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The Gift Summer Gave Me

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Spending the entire summer holidays at San Francisco with the man that abandoned her mum and her, seems like a death sentence to Cassidy Stewart. She is so sure that her first summer holidays as a first year student of University of California, Berkeley has been ruined, thanks to her mum's decision. In her words,'He is trying to make up for those times he wasn't there'. Seeing that her soft hearted mother has already booked her flights, even before she came back from school. She has no choice but to get on that plane all the way to San Francisco, give the old man the opportunity to make up for being an *ss and go back to Berkeley. To Cassidy this holiday is the worst holiday. There in San Francisco, the city she regrets coming to, she meets Kristen Jordan, the very soul that ignites the fire and passion she never believed existed in her, making her want to explore the gay side of her which she has long hidden. Wishing her holiday can be extended so she can be with this lovely woman who is more handsome than gorgeous. The summer holiday in San Francisco, which was hitherto a dead sentence, became the best thing to happen to her. Kristen Jordan, a famous fashion model whose heart has been toyed with and severely broken by the only woman she has ever fallen for, and has resolved never to love again, she resorted to hook ups instead. Closing her heart to love and attachments was pretty easy for three years, until she met Cassidy Stewart, the brown puppy eyes that captured her heart like a charm. Her smiles which catapulted her to the world of ecstasy, leaving her powerless and yearning for her. Will she be able to resist?


Lindokuhle Kiddo Mondleki

Review after half of the novel

Quite interesting and informative storyline. You just can't hate on Kristine's character. Falling inlove with her just by reading. Also loving the chemistry brewing between Jessie and Cara. Cara is yet to discover her gay side that she is not aware of. Can't wait till Kristine and Cassidy actually have a proper relationship and Taylor regrets ever breaking her heart. It would also be lovely to have a picture on how Cassidy's parents might take her coming out as gay to them. I have a feeling Mr Harper will be more understanding and accepting than her mother .

May 23, 2024

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