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The Lady of the Dead

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: J.L.E
  • Chapters: 72
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 108
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


I died in life practically, I was excluded and forgotten in a room by all my loved ones, they let me die slowly into oblivion... so, with my last breath I sold my soul for a chance of revenge and I had death on my side at all times from that night on, who would have thought that he would end up being part of my past, present and future, especially my partner to face all those traitors, only that we let our guard down, we underestimated them and ignored that we were facing an enemy almost as powerful as death itself.

Chapter 1. From lucky to unlucky

My name is Valeria Palacios, I am 26 years old and until a few months ago I could say that I was the happiest and luckiest woman in the world, I had managed to have a good relationship with my parents and they were proud of me, I married the man of my dreams and I had the best friend of all, until suddenly I got sick.

At first everyone was worried about me, it all started as weakness and sleepiness, then fatigue took over my body without permission causing me to suddenly faint several times a day, that's when we realised that something was wrong.

I thought that everyone loved me, that they were worried about me, but that all that changed a few months ago....

4 months ago...

It was getting more and more difficult for me to stay awake, according to the doctors it was only the after-effects of stress, but there seemed to be no improvement, I felt sad and lonely, for a long time my parents and husband didn't even stop by my room to ask how I was doing, the one who hurt me the most was my husband, living in the same roof, but he didn't even come to say good morning or good night...

The door to my room opened, I was filled with excitement and joy to imagine my husband entering through that door, but I was very disappointed to see my work partner.

- Valeria, how are you doing?

- Hello Roberto, the question answers itself, don't you think, every time worse

By then my hair was just beginning to fall out and the black bags under my eyes were becoming more noticeable.

He looked at me with regret, he sat on the chair in front of my bed, I didn't want to see him... his look of pain and pity bothered me, his gaze was fixed on the glass doors of the balcony in front of him.

- I'm sorry, I really am, and more so because I have some bad news for you...

- Is something wrong with the companies? Is Jair not doing things right?

- This has nothing to do with your business, but it has to do with your husband and family. - I turned quickly to look at him, his gaze making me very uneasy and filling me with uncertainty.

- What's going on with them?

- I overheard them talking in the office, your parents and Jair, they had spoken to the doctor who said that your health was not good and unfortunately it was only getting worse and they couldn't find a way to make you better if they didn't find a cure or treatment quickly....

- It would be a matter of time before I die, the doctor told me personally...- I wasn't going to say that I wasn't surprised that my parents and husband talked about it, since I asked the doctor not to tell them anything yet, I wanted to avoid them to suffer, but as far as the story goes no one seems to be crying for me.

- Well they were talking about how they will divide everything you have between them when you die.

- What?!

I started to cough loudly, feeling my lungs tearing causing me a strong pain in my chest, Roberto got up quickly, gave me a glass of water and started patting my back, I couldn't believe what I had just heard I wasn't dead yet and they were already thinking about everything they would have left when I was gone.

- Roberto, are you absolutely sure about what you're telling me?

- Totally, you are still alive and they are already planning to divide the wood from the tree that has not yet fallen, I know it must be difficult for you, but now that your health is not so bad it is a good time to stipulate your will, to leave everything in order so that later they are not fighting among themselves for your goods.

- They won't fight for anything later because I don't plan to leave them absolutely nothing of what is mine.

Roberto looked at me impressed at first, but then he looked at me with pride and admiration, despite being choked with rage, full of sadness and with endless feelings and mixed emotions I was not an idiot.

I was lucky enough to win the lottery practically, I helped a man who was almost on the verge of death when no one else bothered to do it, thank heaven the gentleman was saved and sought me soon after, he was an entrepreneur with a thriving business, at that time I was nothing more than a nuisance to my parents, that man was the closest thing I had to the love of a family I called him grandfather, but he died a few months later, by then I was working in his company was great my surprise when I learned that the man had inherited me all his empire.

After that, when the news was not yet official, but the rumors were strong, everyone magically changed with me, especially my parents that for them now if I was a pride and the man of my dreams that at some point I was invisible to him, noticed me.

Until that moment I could see how stupid I was not to realize that they did not want me, but what I possessed and could offer them, what they could get from me, I was blinded by the happiness of having what I had always wanted, loving parents, the love of my life, but it was all a smokescreen where behind it they hid their bad intentions, but they had dropped their mask and I would not allow them to benefit from my suffering.

- I realize that you finally see it, the true intentions of all of them.

- I remember you telling me this some time ago and I found it impossible to believe, how could I have been so stupid?

- Don't be offended like that little Valery, you were so excited and happy that you were not able to notice that.

- Your boss was wrong when he said I was smart.

- No, he didn't because in spite of everything you are not getting carried away by your emotions and you are here firm in making the right decision without hesitation and that little girl is strong and smart.

Roberto was the trusted man of the man who left me all his fortune, Mr. Uriel? since then he became mine, guiding me and teaching me everything to become a great businesswoman as his master was.

- Roberto, I want you to take full control of all my companies, when I die they will be yours. - He opened his eyes wide and raised both eyebrows in surprise: "My properties to be sold, the money raised along with the money I have saved in the bank I want it to be used to improve schools, hospitals, orphanages, donate it to more foundations.

- Are you sure about all this little girl


- Yes, very sure... make sure that nobody finds out about the contents of this will, I don't want my parents and Jair to take advantage of it to buy things in their name, I want them to be sure that everything I have will be theirs, the only thing I regret is not being able to see their faces when I die and they find out that I leave them nothing... not a single penny...

Chapter 2. A soul for revenge

My body hurts more and more every day, even breathing is becoming difficult, my limbs feel like lead, I need to make a superhuman effort to move, even one centimeter in this uncomfortable bed.

In spite of being 26 years old I look like someone much older, like a woman walking the end of the old age path towards death, my skin has become somewhat flaccid, dry and pale, I have a face finished by tiredness full of dark circles and wrinkles, my hair that before was shiny and abundant has become dull and brittle, besides it has started to fall considerably.

I did not understand the reason for this punishment, life did nothing but torture me, I was never a bad person even though everyone around me was bad to me.

And now all those people were happy while I was slowly dying in oblivion within the walls of this lonely room, with no one to care about me, even though at some point I did everything for them.

It was a beautiful day, although I


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