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"What the f*ck! Who are you?! You're the one standing at the end of the street, right? Who are you!!" "Howl." The man named Bast Howl was a guardian deity sent to protect animals on earth. Anna is a detective who investigates an unnatural death case. But in the middle of her investigation, in the wilderness. Anna is attacked by a mysterious human figure, causing Anna to get hurt. Suddenly another mysterious man came just before a sharp knife pierced his heart. Howl was sent to find out the traitor who fled to earth and echoed into a human figure who killed many humans and animals on earth. Howl and Anna share the same mission, until they decide to work together. But when the two live together, feelings of love arise between each other. This absurd love story makes them unable to be honest about their feelings. Can they solve that mysterious case? Can they be together?

Chapter 1

[2020-12-25, Christmas Eve]

"This is the last …!!"

The big man just threw a sack into a covered pick-up car.

There were cries of a meowing cat from inside the pick-up car. So many sacks are piled up there—moving around. The two grown men seemed indifferent to the sound of crying that sounded so painful from inside the tightly bound sack.

A lonely night in an abandoned warehouse and so many times a worn-out cage. Even so many blood patches on that wet, muddy floor.

"Tonight we're going to eat meat and soju!" said one of the men who had a tone tattoo on his left hand. Get in the car.

"Hurry up! The boss is waiting!"

The man with the big body looks impatient to bring in all his hunting gear tonight.

The old blue car started to drive in the heavy rain through a trail that only one car could pass. Along such a dark street, not one street lamp was on except for the headlights of the car headlights.

The faces that are so happy will earn a lot of money after what they did for one week.

But the driver's face began to change.

"What is it? Man?" he asked.

"What? Human? Where?"

The human figure standing in the middle of the road is becoming clearer. The atmosphere slowly began to grip because of the violent thunderstorms.

They are surprised when a flash of light hits their car along with the sound of thunder that thunders so loudly.

The headlights of the car they were riding immediately burst into darkness.

"What the hell was that? Were we struck by lightning?"

"Ah! D*mn it! Our car broke down!"

They began to feel resentment over the unexpected events in their cars. The driver immediately gets out of the car and holds a flashlight for illumination. However, he was confused because the man he saw was gone.

"What the f*ck! What was that ghost? D*mn it! Are there still ghosts today!" he said as he walked towards the front of the car to check the engine of the car.

"Oi! Big pig! Hurry up and check our money in the back!"

"Yes! You're always just an emotion …,"

The big man came out with a breast that was even smaller in size than his body size. Walk towards the back of the car, make sure the little furry creatures are safe.

"Oh! What the f*ck!"

Suddenly, he was surprised to see the man standing in front of him wearing a black umbrella.

"Who are you?! Why are you here!" he snapped, threateningly with the little umbrella he was holding.

"I'm just a passing pedestrian. But suddenly I smell bad from here..."

The man did not show his face because he was covered with an umbrella—so his index finger pointed toward a pile of sacks covered with black tarpaulins.

The fat man was confused by what he said. How could the car smell bad, obviously everything in the sack is alive.

"Don't interfere! Get out of here!"

He tried to expel the stranger by pushing him. But suddenly the fat man's hand became as crooked as perfect as a broken bone. The fat man screamed in pain until he sat on the wet ground.

"Ahh! It hurts!! It hurts!"

The fat man even cried because he couldn't believe seeing the right hand he used to push the foreign man crooked.

"Hey!! What's going on?! Why are you so noisy?! Hey pig!"

The man who was trying to fix the car was confused when he heard his friend crying. He's trying to get to his friend.

He was speechless and panicked when he saw the condition of his friend's hand that had become crooked.

"Why! What's wrong with your hand, bro?!"

The fat man tried to point with his left hand, which seemed to vibrate towards his friend's back.


"Behind you."

"My back?"

The man immediately looked back. Suddenly he was surprised to sit down with a confused face, because when he came there was no one but his friend. However, suddenly there appeared a man in a black robe and strangely he was not wet because of the rain water. It's more like rain doesn't rain on that weird guy.

"What the f*ck! Who are you?! You're the one standing at the end of the street, right? Who are you!!"


"Howl? Hahahaha! What an ugly name!"

The man insulted so easily without fear. He even started pulling out a knife thrust at the strange man.

"What have you done to my friend? Who are you! I don't care who you are, you're gonna die today."

"Dead …?"

"Yes, you're dead!"

"What if you check your car? Your car smells bad."

"What are you talking about! There's no way my car stinks!"

The man keeps evading and tries to open the tarpaulin that covers his car's tub. Suddenly the man immediately fell limp, because both eyes saw so many snake carcasses.

"What the f*ck! How could … How can it turn into a snake, it's obvious that I caught a live cat. Why? Why be a snake! Who are you! Who the hell are you, *ssh*l*!"

The man began to fear—the body trembled but his pride continued to resist and continued to say harsh words without guilt.

"I told you. Your car smells bad, you don't want to hear."

Howl slowly shows his form in front of both men who have committed a crime without showing any guilt.

"You should live by doing good things, not by doing dirty things." Howl said quietly as he squatted before the man with the dragon tattoo on his hand.

The man stared with anger as if he wanted to kill Howl immediately. But it seems they've taken the wrong path and met Howl.

"There's no need to be wise. You're a priest? They're vermin! I'm just helping to eradicate the pests that have already damaged this earth. They're useless little creatures, disgusting and always stealing food. Look! I've done good, haven't I? exterminate the pests of the earth. Hahaha!!" he said with a proud laugh.

Howl smiled at the man. It is terrible to see a man who will never realize his mistake before he sees how creepy death is.

Howl laughed harder than he did. Until he's confused.

"HAHAHAHA! You said they were vermin! You're a very funny man,"

"Okay. Because you've been kind enough to catch all those pests. "I'll give you a present." Howl said as he stood—starting walking to the side of the car—stretching his hands forward.

Like magic, the car suddenly glowed so brightly that it created an air pressure that blew so fast. In an instant the car that was originally filled with snake carcasses turned into a shiny golden arrangement of rods.

Both eyes of the man immediately glowed, as did the fat man who forgot the pain in his still crooked hands. They feel as if they're being summoned by the golden beam. Running—crawling up a car like an animal that catches prey.

"Wow! It's gold! Gold really!"

"Wow… We don't have to be so hard on finding those cats! We're rich! We're rich!"

When the man full of greed wanted to touch the gold so shining that he immediately s*ck*d deep into the black hole with no gravity. He shouted for help, but there wasn't a single living thing in there.

Where there's only one finger in front of his face there's a lava that's so hot. The lava spatter hurt his face that immediately blistered through his cheekbone.

The man again shouted for help—crying like a child without realizing what he had done wrong.

"Help! Help! Help me!!"

Chapter 2

Suddenly his body was thrown back on a ground filled with sharp thorns. Trees similar to cactus trees reach so high, even 100 times the size on earth.

So many humans without clothes are stuck to the big thorns in the cactus tree. So much blood is flowing—no one can escape that painful punishment.

Sweat was shed as both eyes watched many humans die and come back to life with so much blood—it was painful just to hear his voice.

"What the hell?! What is this place …!! Is this hell?"

His body was again drawn up on a cactus tree. Both of his legs were shaking, looking towards the direction that the humans were trapped, and so many tiny insects were eating their bodies.

He fell limp with all his fears.

Wonder if he's dead and in hell right now?

"Are you scared?"

Howl's figure appears—walking up to him.

"Who are you? You brought it to this place, didn't you?" he asked in a tone so resentful.


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