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When you are young, it is so easy to get caught up in wanting your freedom but there is always a price to pay for that. Luxe Edenburg, a princess in the majestic kingdom of Nyland and heir to the throne is a young woman with a fiery spirit and captivating beauty that is admired by suitors from all over the kingdom and outside. However, none of them are alluring to her as she longs for a love that transcends the norms and societal expectations, and at the age of twenty-one, she is not ready to settle for less. She would rather spend time outside the walls of the palace interacting with nature than attend high-end royal dinners and the balls her parents throw yearly in their fevered search for the perfect suitor for her unaware that she is never going to see any of the young men the way they want her to. The reason is hidden deep within the folds of her deepest batch of secrets for as long as she discovered it but how much longer can it be? An encounter with a mysterious woman, Elle Fraulein, during one of her adventures outdoors, hangs the secret on a balance because right away, she believes that she has found what she has been looking for. Before she knows it, she is captured in the complexities of a forbidden love that is frowned upon by her people. For years, werewolves and humans have been mortal enemies and are bound by strong laws that forbid them from interacting in any way, let alone falling in love. What she doesn't know is that Elle is a werewolf spy who has been sent to unravel the castle's secrets and expose its vulnerability to her pack. She wants to expose the royal family for a secret that has been kept for decades, a secret that affected the werewolves greatly. Both of them are loyal to their families and they carry so much responsibility on their shoulders, being next in line in leadership. How much can this truth damage when it comes out? Can they rise above the secrets and the lies and find their place in the kingdom by destroying the stereotype of anything that isn't human or will this betrayal result in a mortal war they can never come back from?


olive wambui

Review after the novel completion

This book is amazing. The flow of storyline is impressive. I like the way the characters are built. Can't to think how it ends. I hope both princess will make it through. And the young princess gets a wear wolf as a partner. I hope Ell will have a chance to be the alpha like she had always wanted and that both of them may restore the lost relationship that coexisted between human and wear wolf where there will be a queen and alpha at the same time

February 22, 2024

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