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The Story of The Phoenix Knight

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Kiran is a straightforward child from the puppet state of Qingchang – a colony of the Hersen Empire. Unexpectedly, Kiran meets a Phoenix creature named The Flame, a legendary Phoenix, the White Sage mounted creature Alaric. This White Sage Alaric was killed decades ago while fighting in the sky against the Warlock – Emperor Hersen. Kiran never thought that his encounter with The Flame would change his life in the future. There needs to be more history of the Phoenix, which he knows. The boy finds The Flame, a dying Phoenix who escaped from a wizarding prison after his battle with the gang of the Hersen Empire's many sorcerers – Firebenders, water benders, wind-benders and even elemental controllers. The Flame asks Kiran to perform the 'Riding' technique - uniting the soul into her. This is a dangerous act. Luckily Kiran passed the ride successfully, but The Flame made Kiran's memory forget the riding event. He would remember all that once his age was deemed sufficient by The Flame. After being revealed as a magically gifted genius boy, Kiran enjoys his glory after being revealed as an illusion weaver. Being a student at the Magentum Institute: Shanggu City made Kiran slowly steal many people's attention. He grew up until Kiran was deemed ready to work as an officer of the Kingdom of Hersen. And a significant event happened. Kiran will always remember what happened. Afterwards, Kiran is hunted down by the Hersen Empire with his minions, as he is considered a traitor, the Successor of the Red Phoenix Clan, a secret clan that continues the White Sage's struggle against King Hersen, the Warlock. What's the next story? Will Kiran be able to get through all this? Read this thrilling and memorable story, The Legend of the Phoenix Rider Sage.


The 500th calendar year of the Hersen Empire, the time when the full flow of magic energy on the surface of the Ayax Continent, which caused the creatures in the forest to be able to speak, now disappeared into the interior of the forest, crushed by the war that occurred in the Qingchang Empire.

The trees are now silent, the birds and sea creatures are calm, there is no longer that magic and the hospitality is fading. No one wants to converse with a human being now considered greedy, self-defeating, and dangerous.

The Ayax Continent is an area of 9,600,000 km2, where the entire surface of the continent is filled with thin Purple Magic Energy. Very few living beings possess the talent of the God – Tempestia to manage that Enchantment Energy into a terrifying power. This power of harnessing purple energy on the surface of the world is the source of catastrophe.

The five great Empires of the Ayax Continent fought for resources and the title of the ruler of the continent who managed the resources of other Empires, all to improve their ability to fight and continue to fight in the name of the Great Emperor.

There were five Empires on the continent: Shouya in the South, Zolia in the West, Chosa in the East, and Hersen in the North. There is a small Empire Named Qingchang on the Central Plains, and the small empire is considered the top five Along with the other four empires.

War broke out between Hersen against Zolia and Qingchang. Hersen won the war, and the Emperor ruled three lands to be called Lord of the Continent. Hersen, who colonized the Central and Western plains, was dissatisfied. The Emperor wanted to unify the continent. The next war occurred when Hersen led Qingchang and Zolia to fight Chosa in the East and Shouya in the South. But to this day, all those invasion measures failed.

There is one Clan Named the Red Phoenix Clan, led by a white Sage – originally from the Qingchang Empire who felt colonized and used by Hersen. The Red Phoenix clan rebelled against the blatant tyranny of the Great Emperor Hersen.

Hersen's feud against the Red Phoenix Clan ended When Sage Alaric led a rebellion against the imperial forces. The Sage fought against the Emperor in the sky of Qingchang, an unforgettable battle that millions of eyes witnessed in the Ayax Continent.


Two figures flashed in the sky. They are enlarged, and the figure is visible from below. The two deliberately spread an aura of absolute power and oppressive, half-immortal creature abilities. The age of the two figures is in the early forty years.

One was wearing a black costume; the other was wearing all white.

The black figure wore a tall crown made of black metal. On top of the head, the crown looks dazzling with inlaid sapphires, ruby, and emerald. His crown seemed to light up when sunlight passed through it.

He was Emperor Hersen - Oberon Kraviz, The Enchanter.

Emperor Oberon's face froze; the Emperor asked in a cold tone. "So you're Alaric Sunburnt – that rebellious White Sage?"

Emperor Oberon is a Warlock-rank black wizard who has led the Hersen Empire for a dozen years.

His body soars in space, riding a legendary creature – Roc, the black giant ruler of the sky. The black, rippling robes blew out his armor and spiritual armor. The weapon in his hand is a magic sword made from black dragon bones – a weapon of the darkness of the darkest material to strengthen his perverted magic.

While Sage Alaric only wears a white tunic, complemented by a Long white coat, matching his shoes and white hanfu hat. The Sage's weapon is the Snow White Sword. Sage Alaric looked calm riding Phoenix – the fire lord who became his contract creature.

The two soared, staring at each other. Ready to explode at any time.

"You are going to die. How brave, form a rebel in the official territory of the colony of Hersen!" shouted Emperor Hersen loudly. His voice sounded to half of the continent. The look was unpredictable. He was covered in his spiritual helmet.

Sage Alaric laughed. He said no less thunderously. "Please don't be naïve. Where is there a nation that wants to be oppressed and colonized like this? Is that invader a dark lord like you, Oberon the warlock?" A condescending tone was heard.

"Presumptuous! You are the filthy blood of the despicable, Dare to say my name, without the title of Emperor!" Emperor Oberon was angry.

Sage Alaric sneered, "So what do you want? Do I have to call you a black wizard? Or the Dark Lord?" he burst into laughter. His voice resounded in almost half the world.

"You will regret it!" Emperor Oberon then scratched the sky with his dragon bone sword.

The sky instantly blackened, and the mist and black clouds rolled. Lightning struck, and all the forces of the underground realm seemed to rise, absorbed by the Emperor.

The world was brought into an uproar. Everyone ran to hide. In the sky, there are figures like shadows of evil spirits. The warlock's dark power sounded roaring. The attack energy precision lunged at Sage Alaric.

"You are indeed a dark wizard! All this evil magic doesn't make you worthy of being called Emperor!"

Sage Alaric crossed out the Snow-White Sword towards the sky. The effect is no less terrible.

The dark sky suddenly turned bright. The snow-white sword effect partially affected a gaping gray rolling cloud at that time. From the gap comes sunlight. The sword's power harnessed the sun's energy, shooting rapidly, hitting the Emperor's black energy.

An explosion sounded.

The world is shaking! The ground is fragmented. Screams sounded from below as sparks like rain fell to the earth. After the first escape, now everyone is hiding more tightly. No one wants to die for nothing!

But the two experts in the sky did not stop their fight. Three days and three nights, they clashed on the horizon.

A curse has torn apart the sky. The two half-immortals' deadly magic attack. On the third day, the sky on Ayax Continent seemed to turn red, like burning. The world is aging and tired. The sun dimmed like dusk. Maybe it will be the end soon,

"You are going to die. This forbidden magic is the ultimate power I have long stored!" the Emperor captivated violently.

He then curses the Sage with ancient magic, forbidden magic, using an artifact from the world of the dead - Zarael, The Shadow's Wand. A forbidden staff made by demonic beings after being cast into the underworld by gods – the world of the dead.

The energy of the dead man hit the Sage.

With a final howl, Sage Alaric issued his last vow toward the end of his life.

"One day you will die at the hands of someone who controls the youth of all elements. You died miserably at the tip of this Snow-White Sword. It's even more miserable than my death right now!" His figure then faded. The Snow White Sword also disappeared.


The death of the Sage was mourned by millions of people watching the fight in the sky.

The Flame, the Phoenix of Sang Alaric's contract creature, went wild. He is taken captive by the Emperor and will be enslaved to submit later and become the Emperor's next indentured being, along with another dark creature - Roc.

Despite being like a mad creature, The Flame rejected the Emperor's offer. Finally, Phoenix is imprisoned in a place shrouded in magic that no one knows where it is.

Terrified by Sage Alaric's curse before he died, the Emperor imposed a stipulation. All magic power processing is strictly regulated.

Currently, the rules are that magic is only allowed for beginners; they are a group of new children who are easily brainwashed and must train in official academies under the supervision of the Hersen Empire.

Clans, Orders, and magic organizations were all disbanded, including the Red Phoenix Clan, whose members are now fugitives in three regions-the Hersen, Qingchang, and Zolia Empires.


Time flies quickly. Spring became autumn, then it snowed, and everything turned fast. Five years have passed.

Voices of dissatisfaction with Hersen's occupation were heard everywhere. The rebels fought against the Hersen Empire. This time even the name of the Red Phoenix Organization appeared again, Again sounded. Not only in Qingchang but also developed rapidly in the Zolia Empire.

Much of the Hersen Empire's war infrastructure and arsenal was damaged and burned by a secret Organization – the Red Phoenix Clan. All happened in Qingchang and Zolia.

Every time riots and incidents occurred, the Red Phoenix Clan's secret organization always claimed they were responsible.


And the news was circulating. News that brought hope into the hearts of everyone in Qingchang and Zolia.

There was a magician; he was an expert future reader whose life was only to observe the movement of the stars in the sky. The content of the prophecy shocked the crowd very much.

"Sage Alaric will reincarnate and establish the glory of the Red Phoenix Clan, in order to overthrow the Hersen Empire."

Since then, all those who have the ability of magic or spiritual talent must have been spied on under the pretext of being sent and must go to the official Magic Academy under the supervision of the Emperor. But there, they were brainwashed into obedience to the empire.

The beginning of the story.

In Begonia City, the air feels shabby. A group of people whispered on the street corners, only adding to the gloomy atmosphere that has been crowded in the city for the past years. This city was a long time ago, once beautiful. But now, the cityscape is only filled with outdated buildings. Otherwise, it will be called rubble.

"Give me back my necklace!" shouted the little boy named Kiran.

"That's the only thing left by my sister Aura! You have no right to play with other people's favorite things!" The boy named Kiran looked angry.

He loves the necklace given by his sister Aura - who has died in battle, forcibly summoning the imperial side to fight Chosa and Shouya. As a colony of Hersen, Qingchang Country is obliged to help the Hersen Empire to fight.

Two boys and a girl were seen running away from Kiran. They are not satisfied with bullying Kiran. The necklace was carried with them, running towards the Forest of Ban. This pine forest was avoided and forbidden to everyone in Begonia city.

"I won't give up!" shouted Kiran, now chasing after Avena, the only woman among their group.

Kiran stepped on the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"It's so quiet.

Where are the three bad boys? Even though I saw their shadows sneaking in between the pine trees!"

He was considering whether to go into the forest and break the rules or wait on the side of the road; He was envious. Why did Avena, Ming, and Kai, the three children, boldly enter the supposedly haunted forest? While he was always threatened and banned by Kora Wang, his mother.

A moment later, Kiran decided. "If they dare, why wouldn't I?"

Kiran has no other choice but to get a necklace given by Aura, who becomes his favorite, when he misses the figure of his sister's affection. If his mother knew that naughty children stole the necklace, he would have been scolded instead of beaten with a bamboo stick.

Kiran strode over. It crossed the forbidden line.

Immediately there was a roar, similar to the sound of forest creatures that many people always tell in Begonia city. "Will I be eaten by a wild wolf?" asked Kiran in horror. Turning to leave, it was too late.


Chapter 2. Kiran from Begonia City

Kiran is an 11-year-old boy who lives in Begonia City with Arhun and Kora Wang, father, and mother.

He is not an only child. Two of his older brothers, Thorn Wang, were killed in a war against Chosa when he was 19. Following the death of Aura Wang, the number two elder sister who also died in the war. The Qingchang Empire recruited all to help Hersen fight Chosa and Zhouya.

Kiran still remembers. At that time, imperial soldiers were knocking on the door and carrying a letter from the empire reading in front of the door aloud,

"Thorn Wang was declared dead in the war, the Empire is very grateful for the contribution of the deceased's young manpower..."

Kiran's mother fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, Arhun Wang tried to be steadfast, hearing the official news read by the soldiers to the end. The house mourned for a month. Arhun stopped talking and just fell silent every day.

A season later, another imperial warrior came knocking on t


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