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A Devil's Love

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“Are you mad?” Angel was yelling at the guy who came inside the ladies’ restroom without any shame. But Sandy Augustine stood there hypnotised towards the new girl he just met. He could feel his heart rate and he was not even sure if he had a heart till now. Who the hell is she? How the hell can she attract the real demon just like that? Sandy Augustine, the real Demon, who has to rule the hell, was now in front of Angel who was nothing but a bundle of problems. “Out.” Sandy snarled at her, not wanting to get attracted to any human which would be a complete nuisance for sure. But what he doesn't know is that he has already started walking towards the path that will unlock many secrets, many hidden stories, and many twists. Will he be able to stay away from her to not get involved in any messes? #######Angel Taylor####### You can't always choose what happens to you But You can decide what you will do now. Losing her life was not on her list. But she was given another chance. She is now reincarnated with the same name and same fate. Angel was soft, innocent, naive, and everything that can melt their hearts into puddles. But in this birth, she is anything but soft. A complicated girl who will bring more problems everyday. A small trigger is all needed for her to have a glimpse of her painful past life. Will she try to open all the secret boxes and solve her mystery? Or will she just grab the present life's luxury and live her life happily? #####Sandy Augustine##### Choosing this path has never been easy for Sandy. With the hope of taking his revenge, he endured everything. But that's what he is designed to remember. The important segment of his life has vanished from his memory and he has no clue about it. They are destined to meet each other but will the deity give them a chance? Devil's love:- a journey of finding light by Embracing the darkness

Chapter 1: Prologue

The first angel created by God was Lucifer. In due course, he became the ruler of hell. He had a history of defying God's desires and facing punishment, among other things.

Everything was going according to God's plan until Lucifer made the decision to depart from Hell. He began living among humans and developed feelings for a human girl. Despite numerous warnings, he chose not to return. The consequences of his actions have both blessed and cursed his family lineage.

It was the 12th century, exactly 800+ years ago, when a powerful cry echoed through the hall, startling those present there. The cry of a small baby would not normally be this loud. The voice instilled fear, and they instantly knew that this child in the Lucifer Family History was not ordinary.

King Frank Augustine gestured to the soldiers to evacuate the area as he anxiously awaited the sight of his child. He did not want anyone to discover the secrets of their family.

"Congratulations. It's a boy," the lady who assisted in the delivery spoke with a shy smile as she handed the newborn wrapped in a white cloth to Frank.

"He is not breathing," Frank began to hyperventilate upon seeing his lifeless child. He could not bear to lose his firstborn.

Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Summon Him," Frank screamed at the top of his lungs as his men went to fetch the old man to attend to his son. Frank gently touched the baby's head and prayed hard.

The old man touched the baby's heart and smiled faintly.

"He is alive. He was controlling his breath until now." The old man's words did not bring solace to Frank. He longed to see his son healthy and well.

"The firstborn of your family has always been bestowed with the powers of Lucifer. But this boy..." The old man paused as he pressed a certain point on the baby's heart, causing him to suddenly take a breath.

"This boy is gifted with Lucifer's powers and Lucifer's fate." Upon hearing this, Frank was frozen in place. He had never fathomed such a thing could occur.

"Is it a gift?" Frank asked, taken aback by this new revelation.

"It is both a blessing and a curse," the elderly man murmured apologetically.

"He possesses the ability to alter it, but he must be willing to sacrifice something dear to him. The decision will be entirely his own." The old man's words did not bring solace to Frank. He gazed at his child's innocent face, yearning for a miracle to occur so that he could change his son's destiny.

"He holds the power to shape his own fate." Frank sighed wearily upon hearing these words.

"Similar to the true Lucifer, his life's path also depends on a girl." The old man departed, feeling as though he had divulge more information than necessary.

Frank now has a new objective - to find the girl before his son does. If she is his son's bride, she will possess something special, a unique fortune. Frank resolves to do everything in his power to alter his son's fate.

But is it really that simple?

He named his son Sandy Augustine.


Thirty years later,

Sandy tightly gripped his blood-stained sword.

"Whether it is a gift or a curse, it comes from God. You must not misuse them." The voice caused him to halt in his tracks.

God? Seriously?

"Evildoers are always punished. Do not become a sinner." Sandy Augustine stood there, listening to the words from the heavens as if someone was preventing him from engaging in any forbidden actions.

"Evildoers are punished. However, I cannot wait for your God to punish them. I will be the one to exact their punishment." Sandy screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Her beautiful smile was all he could think of. Her innocent eyes were all he could envision. But now, it is all gone. She was no longer here.

The people responsible for her demise would be punished by the devil himself.

Sandy set the entire palace ablaze, yet he could not derive even a fraction of satisfaction from hearing their cries within those walls. It paled in comparison to the droplets of blood she had shed.

Choosing this path was not an easy decision for him. However, the hatred in his heart possessed far greater power than his desire for peace.

He knew all too well that angering a deity meant embracing a wretched existence. Yet, he remained unaware of God's plan.

"You shall endure in this realm indefinitely. Death shall not befall you. However..." The elderly gentleman, who had arrived to deliver a message to Sandy, paused momentarily as Sandy stood there, utterly perplexed by what could possibly be worse than what had just been uttered. Undoubtedly, an eternal existence is a true curse. But what could possibly be the most severe form of punishment for this?

"But you shall be stripped of all recollection of HER. You shall not retain any memory associated with HER." As soon as the old man concluded his statement, Sandy felt an intense pain gripping his chest. Living an immortal life may not pose much

You sent

Living an immortal life may not pose much difficulty for him, but the prospect of forgetting her is undeniably agonizing.

Before Sandy could utter a single word or pose a question, he succumbed to unconsciousness...


A small poem

Autumn after spring

Sunrises in full swing

Everyone is waiting for Gifts of Santa Claus

He stood there with stiffened Jaws.

For long 835 years, none can soothe his pain

Can his wait not go in vain?

Summer after winter

Every year goes by glitter

Kids happily go to school

With a hope that one day they can rule

Youngsters dream high every day

For that once to achieve at least it's halfway

Amidst this, he stood there in the same place

Where he was left behind, with the same grace

Everyone beside him has gone away

Leaving him in the pit of darkness

At the end of the day

He is all alone with a heart full of vengeance

Living inside a young handsome body doesn't give him any peace,

For which his soul has aged for almost 835 with all traces.

He has no one beside him to lean upon

Enduring everything coming his way till every dawn.

Every human is scared of death

For once he thought to stop his breath

Can he be in peace for once

For that, the deity has decided to give him one chance.



Write to

Chapter 2 Crazy pals

“I will never forgive or forget this.” The girl heard his voice far away inside her head as blood oozed out from her mouth resulting in her coughing more.

“I love you, Sunny. I love” Her words left unsaid as her eyes closed finally to let her rest in peace. The pain from her body vanished away giving her a pleasure to die atlast. But the pain he is going through can never be measured by anyone.

“No” He screamed louder and louder as he could feel her soul flying away. Far away from him.

Will he be able to live without her?

Will he be able to move on?

The incomplete love story still held a chance. They will be blessed once more to write their journey. This time, it will be entirely their choice. Nothing can seperate them.


Year 2023:-

Running inside the deep forest, she was holding her breath. She is not ready to slow down her track.

"She must be somewhere here." she heard from a long distance. She wiped the sweat on h


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