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The unknown Secrets

The unknown Secrets

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Hailey
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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It was in 1920s. There was parties, money, scandal, gangs, mafia and unexplained deaths. But what if some found a girl who was behind it all. Rich father but his daughter took over his business because she need money. Also her father was a alcoholic so she didn't just have scars and bruises from her job as a gang leader. Blake was a huge mafia leader. His father died when he was a teenager. Blake was forced to run his father's business. Blake was after Sabrina. He needed to find a suitable partner In crimes and in love. Blake believed he could make me fall in love with him within a year. But what there was only one problem he was in the future and Sabrina was in the 1920s. Will it work? Will he find her? When will he find her? Will she be safe?

What People Didn’t Know About Her

Sabrina woke up as she looked around her surroundings. " bloody hell." she thought to herself. Their was a man in the bed. This wasn't her room ether as she looked around. She put on her black lingerie set quietly. She slipped on her black silky Rouged dress that had a corset bust. The dress went down to her knees. She make her own clothing as it was a bit different from everyone else's style. She put her black heels. She fixed her red ginger hair and jewelry she had on the night before. She put her gloves on. She grabbed her clutch bag. She walked out quietly. This was a normal day for Sabrina. She looked into her clutch bag. She smiled as she saw the paper that was folded up in her clutch bag that was to blackmail the man that was in that bed. " what absolute imbecile." She announced to herself as she laughed. She probably looked crazy to anyone else. She got to the front door of her house. She unlocked the door. She locked it back up behind her. " I'm home...Jackson, Alice, Stella, Cole. And the rest of who ever lives in this bloody house. I got what we needed." Sabrina shouted. " ooo what did you sab?" Alice and Stella questioned her. " yeah what did you do doll?" Jackson asked. " here will y'all chill for just a minute." She told them as she placed a paper on table. " I'm going alone on this one." She added as she grabbed a bottle of wine as she grabbed a glass. She poured herself a large amount into the glass. She watched as they all looked at the paper. " what is this?" Alice asked as she picked it up. " A map Alice, it's to his basement. There is something expensive in there. We will be rich if we get our hands on it." She explained. She took the paper from Alice. " enough having google eyes of a paper none of you even know what is." She announced as she giggled. " your father came..." Jackson told her a little bit worried. " well he can rot in hell for all I care. I'm going to my room don't bother me." She insisted as she walked up the stairs case. She went to her room.

She had a walk in closet. Also a bathroom and large bed. Her bed was in the middle of her room. She had two nightstands on ether side of the bed. She had a vanity on the left side against the wall across from the bed. She had floral walls. It was a white backround with black floral patterns. She had brown wood flooring. She had a rug on the floor that almost matched the walls.

Sabrina placed her wine glass on her night stand. She started to take off her heels. She put the heels back into her walk in closet. She started to take off her makeup. She started taking off her lingerie and dress. She put the lingerie and dress into the hamper. She went to take a bath. She began to think about what her father could possibly want. Could it be money, telling her how she isn't doing her job right,make her more insecure. She wasn't found of her father. Most people didn't know the abuse he caused her mentally, physically, and emotionally. While her mother said or did nothing to stop him. She shielded her siblings the best she could. But her twin brother helped a little too. She was in the bath for way longer than she intended. Her fingers looked like rains by now. She got up and went to get towel. She drained herself off a bit before leaving the bathroom. She wrapped the towel around herself. She went to her closet. She put on a lingerie with a silky red robe that had feathers at the end of the cuffs. She went into bed as she rested her head. She started to twist and turn until she found a comfortable spot. As she started drift off to sleep. She was thinking about how everything used to be so simple as a little girl.

" don't you think something is wrong with her?" Stella asked everyone. " of there is she works herself until she passes out. She doesn't like when we help. Would you like to interrupt her routine?" Cole responded to Stella's question. " Cole is right she is stubborn and she isn't exactly easy. We may need to help her fix this routine though." Jackson answered as everyone was shocked Jackson agreed with Cole. It barely ever happened. " fine than we will talk to her tomorrow. We have a meeting and have to talk to somebody at the party.." Alice compromised. " it's the morning and we all know she is sleeping. We have a deal with someone tonight." Alice said. " yeah well let her go. Are you two going to tell her what she is doing isn't good for her health?... yeah I didn't think so she gets scary at times. Just make sure everyone is ready. I don't want to her complaining about how we aren't ready for this all over again. I have some errands to do so I'll have to go. Bye Cole and dolls." Jackson told them as he left to do his errands. They all told him by and to stay safe before he left. The rest of them trained or any other errands they may have had.

What A Big Scary Man

Blake was a busy man. He was well known through out the world of gangs, mafias, thieves, robbers, and any other criminals. His was wise, hot headed, overprotective, irrational. He had a soft side but most didn't that side of him unless they were family.

Blake woke up in his bedroom. He was hungover but that didn't stop him from getting ready for work. He had a shower than put his black and white classic suit on. He had his gun and knifes hidden under his clothing. He checked his wrist for any notifications from anyone. He had a chip in his arm that acted like a phone. He could project anything within in his hand as well. He locked his door and put the security on with his watch. He had a car he liked to drive because it was his father's car. But he could just fly.

Everyone could fly if they got a serum from the doctors or inherited from their parents. Everyone was give certain powers almost decades ago. The scientists and doctors figured out that people co


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