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Tomb of the gods

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Apart from the God and Devil Mausoleum where the strongest human beings of all times and the top cultivators among the foreigners were buried, each of the remaining graves buried an ancient god or devil, a resting place belonging to gods and devils. After an ordinary youth had died for ten thousand years, he was resurrected from the ancient god's tomb, and the forest of god and devil tombstones caused him to feel unusually shocked. Ten thousand years had passed, and the sea had changed. Originally there was a strait between the Immortal Fantasy Continent and the Magic Fantasy Continent connected together, Taoism and magic coexist, true qi and fighting qi are the same, and the Eastern divine dragon dances with the Western dragon ...... The absolute beauty, lingering love; horror Jedi, mysterious thrilling journey; ancient relics, lost legends; the secret of the gods, the indestructible relics of the gods ...... Mysterious oriental monks, strange western magicians, invincible oriental martial artists, and the strongest western dragon warriors, interpreting a thrilling saga ......

The tomb of the ancient gods

Traversed the cosmic flood, condensed the heaven and earth Xuanhuang ...... Even if you get rid of the six paths of reincarnation, it is difficult to escape the turmoil of heaven and earth ......

The God and Devil Mausoleum is located in the central zone of the Tian Yuan Continent, the entire mausoleum, in addition to burying the strongest human beings of all times and the top cultivators among the foreigners, each of the remaining graves is buried with an ancient god or devil, this is a resting place belonging to the gods and devils.

The mausoleum was filled with green grass and fragrant flowers, without the forest of monuments, it would not be too much to call it a garden. Mausoleum periphery is tall snow maple tree, only the gods and devils mausoleum unique, rumoured to be the deceased gods and devils aura.

Snow maple tree turquoise branches and leaves lush, with the breeze gently swaying, as if in memory of the former glory, snow-white petals flawless, such as snowflakes in the air like a diffuse sprinkle, this is the tears of the gods, as if to tell the sadness that once was.

The day and night of the cemetery has a diametrically opposed scene.

In the daytime here fairy atmosphere, holy light sprinkled all over the mausoleum of every inch of the land, can see by the ancient gods and devils that indestructible and powerful divine idea transformed into a variety of gods and goddesses, and even see the western angels dance, can hear the eastern fairy singing, the entire mausoleum is in a kind of sacred atmosphere.

If this place was a paradise for the gods during the day, then at night this place was a purgatory for the devils.

Whenever the sun sets and night falls, the dark demonic energy begins to surge out from the cemetery, making the stars and the moon lose their colours, and making heaven and earth bleak. At this time, one can see the phantoms of the legendary fierce gods and demonic shadows wreaking havoc in the mausoleum, and one can hear the scalp numbing mournful howls of the ancient evil spirits.

Sacred and horrible God and devil mausoleum is the Tianyuan continent east and west practitioners common worship of the holy garden, daytime can often see people come to pay tribute, even at night can see some special practitioners come to commemorate, such as: the east of the body catcher, the west of the undead magician ......

The mausoleum was most peaceful only at sunset, and the entire cemetery was quiet, without a single sound.

It was another sunset, and it was time for the gods and demons to alternate their phases, and the afterglow of the setting sun rendered the gods and demons mausoleum solemn and somewhat eerie.

Each God-Devil tomb had been carefully tended to, and flowers were placed in front of each tomb.

Next to the tall God-Devil tombs was a small, low grave, which was unremarkable, with no tombstone, no flowers, and a simple little dirt bag almost level with the ground. With the passage of years and the erosion of wind and rain, this nameless grave has been forgotten in the corner.

In the evening sunlight the God and Demon Tomb Cluster appeared even taller, while the nameless grave appeared even more inconspicuous. However, at this very moment, a strange change occurred in this small, low grave, which slowly cracked, and the soil at the top of the grave began to roll downwards.

A pale palm stretched out from the grave, followed by another, both palms grasped the edge of the grave with force, a young man with a bewildered look slowly climbed up from the grave, his long dishevelled hair was stained with dirt, and his shattered clothes were tightly stuck to his body. Apart from his unusually pale face, the young man looked very ordinary, the kind of character that would never be noticed in a crowd.

"What is this place? How did I get here?" The young man muttered, looking at the patches of graves in front of him, he looked even more perplexed.

Suddenly he was captivated by the inscription of a nearby grave, at this moment, if someone saw that the youth was intently looking at the ancient writing on that tombstone, they would definitely be shocked, because this kind of far-flung writing was something even the old scholars of the Ancient Culture Research Alliance could only shake their heads at.

In the moment after reading the inscription, the youth's complexion changed dramatically and exclaimed, "The tomb of the Eastern Martial God War Wuji, is this ...... true? Is this really the legendary War Wuji who was the one who crossed the three realms and six paths and reigned supreme back then? Could it be that the ...... god could not escape death?"

Another tall god's tomb next to him once again made him feel shocked, "Tomb of Caesar, the Western God of War, Caesar? Could it be that Western Lord God who is clad in golden battle armour and holds a golden holy sword?"

He seemed to have thought of something and turned his head to look in all directions, a tall tomb of gods and demons stood in the setting sun looking particularly eye-catching.

"Tomb of the Eastern Immortal Cultivator Peony Fairy, Tomb of the Western Goddess of Wisdom Nas, Tomb of the Eastern Martial Immortal Li Changfeng, Tomb of the Eastern Demon Cultivator Ao Cangtian, Tomb of the Western Great Demon Lord Lucifer ......"

"Oh my god! What happened to this world? Could it be that ...... all the gods of the past have died and are ...... all buried here?" The youth's complexion changed miserably, and an unbelievable look appeared on his face.

"But ...... how did the deities ...... of the Eastern Immortal Fantasy Continent and the Western Magic Fantasy Continent ...... get buried together?"

Suddenly, the youth noticed the small grave at his feet, he froze at once, cold sweat soaked through his broken clothes, he was as cold as falling into the ice cellar.

"I ...... I climbed out ...... of the grave ......" He had two godless eyes and froze, and his soul seemed to have been drawn out of his body, and he collapsed helplessly and softly to the ground.

"I am Cinnan, I have ...... died, but ...... I have been resurrected ...... again."

Only after a long time did Chen Nan's empty eyes gradually take on a trace of life, finally revealing a shocked expression, "Oh my God! What the hell is going on! Since I was already dead, why did they let me crawl out of the grave again?!"

"Did the heavens let me, a useless person, continue that mediocre life?" After the shock had passed, Chen Nan's face was not only bewildered, but more of a pained look as he closed his eyes and clasped his head with both hands with all his might.

He clearly remembered that he had already lost and died in a duel, yet at this moment it was ......

The past came to his mind one by one, and that which was, that which faded, and that which was eternal ...... left too many regrets in his heart!

Heaven and earth were still vast, flowers and plants were still fragrant, yet his heart was empty, without a trace of attachment.

It was only after a long time that Cinnan slowly rose from the ground, his eyes began to wander within the mausoleum, finally he was certain that this was a tomb complex belonging to gods and demons, and after the shock had passed, he gradually calmed down.

"The hardest gold steel rock tombstones have all been obviously carved with the vicissitudes of the ages, this probably needs ten thousand years of age, the vicissitudes of the ages, ten thousand years of age passes by, hehehe ...... thousand years of a dream ah! Chen Nan sighed.

Looking at the tombstones that were like a forest, his heart was filled with doubts.

"Tomb of Xiao Zhen, the Whistling Heavenly Divine Tiger; Tomb of Cai Rui, the Three-Headed Demonic Dragon; Tomb of Liang Feng, the Martial Saint; Curtain of Otoli, the Divine Knight ......It seems that in addition to the gods and devils, there are also a few strong human beings and a handful of otherworldly cultivators buried here."

"What really happened 10,000 years ago? Why did the gods and devils who claimed to be immortal die? Why were the gods of the Immortal Fantasy Continent and the Demon Fantasy Continent buried together? Why was I buried here?"

The breeze gently brushed by, messing up his long dirty hair and his lonely heart.

Chen Nan looked up to the sky and shouted, "Who can tell me what really happened?"

No one answered him.

The tall snow maple tree in the distance drifted down a sky full of petals, fluttering in the air, the falling flowers were like a rain of tears, the departed gods were crying!

"The gods are dead, the devils are extinguished, and I am still alive ...... God why did you let me crawl out of the grave, and where will I go from here?"

The sun was thinning, and the evening sun dyed half of the sky red, framing the red clouds in the sky with streaks of gold.

Chen Nan gathered up his lost feelings, he knew that there were some things that he simply had no choice but to move forward one step at a time.

He carefully filled the small grave under his feet with earth, and then walked towards the outside of the mausoleum. He couldn't help but stare as he walked through the snow maple forest filled with aura, he had never seen trees that contained such a strong aura before. He secretly suspected, could this be a new species of tree that had appeared during the long years of his 'slumber'?

When the white and flawless petals floated down in front of Chen Nan, a blur came over him, and his dusty memories were slowly opened up, it was also a time when flowers fell ......

He remembered the "her" in his heart ......

"The sea has changed and the world has floundered ...... Alas!" Chen Nan shook his head and took large steps towards the outside of the forest.

When he walked out of the Snow Maple Forest, it was also the time when the sun was setting in the west, the originally peaceful God and Demon Mausoleum was no longer calm, the dark demonic aura rose from the cemetery, and endless darkness began to envelop the entire cemetery.

Chen Nan vaguely heard a low roar coming from the rear, but he didn't pay any attention to it, thinking that the wild beasts had begun to come out after sunset. He stretched his muscles and bones and said to himself, "Ten thousand years, your body hasn't rusted yet, right?" He knew that his kung fu wasn't too good, but he shouldn't have any problem dealing with ordinary beasts.

Not far ahead of the snow maple forest appeared three thatched cottages, a thin and bony old man stood in front of the door, the old man's beard and hair are all hundred, full of face engraved with the wrinkles of the weather.

An inexplicable emotion welled up in Chen Nan s heart, this was the first person he had seen after he had been reincarnated as a human being, there was a trace of affection, a trace of loss, and a trace of confusion ......

Ten thousand years ago he was born in front of his parents, and ten thousand years later when he was reborn, he was faced with such an old man.

"How could I associate my parents with this old man?" He smiled to himself.

The old man walked towards him tremblingly on a cane, making people look shocked, as if a gust of wind could blow him down.

Tatsuo Nan hurriedly stepped forward to help the old man, who waved his hand, signalling for him to let go, and said a few words to him with a chastising tone, but Tatsuo Nan didn't understand a single word.

The obscure speech caused a chill to run through his heart, and he suddenly woke up to the fact that 10,000 years had passed, and the continental language of his era had been set aside by history.

He had originally hoped to learn about the present world through the old man, but the language barrier dashed his hopes.

When the old man saw his dull gaze, his face couldn't help but ease up, and his tone became calm, but seeing that he still had a blank look on his face, the old man couldn't help but frown before pulling up his hand and walking towards the hut.

Chen Nan woodenly followed behind the old man, his intuition told him that the old man had no ill will towards him, but due to his speech impediment, he could only pretend to be deaf and dumb.

The old man brought him to the front of the hut and pointed his finger at the barrel on the ground, and then pointed at the water well not far away, before walking into the house.

"Let me fetch water? Could it be that he wants me to work here as a labourer?" Chen Nan secretly guessed.

When the old man reappeared in front of him, he knew that he had wrongly blamed the old man, those withered palms handed over a set of semi-new clothes, the old man obviously wanted him to change and wash.

Looking at the faint smile on the old man's face, he couldn't help but blush, at this moment, he was ragged, unkempt and dirty.

Chen Nan's heart was gloomy for a while, how had he ever been in such a predicament ten thousand years ago, he silently lifted the wooden bucket and walked towards the water well.

He operated the true qi in his body, and with a slight force, the broken clothes on his body completely shattered and fell to the ground.

This was the Divine Silkworm Treasure Clothes of that year! Time is the most merciless, the precious clothes that were invulnerable to fire and water and invulnerable to swords and spears could not withstand the erosion of ten thousand years!

The cold well water washed away the dirt on his body, but not the troubles in his heart.

When Chen Nan opened his eyes again, he found that he was already lying on a wooden bed, and the fluffy bedding made him feel warm and cosy.

The sky had long since darkened, but the rain was still falling. An oil lamp was lit in the room, and the light was soft.

The sound of the rain, the warm and soft bedding, the soft light, Chen Nan had a feeling that he had returned home, his heart filled with warmth.

The door of the room was gently pushed open, and a half-hundred old woman walked in, the old man had a kind face and said, "You're awake, young people really don't know how to take things lightly, still running outside on a rainy day."

Chen Nan could not understand the current language of the continent, but understood that the old woman had good intentions, he was busy getting out of bed to salute the old man.

Only then did he realise that he had changed into a dry and clean set of clothes.

"Auntie, thank you!"

The old woman was stunned, she obviously didn't understand Cinnan's words, but the old man didn't think too much about it, as the continent had many races, there must be some people who didn't know the continent's common language.

Cinnan followed the old man to the outer room, when a youth happened to come in, the youth was about eighteen or nineteen years old, with a strong body. After placing the rice on the tray in his hands on the table, he smiled at Chen Nan in a friendly manner.

Chen Nan also returned a smile.

After eating his dinner, he expressed his gratitude to the old woman before returning to his room to fall into a deep sleep.

In his dream, a beautiful silhouette came from the sea of flowers and passed away in the rain of flowers, leaving behind only an ethereal sentence, "I'll wait for you ...... to meet again ......"

Subsequently, in the dream Chen Nan met his father Chen Zhan again, Chen Zhan's eyes were wise and deep, as if he was able to see through all the illusions in the world, he said faintly: "Those who climb high must humble themselves, those who travel far must travel far, in this world, the important thing is not where you are standing, but what direction you are moving towards!"

Chen Zhan's figure faded away, and Chen Nan's mother's voice emerged again.

"When the pomp and circumstance falls away, the blandness returns to the truth ......"

One familiar figure after another came towards Chen Nan, and finally slowly faded away again.

Early in the morning, Chen Nan got up early and pushed the door out, at this time the rain had long stopped, a rainbow hung high in the sky, adding a beautiful scenery to the world.

"It's been 10,000 years, what else can I not let go of? I'm going to make a fresh start!" Chen Nan shouted.

He decided to face reality and start a new life.

Time flew like an arrow, the sun and the moon were like shuttles, and half a year had passed in the blink of an eye.

Relying on his martial arts skills, Chen Nan became the most outstanding hunter in the town, the prey he hunted back every day was several times more than others, and with the proceeds from hunting, he bought a small courtyard. After hunting, besides cultivating his own martial arts, he mainly learnt the language of the current continent from the town's residents. Although he was still unable to communicate painfully with people now, he was already able to understand the words of the people around him.

In addition, Chen Nan continuously adjusted his mindset and accepted the reality that he was no longer uncertain and confused, and he had gradually integrated into the society.

Ever since he was able to understand the language of the current continent, Chen Nan finally understood that this world had changed drastically during these ten thousand years.

Originally, the Immortal Illusion Continent and the Magic Illusion Continent, which were only separated by a strait, were connected together in a violent earthquake.

The east of the immortal fantasy continent and the west of the magic fantasy continent have their unique brilliant civilisation, the two continents are connected, due to the different cultures, different beliefs, the two continents often friction between the races, with the friction of the escalation of racial contradictions, and finally the two major races finally broke out in the war.

This was a disastrous war, the battlefield was littered with corpses and rivers of blood. Countless strong men were forcibly recruited and never returned. Millions of civilians died, tens of millions of people were displaced, and the continent was in a state of sorrow.

The war became more and more tragic, and finally the Western Church sent out magicians and Templars, and just as the balance of the war was about to be tilted, the martial arts masters of the East and the originally sheltered cultivators organised themselves into the war. A great confrontation between eastern and western cultivators began, true qi versus fighting qi, flying swords and magic treasures versus magic. On the battlefield, sword qi and fighting qi swirled horizontally and horizontally, while magic treasures and magic were splendid and powerful.

The final result of the war is a lose-lose situation, after the war, the sand field bones piled up thousands, the continent of mourning, a miserable.

Both sides of the knowledgeable people have realised the great harm of the war, and finally signed a comprehensive truce.

Time can fade everything, after thousands of years of détente, the racial conflicts finally disappeared, initially realised racial fusion, there is no more talk of the Immortal Fantasy Continent and the Magic Fantasy Continent, the merged continent was named Tian Yuan.

"I see, no wonder there are so many races in the town, it turns out that this is the junction of the Immortal Illusion Continent and the Magic Illusion Continent. No wonder I came across wolves that spit fire when I was hunting, it turns out that they are western magical beasts."

After learning about all of this, Chen Nan's heart was shocked beyond measure, while feeling that many things were enlightened.

Another half a year had passed, Chen Nan had finally mastered the language that was now common in the continent, he understood the Tian Yuan Continent even better, and he had fully integrated into this society.

Of course there were some things that were still like a mist to him, he never understood what had happened between the gods and why numerous powerful gods had died.

He asked everyone in the town for advice, but no one could answer him.

Finally an old man in the town said to him, "Son, you are not the only one who wants to know this question, many people on the continent want to know the answer to it, but it has always remained an unsolved mystery."

Chen Nan said, "Was it that when the two continents went into a full-blown war in the first place, it was a direct result of the gods entering the war." Saying this, he felt his heart stop beating all of a sudden, what an amazing possibility, his heart was filled with shock.

The old man shook his head and smiled, ''Child you are very imaginative, but the truth is that the Gods and Demons Mausoleum existed long before the outbreak of the war between the two continents a thousand years ago. No one knows exactly when it was constructed, and even less knows by whom it was constructed."

Chen Nan exclaimed, "What? The deities of the two continents were already ...... in existence before the two continents were even connected together."

The old man nodded, ''Not bad. The world was shocked when the tombs of the many gods and demons were discovered, countless cultivators flocked there, even the cultivators of the Demon Fantasy Continent were all perilously close to crossing the strait to go and pay homage, and since then the Divine and Demonic Mausoleums have been honoured as holy gardens, and people have buried some of the strongest people in history there to show their respect."

"But ...... the Divine Demon Mausoleum is located at the junction of two continents, why didn't the great earthquake that arose when the two continents were connected together destroy it?"

The old man sighed, "The Divine Demon Mausoleum has always been an enigmatic location."

During this year, Chen Nan wanted to visit the tomb guardian old man several times, but did not put it into action.

"Since I have started a new life, I should leave behind everything in the past, the Divine Demon Mausoleum as well as the old man guarding the tomb, let them remain in my memories."

A year's time was neither long nor short, but this year meant a lot to Chen Nan. He had learnt the common language of the current continent, his mindset had gradually calmed down, and he had rid himself of the past, no longer having a sense of vicissitude or sadness, and had regained the vigour of a young man. He decided to bid farewell to the town and travelled the world from then on.

When the Immortal Illusion Continent and the Magic Illusion Continent were connected together, the junction of them rumbled with endless tall mountain ranges. The town is located at the edge of the Immortal Fantasy Continent, at the junction of the two continents, less than twenty miles to the west is the endless mountains.

No one dared to walk into the depths of the mountains, because there were not only ferocious birds and beasts, but also legendary ancient giants, for ordinary people, it was definitely a place of great evil. The most experienced hunters in the town only dared to hunt on the outskirts of the mountain range, and never dared to step into the depths of the mountain range.

The rumours of flying dragons and tall ancient giants ...... created a deep temptation for Chen Nan. When he decided to leave the town and travel to the continent, the first place he thought of was the "Land of Great Evil", which was close at hand.

At the time of parting, Tatsunami gave his house to the mother and son who had taken him in at the beginning, and then left the town with great strides.

The wheel of history began to turn, and the legend began here.

Chen Nan went into the depths of the mountains alone, he had been walking in the rolling hills for three days, and saw countless ferocious birds and beasts, which he avoided if he could, and killed if he could not.

"There wasn't much of a surprisingly vicious beast," he said.

Suddenly a huge shadow flew past, sending up a fierce wind.

Chen Nan couldn't help but be startled, he looked up and saw a huge 30 feet long 'strange bird' flying past him.

The strange bird was covered in turquoise, emitting dots of light, and dragging a ten-foot-long tail behind it.

"Oh my god! A hairless weird bird, no, a weird bird covered in scales, ah, the tail is too ugly." He marvelled.

If someone were to pass by here, they would definitely laugh at Cinnan's ignorance, not even recognising one of the toughest creatures on the continent, the dragon, and at the same time, they would have to admire his courage, this guy actually dared to 'taste' the dragon's proximity.

This green dragon obviously didn't notice the weak creature on the ground, not to mention that it didn't hear those ''idle words'', or else it would have swooped down and ripped this guy who defied it to shreds.

Watching the green dragon fade away, Chen Nan woke up from his shock, and with hindsight, said, "That big guy can't be the legendary dragon, this ...... this is too outrageous, the whole thing is just a winged, pot-bellied lizard! It must be the strange dragons of the Magic Fantasy Continent, compared to those divine dragons of the Immortal Fantasy Continent, it's simply ...... alas!"

Chen Nan certainly hadn't seen the legendary divine beasts ---- dragons of the Immortal Fantasy Continent, but there were countless legends about divine dragons, and from these legends he could catch a glimpse of one or two of the dragons, in addition to the perfection of the dragons as the supreme creatures from those exquisite bas-reliefs.

The western dragon that flew past his eyes just now disappointed him immensely, perhaps that green dragon was equally strong and powerful, but he had a feeling that the western dragons were simply no match for the divine dragons of the east.

Chen Nan muttered to himself, "If only one day I could see an Eastern divine dragon with my own eyes, alas, that dragon just now was really too ---- ugly."


When Chen Nan opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on a comfortable wooden bed, with soft bedding that made him feel warm and cozy.

The sky had already dimmed, but the rain was still falling. There was a dimly lit oil lamp in the room.

The pattering sound of the rain, the warm bedding, and the soft light gave Chen Nan a feeling as if he had returned home, filling his heart with warmth.

The door was gently pushed open, and an elderly woman in her fifties walked in. She had a kind expression on her face and said, "You're awake, young man. You really don't seem to understand the severity of running around outside on a rainy day."

Although Chen Nan couldn't understand the language spoken in this world, he understood that the elderly woman's intentions were kind. He quickly got out of bed and expressed his gratitude to her.

It was only at that moment that he realized he was already dressed in a clean set of clothes.


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