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Love and Peaches

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Nadine West, the 17-year-old timid lesbian who recently got her heart broken by her so-called girlfriend, Maxine Wright, decides to relocate with her family back to their former residence – Hills Street after an issue occurred at their new residence. And you know what that means – Nadine is back to that hellhole of a school – PEACHES HIGH. She meets her childhood friend once again, Jordan Barker, who holds a crush on her. But then, Maxine suddenly moves to Hills, and now, she wants Nadine back more than ever. Nadine has other plans though- To have a deal with Jordan in order to ruin Maxine's love life and even her career.


Nadine looked out the car window. One wouldn't even be able to figure out what she was thinking due to the blank expression on her face.

She kept her arm out of the window and placed her jaw against it. The car was driving fast on the smooth road.

Suddenly, a smile ran across her full lips.

"At last, Finally left that hellhole of a school" She thought.

To her, Peaches High was a load of trouble. She couldn't even befriend anyone there because they thought too high of themselves. They also bullied and intimated the junior ones.

Nadine was only 17.

However, she knew she was going to miss Jordan, her only friend who she grew up with her in that neighborhood, Hill Street.

On the other hand, Jordan wasn't so happy when he heard Nadine was going far away. She was relocating to another vicinity far away from Hills.

Nadine parents, Mr. and Mrs. West, finally finished building their new home, and they were going to move there.

The smile left Nadine's lips and she sighed. Another thought ran across her mind. Leaving Peaches High meant going to another high school.

"Oh fúck it" She cussed silently.


"Here we are!" Mr. West screeched happily, dragging some of the luggage he took out from the boot.

Natalie swept her dark hair back and looked at the duplex before her.

"Let's go in, Nadine" Her mum winked.

"Mum" Nadine whispered.

"Yes, baby bear"

"Will... will I be homeschooled?" She asked softly.

"Come on, baby bear. You were never homeschooled so why say this now? Why? You think you won't make friends here?"

"No, It's not that, actually. I just…I…never mind, Mum. Let's just go in" Natalie forced a smile.

Her mother nodded and they both walked in with bags in their hands.


"This is my daughter, Nadine West. My only child to be precise" Mrs. West smiled at the principal facing her. "I want you and the staff to take care of her, please"

"Of course. Your daughter is in our care now" The principal, a woman in her early 40s replied.

"I'm 17 mum. What's with the care of a thing? I'm not a kid for goodness’ sake" Nadine shook her head throwing soft whispers to her mum.

Her mother sighed and looked away.

"Can she start right away?"

"Mum!" Nadine exclaimed. She wasn't really expecting it.

"Oh why not? You don't have to worry about your uniform, dear. It'll be supplied to you before you go home. Even the books won't be left out" The principal smiled.

Nadine could only sigh.

Mrs. Mars, the principal, called someone right away and judging from her statement, it seemed she was speaking with a teacher. Afterward, she dropped her phone and looked at the mother and daughter.

"Just called the teacher. She'll be here soon" Mrs. Mars smiled.

It didn't take Miss Becca, Nadine's class teacher, two minutes to arrive. She had this broad smile on her face, which Nadine found awkward.

"Good day, everyone" She said, sweetly, and they all nodded apart from Nadine whose eyes were even somewhere else.

"Is she the one, ma'am?" asked Becca.

"Yes. Nadine West" Mrs. Mars replies.

Becca walked to Nadine and her mother.

"I'm Miss Becca, your class teacher, and I'll be taking you to your class. Come along now"

"Great, I'm now a little kid who needs a tour guide to go to class. Definitely, this is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you, mum" Nadine whispered to her mother who smiled nervously.

"You must be her mother" Becca said.

"Yes, Mrs. West"

"Mrs West, It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Miss Becca"

"It's also a pleasure to meet you, Becca. Please, keep an eye on my daughter"


"Monitoring spirits" Nadine thought and scoffed.


Nadine was asked to sit on an empty desk close to the window. She felt embarrassed due to the fact she was different.

While others had nice uniform on them, she was on white shirt and jean pants.

"Ugh" She rolled her eyes and dropped her head down on the desk.

"Life can't get any better" She thought.

She studied the busy students, and could swear no one wanted to talk to her. Who would then be her friend? Now, she was beginning to miss Jordan.

"That cute kid" She smiled to herself.

"Guess who's in school. Late again, Maxine" Nadine heard someone giggle.

She took her eyes to see a lousy and bossy girl standing in front of a much taller girl. She looked skinny, but she was pretty.

"Out of the way, Gigi" Maxine warned with a sigh.

"What? Dad couldn't take you to school. Oh wait, Dad is in prison" Gigi smiled and everyone busted out laughing.

Maxine scoffed and pushed her out of the way before moving to her seat.

"Hey! How dare you? How dare you push me like that? What if I get hurt, huh!" Gigi screamed at her face furiously.

"That would have been much better, I guess" Maxine smiled.

"What am I even expecting? You're a murderer, just like your fûcking âss dad! Being in jail suits you as well, you know" Gigi screamed and everyone laughed.

"That was harsh" Natalie thought.

Maxine clenched her fist and slammed it against her desk. She had had enough of Gigi's stupidity already. She stood up and looked down at Gigi, who was much shorter.

"Wow" Nadine thought, admiring the girl's height.

"I can't wait to be in prison then" Maxine said with a smirk on her face.

"Wait, excuse me?" Gigi scoffed.

Maxine suddenly landed a slap against Gigi's cheek, which made her slump at once. Everyone gasped and stood up.

"Is she dead? Gigi ain't moving" A girl chipped.

"What?" Someone said, looking closer. "She is indeed dead! She isn't moving" The person added.

"D*mn! Maxine killed somebody?" Murmuring soon started.

Maxine sighed deeply, with tears in her eyes. She kept dabbing her hair to the back. She had no choice. She crouched low and took her face closer to Gigi's face. She held her mouth and made it open.

Maxine was about placing her mouth against Gigi's. It was obvious she was about to give her respiration. As she was wanted to do so, somebody held her shoulder from behind, which made her turn.

Her eyes fell on a strange, beautiful girl wearing a different cloth.

"And who are you?" Maxine asked.

She wasn't ready for any part two shît.

"Don't do it. Let me" Nadine said.

"What?" Maxine asked.

"I've done this before" Nadine forced a smile. "I think I'm better than you"

Maxine stared at the strange face confusedly. Seeing the way the stranger wanted to help, she got up and scooted over.

Nadine smiled and bent down. She held Gigi's mouth and opened it. Everyone started whispering instantly.

It didn't stop Nadine, though. She moved her lips against Gigi's and started blowing air into her mouth. It was as if they were sharing a deep kiss.

Chapter 2 LIFE OF A LES


Gigi moaned softly and opened her tired eyes. She looked around and sighed deeply. She could feel her head aching.

"Where am I? What happened?" She whispered to herself.

"Wait a minute" She thought and widened her eyes after remembering what truly happened.

Maxine had slapped her, which almost sent her to the world of the dead, so as she thought.

"I will kill her" Gigi growled and snapped the IV from her hand.

She sprang from the bed and briskly moved to the door. Immediately she opened it, she met her two friends, Mia and Rue, with Maxine.

"Hey" Maxine waved at her nervously.

"Murderer" Gigi spat. "What's she doing here? Just you wait, I'll get you sued, and you'll rot in jail, definitely"

"I can explain, please" Maxine whispered.

"Leave" Gigi said and entered back into the ward.

"Let's just talk… ev


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