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The supernatural

The supernatural

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First of all, it's about a teenage college boy who loves and believes in the supernatural, although his family never believes or want to hear about it . He starts to explore the woods because he likes nature too,there he encounters something strange and picked it. Now he has in possession what belongs a strang being and that supernatural being would want to retrieve what belongs to her,just then they fell in love with each other . And boom!,there arose great enemies which wouldn't let humans live in peace but this lovers would do anything to protect humanity. Let's find out!

Chapter 1 (my background)

Some say and believe that the supernatural exists somewhere in or outside this world,while other believe it doesn't exist because they haven't come across something like that their entire lives.well, I'll say I strongly believe it exist and would go extra mile to prove that .

My family consist of my mom(Sarah),my sibling (Leo).as for that man that eludes himself as my father,he's always busy at work and have little or no time for his who does that?

My mom is from a catholic family and wouldn't want to hear about mysteries because she believes if it's been talked about,it will manifest.On the other hand my troublesome sibling is always busy with his new android phone uncle bought for him making him addicted to the internet and social media.

It's peaceful here in the woods of aggra and I love nature as well,I would go alone into the woods to explore everything in it .

My name is Patrick ,18 and current a stud . campus life hasn't been my thing but I manage to cope with it .

Here in campus I have 3 best friends(Tina,frank and Andy), we turn up for each other in times of trouble and we were inseparable

My story begins


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