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The Man From Another World

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Grey is the first son of Zakum, the King in the world of Pantheon (aliens). Being the first son, Grey is expected to be the next King. But Grey just wanted a normal life, and it never really occurred to him to be the ruler of their world. His younger brother was jealous of him and sabotaged him, and sent him to Earth. While Kira Jean, a simple romance writer, was maltreated by her sister and hurt for stealing the guy she wanted. Kira needs a pretend boyfriend to save herself from embarrassment in her sister’s engagement. Grey and Kira’s life intertwined. They made a deal: Grey would help Kira pretend to be her fake boyfriend, and Kira would help Grey get back on his planet. But would both of them be successful?

Chapter 1

"Who will ascend to the throne next?" That was one of the more common questions that they heard from the crowd.

The great King Zakum had called upon all of his Pantheons to assemble on the ground. They are in the world of Pantheon, which is an extraterrestrial planet that is incomprehensible to humans.

They called their people Pantheons. Aside from the King and his two sons, everyone is called Pantheons. Normal citizens are nameless.

Zakum has two sons: Grey and Blue. The first son is the expected next King of the planet.

It is anticipated that Zakum's first son will rule the Pantheon one day as King. Zakum is aware of the fact that his eldest son does not desire to succeed him as ruler of the Pantheon. He has no interest in rising to the position of King. He simply wishes to go about his life as a typical Pantheons. He yearns for a life that is ordinary.

While Zakum's youngest son is ambitious, and his goal is to become King of the Pantheon one day. He loves power and titles.

Because of this, Zakum does not want his youngest son to replace him as king of their realm. He was aware of the fact that his youngest son was self-centered and lustful for power. Zakum is sure that once he is ascended to the position of King, his youngest son will declare war on the human race.

That's why Zakum intends to give his throne to his first son before he dies. Sadly, his oldest son has little interest in succeeding his father as ruler of the Pantheon. He never acknowledges himself as a Prince.

They are not immortal, despite the fact that they possess superhuman abilities. They do perish as well. However, their lifespan is significantly greater than humans. There have been Pantheons that have lived for more than a century. It's possible that some have the misconception that humans already possess modern technology, but this is undoubtedly not the case.

In their world, the Pantheon is far more technologically advanced than the humans. A hundred times more than what can be found on Earth. There are some Pantheons that are aware of the existence of the planet Earth. Some have already seen it and observed them from a distance while they were there.

But Pantheons who knows the existence of other planets pose no harm. And, humans are completely unaware of their existence.

To humans, Pantheons like them; they call them "aliens." And in their opinion, their appearance is rather disgusting. But the actual situation was somewhat different.

They also resembled humans in appearance. They have bodies and have senses. They also possess reproductive organs. They have faces. They are able to speak up. But what sets them apart are the tiny horns on their heads.

Even more impressive is the fact that the Great King has tails. However, this does not imply that they are bad.

All Pantheons can fight. But not all Pantheons has same abilities and strength. Pantheons who has a rank is much stronger than ordinary citizen of Pantheon.

Pantheons typically have the ability to communicate with others telepathically. But due to rigorous training, several Pantheons have learned other skills that allow them to possess incredible levels of strength. They also have cities of their own. Their vehicles were not driving on the road but instead soaring through the air; therefore, there was no risk of a traffic jam being caused by them.

Everyone had the ability to fly. The process of preparing meals is so simple that even a child could do it in a wink. They have the power to give life to inanimate objects. They have the ability to create water and dream energy, both of which they can manipulate.

Everything you see in the Pantheon is the Earth's dream 1000 years from now. In the realm of Pantheon, anything and everything that would be considered inconceivable on Earth is perfectly doable.

Pantheons, all though they have individual differences, shared one common characteristic: brute. Every Pantheons is a brute, and they act barbaric. They also have the ability to construct buildings using their telepathy. Pantheons are capable of accomplishing anything. However, like other living creatures, they also have some weaknesses.

They are unable to make full use of their abilities while in another world. When they are not in the Pantheon, their power is restricted in some way. They are not totally powerless, but their power is unquestionably weakened.

As Zakum gazed down at his Pantheons, he cleared his throat and then smiled. He looks very majestic as he floats through the air in his regal chair.

"My pantheons, I've decided to step down from my position in the near future. I've reached an appropriate age, so l'd like to spend as much time as possible with my sons while I still can. I'm going to make the big announcement about who the future King will be today!" he declared to everyone.

They heard murmuring coming from every corner.

"I'm going to assume that it'll be his oldest son!"

"Of course. That's sure. He's so responsible,"

The youngest son of Zakum clenched his teeth in frustration after hearing these side comments.

He is well aware that his older brother is more popular than he is with everyone. In the eyes of many, his older brother is seen as the epitome of perfection. He is strong, a born leader and responsible.

And how much he despises that truth!

Everyone loves him. His brother is the focus of everyone's attention right now.

When are they going to start recognizing his accomplishments?

Even though Zakum's oldest son is taken aback by the announcement, it is clear that everyone anticipates him to succeed his father as the next King. But how could he say no to his father?

The idea that he might one day rule over their world had never crossed his thoughts. He is well aware that he is not yet prepared to take on such a huge responsibility. He just want to be a normal Pantheon and do what he loves in his laboratory.

But… how could he shatter his father's dream?

“The next King is no other than... my first son, Grey! Give him a round of applause!" Zakum said in a proud tone.

Everyone let out a loud gasp and smiled broadly. "Glory to the Crown Prince! Salute to the incoming Monarch!"

The youngest son of Zakum made a fist with his both hands. He couldn't accept this! No way! He's much more deserving than his older brother! He should be the next appointed King! Not him!

The appointed Prince is powerless to avoid create a short speech and tried his best to smile at their Pantheons.

His younger brother is giving him death glares. The younger brother is already planning how to get rid of his older brother. He looks irritated.

He has no intention to kill his older brother.

But he wants him out of the picture. Therefore, their father had no choice but to appoint him as the successor to the throne.

The following day, the second son spent a lot of time meticulously planning out his evil plan. He saw his older brother go to their secret laboratory. It's a room where forbidden technologies are kept hidden.

He was aware that his older brother spent his time here. He has already put everything in place. Even the ship that will send him to another planet.

The door opened.

He showed himself to his older brother, and he looked surprised.

"Brother, what are you doing here?" His older brother asked. He looks suspicious. He can't blame him.

His older brother knows he never steps here. He has no interest in locking himself in a secluded room.

He always tried to steal the spotlight from him. He will do everything to gain everyone's attention. That is something his older brother knew. He is familiar with him.

"Tm sorry, brother...but I have to do this," he said with a sly grin on his lips. "I have no other choice."

His brother's eyebrows furrowed in response. The air in the room was filled with smoke. And it's not an average puff of smoke. It won't be enough to kill him, but it will make him unconscious.

He clenched his teeth in resolve. "D*mn you! What are your plans–” His older brother collapsed before he could finish his words.

The second son beamed with satisfaction at his victory. "It's time for you to sleep, my dear brother,"

He noticed a pair of shoes. He looked the man in the eye. It was his trusted right-hand man.

"Hey, you already know what to do. You have to send my brother far away from here,"

His friend chuckled. "To Earth?"

"Hmm… what do you think?"

"I know you can't kill your brother. But you also want him to remove from your life. I guess sending him to Earth is a good decision," he suggested.

He trusts his friend more than his brother. Sigma has been his best friend since they were young.

He let out a laugh. "Good idea. Now, get your work done," he ordered in an authoritative tone.

He was startled to consciousness when he felt a splash of water on his face. He inhaled deeply before rubbing it between his fingers. It is, indeed, water. He was delighted by the breathtaking morning and beauty that greeted him. His frown deepened. As he investigated his surroundings, he concluded that he was not in the Pantheon. He is in another universe!

He rose up and began looking around him without conscious effort. He could not possibly be incorrect. He was aware by now that he was in another world. Even if everything looks to be the same in Pantheon, he is aware that he is not in his world, despite the fact that everything appears to be the same.

"Where am I...?" He mumbled to himself in frustration.

As he made his way through the park, he observed a lot of families taking advantage of some private time together. He exclaimed. He hid himself in the bushes behind a tree.

“Impossible! How come…? Is this really the Earth? These are humans," he thought to himself as he looked at them.  Although humans and their kind resemble each other, he is certain that this is the realm of humans—the planet Earth.

He was never seen in this place. On the other hand, his father and younger brother have seen this world already. And according to them, he can picture himself that this is the planet Earth.

"If there's anything that can convince me I'm not dreaming, it's this..." He concealed himself from the humans while he tried to generate energy with his hand.

When a Pantheon visits another world, they experience a gradual decline in power. Even after a few more seconds, he was unable to form any kind of energy.

“D*mn…! Don't tell me that I have no control over this situation.” He yelled out in a state of terror.

No. He is currently located in another world, and without his power, he is nothing. If humans discover that he is an invader, they have destructive weapons at their disposal.

The very idea sent shivers down his spine.

"As if I'm going to give in to that, right? Absolutely not, not ever!" He cussed to himself in a loud voice.

The most important question, though, is why he is in a different world. He had a hard time retrieving the most recent of his memories.

In his thoughts, a series of scenes played out. He was about to enter the hidden laboratory when he saw his younger brother.

It is not surprising to see him smirk at him in response. It was his younger brother's plan to do that all along. After then, he recalled that he had been knocked out by inhaling smoke.. And the next thing he knew, he was on a completely different planet!

The devious plot hatched by his younger brother! Since they were children, he had always been aware that his younger brother loathed him. And for one silly reason: he wants to rule. He wanted to be the King. He is not so dimwitted as to be unable to understand what his younger sibling is thinking.

His younger brother aspires to hold that position. If he had been honest with him, the only way he would have suggested to their father, Zakum, was that his younger brother should be appointed King instead of him. Only if he’s been transparent to him he will do that for his younger brother. He doesn’t like titles, anyway.  On the other hand, his younger sibling often makes hasty choices. He's pretty rash. And now he's on an entirely different planet!

D*mn you, brother! He muttered an obscenity to himself.

Chapter 2

He separated himself from the crowd of people, and his attention was drawn to a relatively inconspicuous piece of equipment. He decided to grab it. His eyes dilated more narrowly. He was very positive that these apparatuses were the ship. A pod that was created by his brother in order to get him here. As a result of its successful landing on Earth, the size of the ship has significantly decreased. To the extent of a single leaf.

Bravo. Because of this, nobody will recognize that what they're looking at is a ship. Nobody will ever suspect that there are "aliens" inside their world.

He shattered the model pod by smashing it between his fists and then throwing it to the ground. "I never in a million years expected you to treat me this way, my brother..."

Though he knows that these humans are no match for him, he doesn’t want to alarm them. He knows his horns are attention-seekers, so what he did was he steal the kid’s head cap. Luckily, no one


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