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The Duke's Daughter

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Novia R
  • Chapters: 51
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 604
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


The story of Nivea Del Castano, the girl baker who often against her father's will. An arranged marriage with Prince Edmund, which she never wanted. Making her even more rebellious to her father. One day she learns that she is the reincarnated form of a girl who lived hundreds of years ago. Nivea can't escape, because running to anywhere her destiny will remain the same. She didn't want to care about that, but her little heart could not deceive herself. Nivea who was still thinking about that, without realizing it, she has found a man who deserves her love. Matias has been able to shake her defenses which have been very difficult to be disturbed by any man. Matias' departure to the battlefield, made herself increasingly realized that she did not want to lose that figure.

Meet Grandpa

Nivea Del Castano was still daydreaming for a few minutes when she woke up from her night’s sleep. She was leaning against the bed, wrapped in her blanket staring blankly ahead. The enormous window in front of her was of course still covered by the curtains. How could Seri, the personal servant, dare to open the curtain when her lady seemed to be still fast asleep.

“Excuse me miss.” Seri stepped in front of Nivea and brought the girl’s reverie was interrupted.

“Ah, you!”

“Is something bothering you, miss?”

“Hmm. I met the late Grandfather.”

“What? You mean?”

“Seri, you’d better open that curtain first!”

Without answering, the maid swiftly stepped over to the window on the other side of the side and opened all the curtains that were still closed. And opened some part of the window so that the morning air could freely enter every corner of Nivea’s room. Afterward, she returned to Nivea.

“What? Are you waiting for me to tell you?”

“Hmm. Don’t you want to tell me about your meeting with your late Grandfather?”

Nivea sighed, “I don’t know Seri! I dream of Grandpa so often. But, last night it felt like he was so close and I felt it was very real.”

“Did he say anything?”

Nivea nodded, “Not only did he talk but this time he showed me something.”

“May I know, miss? What did your grandfather show you?”

“A painting. I thought it was my face, but Grandpa said that the girl in the painting was a royal maid in the .... years... Ah, I can’t remember what year he said.”

“Are you sure, miss?”

“Hmm. Yes, I’m sure Grandfather said that it wasn’t me. Instead, Grandfather would like to say that the person I am now is... that girl who has been reborn.”

“What? You mean, are you the reincarnation of a royal maid?”

“Yes. That’s probably what Grandfather meant. But, why would you say that to to me? I don’t understand, Seri.”

“You don’t need to keep thinking about it, miss. I hope you are not disturbed because of that dream.”

“But Seri, do you remember? I once told you about how I knew the power of my hands. At that time, Grandpa was the first to know it. He was still healthy and told me at the age of seven year.”

“Of course, miss. I remember you telling me about it. In my opinion, it’s different. One thing that Grandpa told you when he was alive and the other he told you only in a dream. I... I don’t understand either, miss. Hahaha. Sorry miss, it’s time for you to go to the store.”

Again Nivea sighed, “Alright, I’ll temporarily stop thinking about that, Seri. Help me get ready now!”

Nivea slowly lowered her legs from the bed. Then stepped over to one side of the wide-open window. The girl with burgundy hair color looked out there, with her sharp brown eyes gazing at the morning atmosphere in the surrounding her residence.

After a few minutes, Seri returned to Nivea’s presence to say that the the warm water was ready. Seri invited her lady to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Seri prepares the dress that Nivea will wear today.

Nivea was now sitting in front of her dressing table. She has put on a simple pink a simple pink dress chosen by Seri. As usual, Seri combs Nivea’s hair gently and then styled it the way she wanted.

“Are you planning to let your hair down today, miss?”

“No, I’m not. Please just put it in a bun!”

“Yes, miss.”

After being satisfied with her hairdo, the beautiful girl stood up from her her seat. Looked at herself once more in front of her mirror, and then left leaving her room.

“Where is my mother, Seri?”

“Ah, duchess Elvira is enjoying her tea in the back garden.”

With a slight lift of the front of her dress, she stepped toward the the garden at the back of the residence. Nivea intended to see her mother before going to her bakery. Meanwhile, Seri would continue to trail behind her body.

“Good morning, Mother.”

“Ah, you’re Nivea. Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?”

“Hmm. I think I slept quite well.”

“Are you going straight to your shop?”

“Yes mom. I will go now.”

“Hmm. All right! Have a good day, my child!”

Nivea bowed slightly, “Thank you, mom. I hope you too are always blessed.”

A horse-drawn carriage and a coachman were ready to take Nivea and Seri. On their way, Seri broke Nivea’s reverie.

“Miss, excuse me. May I have a word?”

“Yes? What do you want to say, Seri? Why did you have to ask before?”

“Ah, because I saw that you seemed to be thinking about something.”

“Sure! I was indeed thinking about something. Something that seems to be starting to bothering me. But, what do you want to talk about?”

“Your classmate in the third college, it seems that young man likes you.”

“Huh? What did you say? Who is the senior brother you’re referring to?”

“Ah, that... he’s the son of count Antonio.”

“Hahaha. Are you kidding Seri?”

“No, miss. That young man asked me to convey his greetings to you.”

“What? Why are you only saying it now?”

“I... I don’t remember miss. Because this morning you were talking about meeting with your late grandfather, I forgot to convey it. Please forgive my carelessness, miss.”

“No problem, but when did you meet Matias?”

“Yesterday afternoon, when I was buying fruit for duchess Elvira. I saw that the young man also bought some fruit from the same shop.”

“What did he say to you? Did he say that he liked me?”

“He just said, please give my regards to Miss Nivea. Yes, that’s all.”

“And you interpreted her greetings as a sign that he likes me? Huh, you’re kidding Seri!”

“That’s a possibility, miss. Hasn’t he always liked to seek attention on you? But I guess, you’re insensitive to his attitude.”

“Really? Am I being insensitive? Ah, never mind Seri! I don’t want to discuss Matias.”

Seri guided Nivea to her feet in front of her bakery building. As was her habit, upon arriving at the shop Nivea would walk first to the area where customers would usually sit down to enjoy their beverages and drinks. Then she would make her way to along the bread display case and finally, Nivea would make her way to the kitchen at the back of the ordering counter.

It was in the bakery where Nivea spent most of her days. The girl loved her job of making different kinds of bread.

With all her heart, Nivea devoted her mind and energy to producing bread that was worthy of being enjoyed by everyone in the country.

Nivea never took much profit from her business. To her, she was happy to be free to do what she loved. And to her, everyone has the right to enjoy a loaf of bread without having to differentiate between who he or she comes from. It’s no wonder, then, that her bakery has many customers. Nivea is also very friendly to everyone she meets.


“Nivea, why are you rushing to get up? I haven’t finished talking to you yet.”

“Ah, that’s... What do you mean Grandpa? Do you want me to sleep longer? What if I can’t open my eyes anymore?”

“That’s not what I meant stupid!“, Grandpa’s finger flicked Nivea’s forehead.

“Ouch! It hurts Grandpa. Well, can you tell me now what you want to tell me?”

“You are my poor granddaughter.”

“Poor how? Can you speak more clearly, Grandpa?”

“You were born as the reincarnation of the royal maid in that old painting. She died killing herself, because she loved a man too much to think of her.”

“So, are you saying that I will suffer the same fate as her in the future?”

“I don’t know! It’s just that I’ve heard that the mother of the royal maid cursed the man her son loved so much. The old woman with the sharps-mouthed old woman swore, if in the next life the man was reborn, the events will be reversed.”

“Upside down?”

“Yes, the old woman swore


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