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Jimmy Chuu

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About me

Hi, I am a fantasy novel writer trying to write at Alphanovel. I specialize in Eastern fantasy and Western fantasy novels. I hope you like my writing. If many people like it, then I will add one more story: it is an Eastern fantasy story.


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  • 👁 547
  • 7.5

Kiran is a straightforward child from the puppet state of Qingchang – a colony of the Hersen Empire. Unexpectedly, Kiran meets a Phoenix creature named The Flame, a legendary Phoenix, the White Sage mounted creature Alaric. This White Sage Alaric was killed decades ago while fighting in the sky against the Warlock – Emperor Hersen. Kiran never thought that his encounter with The Flame would change his life in the future. There needs to be more history of the Phoenix, which he knows. The boy finds The Flame, a dying Phoenix who escaped from a wizarding prison after his battle with the gang of the Hersen Empire's many sorcerers – Firebenders, water benders, wind-benders and even elemental controllers. The Flame asks Kiran to perform the 'Riding' technique - uniting the soul into her. This is a dangerous act. Luckily Kiran passed the ride successfully, but The Flame made Kiran's memory forget the riding event. He would remember all that once his age was deemed sufficient by The Flame. After being revealed as a magically gifted genius boy, Kiran enjoys his glory after being revealed as an illusion weaver. Being a student at the Magentum Institute: Shanggu City made Kiran slowly steal many people's attention. He grew up until Kiran was deemed ready to work as an officer of the Kingdom of Hersen. And a significant event happened. Kiran will always remember what happened. Afterwards, Kiran is hunted down by the Hersen Empire with his minions, as he is considered a traitor, the Successor of the Red Phoenix Clan, a secret clan that continues the White Sage's struggle against King Hersen, the Warlock. What's the next story? Will Kiran be able to get through all this? Read this thrilling and memorable story, The Legend of the Phoenix Rider Sage.


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