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The Half Demon Prince And His Broken Bride

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Joy
  • Chapters: 44
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 380
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


Rhi turned back to leave and her eyes landed on two pairs of eyes she has seen before. He was the man from the alliance banquet! She stared right into his eyes and he was also looking at her. For a moment, everything stopped. To Rhi, it was like time stopped and they stopped with it. She could feel her already tensed-up heart ramming heavily against her chest. Why was she feeling like this? What was wrong with her? “We meet again,” he said calmly and lowly. His eyes were fixated on her. “Who are…” Rhi stopped for a moment. “He's gone.” .... At first, their marriage was just a deal for the successful alliance of the humans and demons but after marriage, many things happened, things that changed their lives and those around them. Rhi didn't believe in past life but after getting a glimpse of what she was in her past life, she realized that her marriage with Chen isn't as easy as she thinks it is. If she's not careful, they might experience a painful end like they did in their past lives. A love story between a demon and a human... but what if they were meant to be? What if their story wasn't a coincidence but the actual continuation of their past lives?

Zhu Rhi

It was the new moon.

The sky was greatly bespangled with shining stars and it was so beautiful. The moon was also shining brightly making the Central city of Zemia lively. Outside the palace gates were noble ladies and men in carriages waiting for their turn to enter the palace. Tonight was the night everyone was waiting for, the ball for the alliance with the demons.

Zemia, the first-ever country to form an alliance with the strong demons after the war was the human Kingdom among the four Kingdoms of the world. Calbra, Mystone, and Aquadom were the other Kingdoms that rules the Earth. Calbra is the Kingdom of the Witches, Mystone is the Kingdom where demons reside and Aquadom is the Kingdom where supernatural beings reside (before the war). Among all this four, Aquadom is the only kingdom that no one knew anything about since the war. It was known to all the inhabitants of the earth that Aquadom is no longer in existence since the war though it is still among the countries on earth. But to some, Aquadom existed but there was no way to get there and some believed Aquadom is no longer in existence.

Being the first ever species to form an alliance with the demons since the war that almost wiped out the existence of all creatures on earth, the humans decided to celebrate the success by inviting the demons and the influential figures of Zemia.

Zhu Rhi was a noble lady, one of the prettiest and most well-reserved ladies in the influential society. She’s the only daughter of the great prime minister, Minister Zhu, the man who made the alliance possible. Rhi, since a child has always been a child anyone could dream of. She’s one of the best archers in Zemia and was recognized by the King and the royalties for her success in her academics and also for her brilliance in the affairs of the country. While everyone was happy about the alliance, only Rhi was unhappy. She furrowed her brow whenever anyone greets her and the expression on her face shows how disheartened she is. She shifted her gaze to her father who was smiling at his friends. A ball of hatred formed in her heart as she watched her father laugh. How dare he laugh when she’s sad? How dare he behave like a hero when he was never one?

Tears brimmed in her eyes and she felt herself losing balance.

“Lady Rhi, is anything the problem?” A deep alluring voice jolts her out of reverie.

She turned back only to find the son of Lord Wu, Wu Yichen. Yichen was her acquaintance. They’ve met in banquets and have become familiar with each other.

“Sir Wu.”

She composed herself and maintained her straight face.

“I’m alright, thanks for your concern.”

Wu Yichen nodded afterward. He stood beside her, talking about affairs that happened in the small cities. Yichen noticed how faraway Rhi is. She wasn’t even listening to him. He immediately felt something was wrong. The Zhu Rhi he knew was the type of lady that would flare up whenever it is a discussion about things she knows but here she was, not even listening to what he was saying.

Just when he was about to talk, her beautiful voice stopped him.

“Sir Wu, I need to excuse myself before our guests arrive,” she said, stressing on ‘guests'. And just like that, she walked away from him.

Only she knew what was wrong with her, only she knew her life has ended the moment the alliance with the demons was formed. No one knew what her father did to persuade the demons but they all praised Minister Zhu for his kindness.

Kindness, tsk!

She clenched her fist hard, walking out of the crowd. All she wants now is to get out of here and maybe shut herself from this world. Her heart squeezed in pain as she recalled the conversation she had with her parents last week. She had thought her father was the strict one but her mother even agreed to her father’s plan. Minister Zhu has always been good to her but that fatherly love, she never received any of it. All her life, she has been treated like a princess by her mother but her father has never asked how she’s doing.

She recalled vividly when she hits the bull’s eye for the first time. She had run to her mother to inform her but she met her father too.

“Father and Mother, I did it today!” Thirteen year old Rhi had told her parents excitedly. The response she received from her mother was good but her father’s response made her heart ache, even now.

“Rhi, whatever! Go to your room now.”

His voice was calm but it felt to her that he was suppressing the real meaning of his words.

A drop of tear fell off her face and before she knew it she was running towards the garden situated in the palace.


She heard a familiar voice as soon as she got to the garden. She teared up more as she saw the person that called her. She didn’t expect to see her here. She never thought she would attend the banquet.

“Alix” she murmured before walking towards the lady that was standing in front of the legendary oak tree.

Alix was her sister, the adopted child of the Zhu family. Alix is a year older than her but they looked like the same age. Sometimes people find it hard to believe that they aren’t twins. Their resemblance is uncanny and even in how they behaved with each other, it was as if they’ve known each other since childhood but the fact was that Alix was adopted when Rhi was fourteen.

“Hey big baby, stop crying.”

Alix was fond of calling her whenever Rhi was frustrated or angry.

“I need to cry, I really need to” Rhi was smiling now.

Alix's expression changed instantly as she remembered something.

“Rhi, are you OK?” she asked gently. Somehow, her voice soothed Rhi and she felt herself relaxing more.

“I heard you are betrothed and you are soon leaving Zemia.”

Rhi's heart shattered when she heard what Alix said. She had wanted to hide it from her because she never want her to find out she was leaving Zemia. Her heart ached as she gulped down the spit in her throat.

“Yes, I am.”


Rhi never meant for Alix to find out this way but it's late already. She pressed her lips together, biting them angrily. She raised her head only to find Alix glaring at her dangerously.

"Rhi! Are you okay?! I mean are you well?! Why did you accept this? You became someone's betrothed in just a week and the person is a demon?!" Alix raised her voice, her eyes glinting with anger. "A demon Rhi! And you agreed to this?! You allow Father to use you?"

Alix balled her fist in anger. She was tired of everything, tired of the family. Why is Minister Zhu using her daughter for his games? Why can't he use her? His adopted daughter? She had noticed the change in Minister Zhu's demeanor these days. He spends his time in the palace most of the time these days which was suspicious to her. The last time she was at the palace, she saw him behind the oak tree, the same oak tree that was behind her. She couldn't help but monitor his movement and then she heard about Rhi getting engaged with a demon. She had thought Rhi would refuse it and decided to keep mum ever since she heard of it but her younger sister didn't talk this out with her and instead decided to get engaged to a demon.

"He's my father, Sis! I have no other choice than to listen to him" Rhi replied, hot tears strolling down her cheeks.

The truth is she really doesn't want this either. Who would want a demon to be their future partner? To them, demons are just as they sound. Ugly, and ruthless, with claws, scales, huge teeth,monster-like like bodies, are the definition of demons to them.

"If you don't want this Rhi, tell them you don't want to be engaged to a demon" Alix almost yelled. She could feel the anger boiling inside her and she could only think of venting her anger on someone. She obviously cannot vent her anger on the poor girl who was suddenly betrothed to a demon.

"I don't…."

A large noise from the hall interrupted Rhi. She faced the direction the noise came from. She tilted her head to look at Alix who only crease her eyebrows. Their beloved guest seems to have arrived and her fellow humans will make some scene.

"Sis, I gotta go. We will talk later" Rhi walked away, lifting her dress to avoid getting stained or to avoid stepping on it. The gown was too long anyway and she disliked it but what choice does she have when her mother picked it for her?

She glanced at Alix before walking away finally. She was worried Alix would be bothered for not attending the banquet but then, Alix was never interested in parties or getting dressed up. Alix doesn't wear a female outfit, she only wears boots and trousers. Minister Zhu and his wife beseem to be uninterested in Alix's matters. They were not even concerned she act like a boy. And eventually, she became attached to boys' outfits and never attend banquets, soirees, or tea parties.

"Lady Rhi."

Wu Yichen who was concerned about how she left the other time had followed her. He saw her coming to the hall with anxiety and curiosity.

"I was worried you left" he murmured.

Rhi knew of his feeling and she harbored feelings for him too, though she wasn't sure. Who wouldn't fall for the handsome son of Lord Wu? Not only is he handsome, but he's also one of the most successful businessmen in Zemia. The type of businessman that could get deals with his intelligence. But it's late now, she's engaged to someone she has never seen in her life and it will be futile if she tries to fight back. How pathetic she was, how pathetic!

"I went to see my sister."

She forced a smile as they both walk inside the hall.

"The guests are here," he said awkwardly.

Rhi nodded and they both walk inside the hall. The nobles had already gathered around. The imperial prince was on the stage introducing the guests. The demons were dressed in tunics and were wearing masks that covered their face. Rhi frowned when she saw how distant the demons were. They must be really ugly, she thought.

She had thought her father would introduce her to her betrothed but her father wasn't even concerned about her. She sneered when her father went to the stage to give his speech.

"I'm grateful for the support you've given me everyone. If not because of the support, all things wouldn't have been possible. My special thanks go to the imperial family for making me take over this royal project, I'm really grateful" he paused. " Prince Wei of Mystone, I thank you for your cooperation and thanks to the demons too."

His speech was filled with gratitude and pride. He managed to get the demons to be their ally after all. His name has been included in the history book of Zemia and the royalties have acknowledged him as one of them. It sounded funny how the Royalties didn't ask about how Minister Zhu managed to get the demons to be their ally. It has been years after the war and they've been enemies since then Hi even though they never fight or hold grudges against each other. The demons being their ally, to them, was one of their biggest achievements but the bitter truth is that this achievement will be their biggest regret.

After Minister Zhu's speech, it was time for the dance. Rhi's first partner was Yichen and after some, she changed partners. Her fourth partner was someone she has never seen before. She creased her brow as she smelled his minty cologne. She has never seen him or seen anyone with his features. He was too good looking and his hair was different from any kind.

Rhi has mastered the features of all the nobles in Zemia and she's aware of their names. But, he looks different. He has a sharp jawline and slanted eyes that looked wolf-like. She's never heard of any noble family with slanted eyes in Zemia.

He wasn't even looking at her when they were dancing and he made no mistake which made Rhi somehow suspicious of the man. When it was time to change partners, the music stopped leaving them both in each other's embrace. Before Rhi could speak, he let go of her waist and then turn around to leave. But he said something.

"We will meet again Lady Rhi," the man said and vanished right in front of her.

The real daughter

She frowned as she saw him vanishing right in front of her. She looked around and to her dismay, she found no one that looked like him. Her eyes caught Yichen who was having a conversation with one of the noble ladies in Zemia. She walked to them, putting on a beautiful smile.

“Sir Wu and Lady Anna” she bowed her head, lifting her gown at the same time.

“Lady Rhi, you are still as dashing as the star” Anna complimented, a smile etched up at one side of her face.

Rhi glared at her and realized Anna was putting on the latest trending design made by the famous fashion designer, Zhou Chen. She recalled how her mother had asked her to wear the same design to the ball. She felt happy she changed her clothes, otherwise she would have been so embarrassed if she ended up wearing the same cloth as the youngest lady of the Qi family, Anna.

“Thank you Lady Anna” she replied politely before shifting her gaze to Yichen. “Sir Wu, Did you see the


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