Several experimenters were busy packing up their equipment.

For a moment the world was quiet, no one said anything, no one gave Audrey a second glance. One of the experimenters came along and restarted the module. Fluid began to pour into the cabin, and the restraints on Audrey began to loosen.

Right now.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the laboratory, which shattered numerous glassware and lamp tubes. The lab was suddenly dark except for the faint green light that stuck in the corner when the emergency light came on.

'What? 'What's the matter?

These exclamations were joined by a gnawing squeak. Audrey deftly pulled herself out of the pod and stood barefoot on the ground, tearing the shackles off her body like a piece of ribbon and crumpling them up.

The lab exploded behind her, splinters flying around with the hypnotic fluid, adding a few painful cries to the screams.

"Always. It happens every time." In the darkness, the voice that had been helpless, poor, hoarse and light, but now it was steady and clear, "Laboratory." The Institute. And Pat Lawrence."

The alarm went off and the backup lighting went back on. In the panic and confusion of the crowd, Audrey flew.

Her posture is so calm, not at all crazy or nervous, as if this ability is her innate ability, and the experimenter can guarantee that she won't get the super power for more than 72 hours! Not to mention the fact that they were convinced that for 70 of those 72 hours she was unconscious... So what happened then? !

"Don't stop me." She said condescendingly, "I'm not going to kill you."

Audrey just announced it. She did not wait for any response, and flew away like an arrow from a string.

She crashes through walls and lifts doors, seemingly with the same incredible power as Metropolis's Man of steel. She destroyed the lab all the way until someone stopped her.

Dr. Lawrence, who had just left, hurried over and cried out in surprise, "Audrey! What's wrong with you? What are you doing?"

"Call me Lewis." Audrey's face was no longer that fragile and confused emotion, on the contrary, she now looked surprisingly calm, "Pat Lawrence, your lies must have deceived a lot of people like me... What have you done to them?"

When the doctor's face changes, he speaks. But Audrey didn't give her the chance -- she waved the hard drive and a folder at Lawrence.

"In fact, don't keep trying to con me." Audrey smiled a little, but it was as quick as a cloud on the horizon. "I'm sure this is enough for you to go to jail... Don't worry, I'll make sure of that."

The moment he saw the hard drive, Dr. Lawrence's face changed. She stepped forward unconsciously, as if to retrieve them, but Audrey dodged the movement lightly.

Floating in midair, she looked down at Dr. Lawrence's ugly face and said coldly, "Where are the other people you brought as experiments?"

Dr. Lawrence's expression was strangely twisted, and she could not tell whether she was angry or mad. Her eyes were hidden behind her lenses, and her voice trembled slightly as she spoke. "Audrey, I think you have misunderstood something. We are a government agency, and we don't do the evil you think we do..."

Audrey blinked and spoke as if she wanted to say something.

But the next moment, the piercing noise of a bullet through the air and the clatter of a trigger are suddenly heard, and Dr. Lawrence, with an unnatural dexterity, swerve backward to avoid range, while Shouting, "Gather fire!"

The volleys of gunfire rained bullets down on Audrey floating in the middle of the room, and the density of the barrage left little doubt that the beautiful blond figure would be torn to shreds in the next second. She floated in the same place without moving, so quietly that one would almost think she had begun to wait for the end in despair

Then a strange scene emerged. The bullets touched the surface of Audrey's skin like hot iron thrown into water, causing a white blast of air, then spinning, losing momentum and clattering to the ground.

Audrey reached down to catch a bullet sliding down her bangs that would have pierced her skull without the gas. She held the bullet in her palm and studied it for a moment, then whispered, "Not nearly enough."

The next minute, the wind blew. Before Dr. Lawrence's unconscious defense was complete, a cold hand had clamped loosely around her neck. Sensing the power of those soft fingers, Lawrence smiled wryly and threw up his hands to show that he gave up resistance.

As Audrey twisted the steel restraints into a pair of handcuffs and bound Lawrence, the Doctor still tried to say, "I swear this is a mistake..."

Audrey replied, "We'll find out."

The Doctor in charge had surrendered, and the others naturally fled. Audrey did not block the entrance to the facility, nor did she care that the researchers were trying to escape.

Slightly fretfully, she opened the rooms again and again, bringing the victims together and reassuring them that salvation was imminent.

The beautiful woman who had strayed into this place seemed to know every structure of the facility, hardly hesitating a moment along the way, and she was so familiar with the process of soothing them that it seemed as if she had done it more than once.

After releasing all the subjects, she dragged Dr. Lawrence out the door. The subjects supported each other, watching the blond figure in the same lab gown standing barefoot on the ground, holding his breath in the direction of the lab.

Fire is burning in the sky! The explosion followed and continued. Wind and flame with the endless anger of the righteous burning, vowed to devour the past endless SINS.

In the midst of the flames, Audrey looked back at Dr. Lawrence, who had fallen into a cold silence over the burning institute, and said softly, "Now it's not a misunderstanding, do you think?"

There was a hatred in Dr. Lawrence's voice that was subdued with joy, and the words that came out were slow, and each word was blown away by the hot wind of the fire: "How dare you destroy my laboratory..."

"Yes. Maybe I should say I'm sorry? Both L-X LABS and the NRC will soon be gone. I promise." Audrey answered every word carefully, even with her lips raised into a small smile.

"You know me." Dr. Lawrence turned his head. "I didn't tell you the name, and you have no chance of knowing my lab... Who the hell are you?"

"As you see." Audrey said, "I'm just Audrey Lewis."

Chapter 2 At this moment

Clark Kent crumpled up a sandwich wrapper in his hand and accurately threw it into a dumpster a few metres away, drawing whistles and cheers from several teenage skateboarders passing by. He pushed his glasses shyly, smiled sheepishly, and walked quickly across the street.

aka Superman, a prominent reporter for the Daily Planet, scowled and sighed as he looked in the direction of the nearby police station.

It was definitely an unusual day.

At dawn, when Clark used to be asleep, some distinct sound broke through his neglect and woke him up.

The sounds of burning, explosions, sirens and fire trucks rushing through the streets, as well as the cries and sobs of people, were a clear sign that a disaster was unfolding. Superman quickly changes into his uniform and, listening carefully, realizes that the sounds are coming from an unexpected direction: the outskirts of town.

Superman flew quickly up into the clouds, carrying the light of dawn through the layers


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