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My Husband's Boyfriend Is My Co-worker (boyxboy)

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A marriage of deception is what Elijah Ford came up with as a solution to escape his billionaire, homophobic and controlling parents. The best bride is Clara Hills, his childhood friend who's a lesbian and in the same situation as Elijah. Seven years into the deception... Lucian Reid comes into their lives and turns the peacefulness upside-down. The husband gets a boyfriend, and the wife gets a girlfriend. Is it time to fight for their love or to cower and hide like before? Or should they start another deception in order to survive?

CHAPTER 1 - Love At First Sight

Elijah’s POV

The morning in the penthouse has always been really silent. Except for this buzzing sound of my phone ringing from time to time, there’s nothing that will pull us out of our sleep.

The temperature is perfect for another hour of sleep, but I have always been a morning person. Late mornings will probably ruin my day. That’s a totally different characteristic from the person who’s sleeping next to me, my wife, Clara, whom I’ve been with for the past seven years and who’s also the future successor of LIA company.

I put my arm around her neck in an attempt to wake her up. She groans and tries to push me away, but there's no use.

"Don't choke me early in the morning. I am not a morning person, so a murder might occur," she sleepily mumbles before slapping my hand away. I only chuckle at her words and turn my head just enough for my eyes to close instantly.

"Why did you leave the blinds open last night?" I ask after getting hit by a harsh ray of sunlight through the blinds. The back of my eyelids remains a mix of blue and red until I blink a few times.

"I like morning light," she says.

"That’s contradicting. You don’t like early mornings. Still, you like the morning light.” I point out.

“I do,” she says with a squint of her eyes as she stretches the laziness off her body. She sits on the bed and reaches to the tip of her toe with her fingertips for a little stretch.

“Well, I don't."

"That's why I left that part close." She says, pointing out that she has only opened half the blinds. "If you didn't invade my side, you wouldn't have gotten burnt by the light," she says as a matter of fact.

"Ugh. Whatever."

I sit on the bed and yawn aloud while Clara pulls up her blond hair in a messy ponytail. Her blue eyes reflect the rising sun outside as she looks out of the window. Her pyjama hangs loose down to her chest, and I notice the little birthmark on her chest.

"Dude. Why are we like this every morning?" she suddenly asks about how we are always too lazy to get out of bed every morning. We might be grown-up adults of twenty-six, but that didn’t stop us from craving sleep and stubbornly sleeping a few more minutes.

"I don't know. Our companies squeeze the energy out of us." I show the massiveness of the energy that our companies squeeze out of us. She laughs at my words and gets down from the bed. I follow her from behind, twisting my arm a bit as it hurts from sitting in the same position when doing work.

We walk into the washroom, where I start going through my morning routine. Clara joins me, and we lazily brush our teeth in front of the mirror. She looks up at my height and says that she’s going to start making breakfast. I nod at her words before starting to shave the little stubble on my face.

As she walks out of the washroom, I switch off the mirror light as it makes me look kind of weird because of the caramel colour of my skin. I turn my head a few times to check whether every spot is clean before I walk out of the washroom while neatening my brown hair.

I walk into the kitchen, where Clara is making a little breakfast for both of us. I stand by the coffee machine and begin with the morning coffee.

In fact, we are just another normal couple, another married duo living under one roof with rings in their hands and who sleep together at night. We love each other as well.

But our love isn't romantic love.

It's just the friendship and care for each other that bind us together. Nothing more. Because I'd rather be in love with a guy, and she'd rather be in love with a girl because we are attracted to our own gender.

Yet here we are. Under one roof, pretending to be a married couple that's so much in love.

Been married for seven years, living under one roof as friends without meeting other people or falling in love or anything. It's been quite peaceful. Because we both know that in this lifetime, we are not given the luxury of falling in love.

Our parents were friends before we were born. As we grew up together, we realised something different with both of us.

I would rather look at the guys in my high school jogging down the field before football practice. Their shirts hug their chest so perfectly that I can notice their abs and count them from one to six.

Clara would rather watch the girls practice for the cheerleading competitions, their revealed skin giving a sparkle to her eyes and a smile on her lips as she stared at the one in the middle.

Clara told me about this when we were fifteen. I was confused because I didn't know the same gender could be together. And soon after I realised that I would like that too. At first, I thought it was pure confusion.

Which was why I went out with my guy classmate for a few months and realised that I was actually into guys. Clara never dated a girl because her non-identical twin sister was in our class as well, and she was scared of her sister getting to know about it. Meanwhile, I kept my deal a huge secret, too, because our parents were homophobic to the marrow of their bones... that they might even kill their own children to protect their dignity.

We were seventeen when my elder brother came out to my family as 'gay'.

My parents, drowning in their hundred-dollar bills, paid a man to finish off my brother's boyfriend and sent my brother to the UK, where he cut all ties with our family and never contacted us again... I never blamed him. But I did blame him when my parents' focus came upon me. Their expectations about me went sky-high.

When I realised that the same destiny awaited me, I proposed to Clara in front of a certain crowd after planning the whole facade with her the night before.

We didn't write any paper contracts because we trusted each other from the bottom of our hearts. We had a few rules, though... I can't call them rules. I can say, 'preferences'.

We won't do any intimate things as a normal couple as we are not attracted to each other at all. But we will still go on dates for the world but actually enjoy them because we are best friends, after all. Then we will also listen to each other's burdens, expect each other's warmth and have each other's back on every occasion.

We support each other’s preferences and also help with projects in our companies. While she’s training to become the future successor of LIA company, I am working hard to become the future CEO of my father’s company, Elite Company as well.

Everything's so good and peaceful like this.

Everything's fine.

The doorbell rings as Clara keeps the breakfast on the table. I keep her coffee next to her breakfast and walk to the door while sipping mine. Clara quickly walks past me and takes out her overcoat, as she’s only wearing a thin bra.

"It might be my co-worker," she says.

"Oh. On a Saturday?" I ask.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I got a new project to do, and we are partners in it." she says while putting on the coat.

"Mmh. Which one is it again? The tall one or the one who wears the tie wrong? Or the one who smokes?" I ask.

"The handsome one."

She opens the door, bit by bit, revealing the man outside the door who's wearing just casual wear and holding a file in his hands.

I can’t point out what it is, but when his forest green eyes shift toward me, when his eyebrow curves in a certain way and when he stares at me for longer than a normal visitor should do…

I drop my coffee on the ground. Gladly, it's almost empty, and the mug doesn't break.

Clara turns to me in surprise. Clara’s co-worker at the door is taken aback to see me clumsy like that.

"Jeez. You clumsy." Clara gently pushes me back and takes the mug from the floor. She gives it to me and checks if I am doing okay. "Idiot," she whispers before turning back to the man at the door.

"Lucian. Come in," she says to the person at the door, who steps inside. As he stands in front of u while looking at me for a moment and looking at Clara at the other moment, I feel my ears burning and my eyes not leaving his face.

It's not the first time Clara brought a co-worker of hers. But she has never brought this one home. It's the first time I have seen him. My hands shake as I look at him with the dented coffee mug in my hands.

Clara points toward Lucian, "Elijah, this is Lucian, my co-worker.” Lucian nods at her words. I scan his profile from top to bottom. He’s visibly taller than me, built and broad shoulders, his hair glistening in a hazel brown. He looks more handsome with each passing second.

Clara points toward me, “And Lucian. This is my-" she starts to say.

I look at Clara with wide eyes.

Don't say it!

"-my husband."

My breathing literally stops, and I feel my heart sting in a little bit of pain. I don't know why. I haven't felt that in a long time, and I don't even know why it's like that right now.

But it only takes me a second to realise that it's feelings at first sight. I wouldn't mind Clara introducing me to anyone as her husband. But now... it made me cuss her in my mind. But what should she say instead? That I am her pretend husband or best friend?

We literally have wedding rings in our hands.

CHAPTER 2 - Unrequited Love

"Come inside," Clara asks Lucian and leads him to the living room. I stand there, not knowing what to do, and she comes back to me. "I really forgot to tell you about this. Hope you don't mind. He will come here for a few weeks for the work. If it's troublesome, I can take it elsewhere-"

"It's not. Not even a bit." I quickly say.

"You never complain."

So I have breakfast alone as she's with Lucian in the living room. After having breakfast, I cut some fruits and bring them to the living room, as Clara hasn't had breakfast because of Lucian's arrival.

"Oh, why?" Clara asks.

"You didn't have... breakfast," I say in a low voice, keeping them on the coffee table. "If there's anything more you need. Tell me." I pat her hair and walk to our room, where I engage myself with some office work as she's working as well.

As the CEO title of the company is to be delivered to me within three years, I work hard as instructed by my father. Clara also engages hers


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