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The King's Woman

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Avila grew up emotionally damaged by the man she thought was her father, she was hated and disrespected in her kingdom and as the heir to the throne, she was rejected by her people because she was born blind. What happens to her after the war and their kingdom is lost to Sabaene kingdom where the king took her in? Would he be able to love her or would he hate her because he lost his parents in the hands of Avila's father? Read the fantasy historical romance of the king and his woman. ......... "I owe you, i own the air you breathe, i own your body, i own everything in you, you're bonded to me forever."


Princess Avila stood looking up to the small window in her castle. Something she normally does whenever she's in thought, she had a feeling, a very weird one that something was going to happen today, something no one expected.

It is a very important day for the people of the Magadha kingdom, a day when a crown princess, the ruler of the kingdom, would be chosen. Being the first daughter of king Williams III, normally many would expect her to be the chosen one but the people of the kingdom didn't think so, she was born blind from birth, and not the people wanted a blind ruler.

The door of her room opened and her maid, Saria walked in.

"My princess…it is time," Saria said, watching her back. She carried with her a basket containing fine linen.

Avila slowly turned around, Saria dropped the basket on the floor and went to offer her a hand, and walked her to the mirror.

"I think it's not going to rain today, Saria," Avila stated as Saria's hand went around her shoulder pulling down her white dress.

Saria's eyes widened, "Don't say that to the hearing of your father, he will have my head." Saria spoke fearfully, wondering why she would predict such. She knew that whatever the princess says always comes to pass.

She made her sit in front of the mirror and began working on her hair, "The people wouldn't like to hear such either." Saria added.

Avila smiled and said, "I'm telling you what's going to happen, I'm not wishing the kingdom bad luck, I would say something was going to happen."

For two years, the kingdom had suffered great drought, today everyone expected it to rain because lifting the staff of authority comes with many blessings. The people believed that the heaven would finally pity them and bless them with rain. They expected the keeper of the staff to help beg the gods of heaven.

"My princess, people had been deliberating on why it took so long to rain, some said the gods wanted it to be on this special day, while some said the crown princess would make it rain, but you're telling me it's never going to happen, my fears are the chaos that it will bring if it comes to past today."

Saria was still speaking when the door opened which made the both of them turn. Saria's heart skipped when the priestess walked in.

"Who's that, Saria?." Avila asked, feeling cold instantly. Before Saria could reply, the priestess began coming closer.

Saria bowed to her and stepped back.

"My princess." The priestess called and bowed.

Avila knew who it was without being answered, she struggled to stand but the priestess stopped her from doing so. Immediately her hand touched Avila, it was as if everything stopped, her silver eyes turned stoned as she felt herself slipping down to her vision.

"I can't see. The gods leave me no choice but to find a successor." The priestess said to her maid. Avila suddenly saw herself back to her room, with the priestess looking down at her.

"Give us a minute." The priestess ordered, Saria bowed and rushed out of the room.

There was silence.

The priestess cleared her throat and asked, "You saw it, didn't you?."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Avila looked away.

"I can see through you, princess. When you were born, I knew your gifts." Avila tilted her head back to her, she thought only her mother knew this, how does she know?

"I never visited all these years because it will arise suspicion, the king will get to know and you'll be in danger."

"Why are you here, priestess?." Avila asked impatiently.

"Because I want you to tell me what you've seen today. What is it that the gods can't show me?."

There was another silence between them. Avila was reluctant to say a word because any word she says right now will determine if the priestess was right about her visions.

"You have to help me, my princess." She held her tender hands, looking into her eyes.

"It will not rain today." Avila blurted.

"What?." A worried look went to the priestess's face.

"If it does not rain today, it only means that the successor of the throne can't be her." She thought outwardly forgetting that Avila was there.

"What do you mean by that? what do you mean that my sister can't become the crown princess?."

"I will be on my way." The priestess bowed and walked out.

Saria ran in, breathing heavily, "The event has started, my princess."


Princess Ivy is excited to be sworn in today. She had waited and anticipated today's event because she was next in line to rule the kingdom.

She smiled, looking at herself in the mirror as her maid caked her face up with makeup.

"You look very pretty, my princess." Her maid said to her, she kept batting her eyelashes as she licked her lips.

"Do you think anyone would be pleased?." Her maid asked again.

She frowned.

It's her inheritance, she doesn't care if anyone had a problem with that, after all her big sister is blind. She faked a smile instantly, "Of course. The people want me to rule, not some blind girl." She replied and chuckled, checking herself even when she wasn't sure. Avila is her elder sister, the people loved her very much. She has worn the hearts of many and Ivy suddenly disliked her.

Ivy hated her sister so much and anytime she's being reminded that her sister is much better, she would feel like killing her right away. But knowing well the people chose her to lead the kingdom, became her consolation.

She stood up and turned around, examining herself as she adjusted her dress, feeling proud that she looked dashing today. The door creaked open revealing Diana dressed in her silver gown.

Diana is her cousin and best friend. She had come to see Ivy before the event.

"Wow.Your Highness." Diana bowed and Ivy laughed, holding her hands.

"Your wish is already coming to pass. I'm so happy for you." Diana told her and she smirked and turned back to the mirror.

Diana went to her and held onto her shoulder, "Let's go. The king and the people must be waiting."


The women walked ahead while a guard followed up closely, as they chatted happily on the way, they met Avila walking from another corner, and they stopped to greet her.

They bowed before her, and Avila stood still.

"You look so beautiful, sister," Ivy told her, trying to hide her jealousy. Avila looks extremely appealing with her delicate skin, her makeup was moderate and her hair was crimped up revealing her neckline. A sapphire blue stone necklace was on her neck, it was a gift from her mother. Ivy eyed the necklace with anger, her hands shaking. Diana noticed and held her hand to calm her down.

"I know you're beautiful darling, today is your day, I'm so happy for you," Avila said to her, feeling uncomfortable that she could not bring herself up to tell her what was going to happen, and the last time they spoke was three years ago when her father scolded her for leaving the palace and strictly ordered the guards to watch her closely.

She smiled broadly, "Thank you, Avila. You're the best sister ever."

Avila's smiles were priceless, she wondered how Ivy looked, she wished to see her smiles, all she's ever seen all her life was darkness, she felt really sad and didn't want to ruin the day.

"Alright, I'll walk with you."

Her maid (Saria) led her to stand with Ivy and they began walking toward the throne hall.

There was silence as none of the sisters spoke, Avila rarely speaks, while Ivy didn't know how to start a conversation.

"And how have you been sister?." Avila asked, Ivy sighed and cleared her throat.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry that I couldn't come to see you, I've been busy with the affairs of the kingdom and father made sure I learned the etiquette of a princess," She boasted and laughed, rubbing her hand over her blond hair.

Avila knew it was to spite her, her father hated her so much and she never got to learn what a princess should, although Saria occasionally steals books from the royal library and reads it to her always.

"Here they are." A voice shouted, getting her attention.

"My princess.." The prime minister's son called, holding Avila's hand and ignoring Ivy. Ivy was filled with rage and jealousy.

"I've been hoping to see you." He said and kissed the back of her hand, everyone was looking at them now.

Avila chuckled nervously, "And you are?."

"Lord Ramus of the Rolfe Clan." He answered, still holding her hand.

Saria whispered in her ear, "He's the prime minister's son, the heir to Rolfe Clan." Avila quickly remembered this same man was the one asked to marry Ivy.

She quickly took her hand from his and smiled, "Oh, welcome." She replied and Saria led her away quickly. The people present began murmuring and Ivy was already dying of jealousy. She stomped her foot and walked out furiously. Diana followed quickly.

A hand grabbed Ramus from behind, he turned to find his father, "Why did you do that? Have you forgotten why you're here?."

"No. I'm here to see my true love, and princess Avila is the one I want to marry." He answered and his father's eyes went wide with shock.


The prime minister's eyes went wide with shock.

"What?." He shouted, and everyone looked at the father and son. He looked around and dragged Ramus away.

Princess Ivy reached outside and shouted, kicking the air and squeezing her hand as if she was holding onto Avila's neck.

"My princess.." Diana called, running down the stairs.

"I swear. I'm gonna kill her myself.." She seethed, and the guests who were walking up to the throne hall were staring at her.

Diana noticed this and rushed to stand with Ivy, "What're you doing? people are watching." She whispered to her and dragged her away quickly.

They stopped at the back of the building where no one was seen.

"What's going on? Why was Ramus greeting her and not me?." She queried.

Diana sighed, "You know your sister, she doesn't go unnoticed." She said suddenly and Ivy glared at her.


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