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The King of superpowers

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kevin
  • Chapters: 25
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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No one can answer how to eat a dragon. The beast symbolizing evil is bound by a good heart, and both good and evil are no longer pure. Only the innocence of childhood is eternal. What will the future be like? What surprises are there? The truest dream charm of ordinary people is displayed in the city.

Chapter 1

In the wuxia novels, the protagonist often becomes a Peerless master after eating some kind of Super treasure. But if such a thing happened in real life, what would it become? A monster? I don't know.

Wang Daming is a very common name. He lives in a small village by the sea in K County and is seventeen years old this year. He is a first-year student at K High School in K City, with average grades.

He has an ordinary appearance, but his body is a little large, with a weight of over one hundred and twenty kilograms, which is indeed a little "big". Fortunately, his height is nearly one meter and eighty, which stretches out his body, otherwise he looks like a ball. Even so, everyone still doesn't want to approach him.

Because of this, Daming has very few friends. Almost no one. Many people have advised Daming to lose weight, but he doesn't mind it.

People like Daming are naturally the objects of ridicule in the class. At first, Daming would also get angry. But after six years of primary school and three years of junior high school, no matter who you are, you will get used to it.

Habitualization is second nature. Daming has forgotten when he stopped getting angry.

In fact, he hasn't been angry for a long time. Like now, the classmates call him [frozen electric pigs]. Like all student careers, there are always several people in each class who like to Laugh at others for fun.

Daming doesn't mind it either. After all, these people lack self-confidence and need to compare their own strengths to others' weaknesses to gain superiority.

Daming is only sixteen years old this year, but he feels like he's sixty years old. Not only himself, but also his teachers and friends think so.

The teacher who graduated from Daming's junior high school gave him the evaluation,[Young and wise, with high moral integrity]

He also felt funny about it. He just has a more philosophical view on things and looks at things more open-mindedly.

Reading books on the side, sleeping, and daydreaming are Daming's favorite things to do. Like today, Daming found a very secluded place to go fishing.

Daming only does activities that don't waste his energy. Besides, he can daydream when fishing. Online gaming is also a good choice, but there are too many people on holidays.

People like Daming with bad grades and laziness are only seen as two words in the eyes of others, [waste].

The float bounced on the water's surface and then sank. Daming didn't pay attention to it and continued to meditate.

In his dream last night, he dreamed of his classmate from junior high school, the class flower, a elegant beauty who was also the school flower at that time. How many people chased after her!

Daming admits that he was attracted to the school flower, but he also knows very well who he is. Daming has always had a clear understanding of when to play what role. He knows very well when to stop and appreciate things. So for the school flower, Daming stopped at appreciation and was not fascinated by her. Two months after junior high school graduation, Daming forgot all about the school flower. Not only her name, but also her appearance has completely disappeared from his memory.

Why did he dream of her yesterday? Daming classified it as subconsciousness affecting him.

The float moved a little and then sank. Daming woke up from his meditation and pulled hard on the fishing rod.

It's heavy, maybe he caught a big fish!

At the same time that Daming thought so, a small boat sailed into this secluded cove and accidentally hit Daming's fishing line.

With a bang sound, the big fish slipped away. Daming was about to curse when a cold object pressed against the back of his head.

"I can't believe there's someone here! Big brother, let's just finish this now." A deep male voice came from behind Daming.

"No, this will leave a trace. If the police find out, it will be very troublesome. Let's take it out to sea to finish it" The person called Big Brother answered nonchalantly.

"That's right, kid. Get up. You just can't blame your bad luck for this. Where can you go instead of getting in our way?" After saying that, all of Daming's things were kicked into the water to destroy any evidence.

Daming was forced onto a small boat, just as he had expected. Two men who clearly belonged to the underworld were present, holding black pistols in their hands.

"Guns," Daming said with a slightly awed tone. This was the first time he had seen a real gun, and it made him a little emotional. However, it was now pointing at him, and Daming couldn't muster any joy.

There was also a burlap sack on the boat, just the right size and shape for a person.

"Kidnapping," the word immediately popped into Daming's mind. It seemed that he wasn't going to have an ordinary day. He didn't feel sad about his own life coming to an end, as he had an open view towards death.

When his grandfather passed away, Daming couldn't even cry.

"There is birth and there is death. It's useless for a worthless person like me to live, and it's干脆(crisp and clean) to die. Besides, someone will handle the aftermath, but the process won't be pleasant."

The small boat stopped next to a large yacht, and Daming and the burlap sack were taken onto the yacht.

There was another person on the yacht.

"What about this fat guy?" the man asked.

"He's an eyewitness. It's okay to take him out to sea and deal with him later. Did you get the money on that side?" the leader replied coldly.

"Yes, I got it. The amount is correct."

"Good. Let's run to the mainland and see what the police can do." The leader smiled (slightly).

"What about the hostage?" the man asked, pointing at the burlap sack.

"Of course we're going to do something about it, but she's so pretty, we shouldn't waste her." He then opened the burlap sack and let out a girl.

The girl was wearing a student uniform from a famous school in K city. She had a good figure and fair skin, but her face was hidden by her long hair, so it was hard to see clearly. However, her shoulders were trembling, indicating that she was crying.

"Who goes first?" the leader asked coldly.

"I'll go first. A girl like this is a rare delicacy. I've been wanting to try her for a while," said one of the men who had come on the boat with the leader, as he roughly lifted the girl's head.

Daming was startled. It wasn't his classmate, the school flower, Lin... something? How had she been kidnapped?

The girl's eyes were red and swollen, indicating that she had been crying for a long time. She was struggling and looked very anxious when the kidnappers tried to force themselves on her.

"Little beauty, don't struggle. Big brother will make you feel incredible," said Daming, addressing the men on the boat as "Big Brother" and "Kidnapper A" and "Kidnapper B".

Now Kidnapper A was holding the school flower and trying to take her into the cabin to enjoy himself, but he didn't notice Big Brother sneering at him from behind.

There was a loud bang, and Kidnapper A's head exploded. The school flower screamed.

The man who had been guarding Daming, Kidnapper B, shouted, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I just thought you were getting in the way," said Big Brother as he shot Kidnapper B several times.

"You won't get away with this," Kidnapper B said as he died, his eyes still open.

"They won't know about it. I set explosives on the boat. They're about to explode, and they'll think we're all dead," said Big Brother as he squatted next to Kidnapper B and spoke coldly.

There was a gunshot, and Big Brother looked incredulously at his chest as he felt a hole in his heart and blood streaming out. He turned around to see Daming holding a pistol with smoke coming out of the end of it.

"Good kid, I accept my defeat this time, but you're going to die with me," said Big Brother as he looked murderously at Daming before collapsing dead.

Chapter 2

Daming watched as his older brother held something in his hand, without much thought, he jumped out of the boat with the school flower in his arms. With a loud bang, a wave of fire came from behind Daming, but he only used his large body to tightly protect the delicate figure of the school flower. After the explosion, the remains of the boat gradually sank, and the sea surface,as if nothing had happened.

The pain, like a stabbing heartache, came from behind Daming, waking him from unconsciousness. Waves crashed against Daming's body, and he found himself on the beach, with a crab walking past his eyes. Daming dragged his aching body to its feet and saw that the school flower was lying nearby. "Hey, are you alive? Answer me if you're alive," Daming called weakly.

He could still breathe and see that her chest was moving, indicating that she was indeed alive, but he didn't know when she would wake up. Daming dragged the school flower to a coconut tr


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