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The blue eyed demon

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Have you ever wondered how you will feel if you ever find out that you are not a full human? That was the situation that Ivy found herself in. Ivy, an eighteen years old highschooler accidentally finds out that she is half human and half-demon, and she lives in a world where mystical beings are known to be fictional. She falls in love with Ryan, a handsome, jovial, new boy in her class, and has to fight for his love against Jira, another girl in her class, without revealing her identity. Lydia, Queen of the demon world and ruler of the dark fortress are out to kill any half-demon and their loved ones, because of an ancient prophecy that resurfaced. Can there be a relationship without betrayal? And will Ivy be able to protect herself and her loved ones while fighting against Queen Lydia without revealing her identity?

Chapter 1: Introduction

Beep, beep!!! The sound of the alarm clock could be heard everywhere in the house. "Ivy, you had better wake up, or you will be late for school” A beautiful young woman wearing a blue silk gown climbs the stairs and reaches a door. Knock, knock!! Wake up sleepyhead, you're going to be late for school” she shouted.

I opened my eyes, still feeling sleepy “Mom I'm not going to be late for school” I said as I staggered out of the bed, to the bathroom where I took my bath and prepared for school. I came downstairs as the sweet smell of early morning freshly ground coffee, mixed with tomato sauce, filled the air.

”Hmmm!!! Good morning Mom, I love the smell of the tomato sauce Mom" I said, going to the dining table. "You should try and get up much earlier, so you won't get to school late,” Mom said. “Don't worry Mom I won't be late, and Mom I won't be coming back home early as I will be going to the library with Lisa after school. you know, as a 12th grader our college entrance examination is upcoming”? I said as I watched Mom.

“I hope you don't have plans on attending the party I heard you and Lisa talking about last night,” Mom said. “Of course not Mom, we need to prepare well for our exam,” I said. “No problem, just eat your breakfast quickly, your dad is almost ready,” she replied.

Footsteps approach towards the dining table, and a handsome tall man in his early forties wearing a gray Louis Vuitton blazer and black shoes comes to the dining table.``Good morning Dad, you look great in that suit" I said with my mouthful. "Ivy, how many times have I warned you not to speak with your mouthful? ''Mom asked. “Honey, please let her be, good morning sweetie” Dad answered. "Of course, you will always support her because she is exactly like you, ''Mom said with a frown on her face. “Mom, I'm pretty because I look like Dad, " I said as I and dad posed with a "V" sign.

I bear a striking resemblance with my dad which is so obvious. We both have the same blonde hair, milky white skin color, naturally red lips and pointed noses, almond shaped eyes.

While in contrast, my mom has long black hair, big eyes, and pink lips. The difference between me and my dad is that my hair is long and I'm much younger than him. “Don't worry honey, she took your nagging attitude. Dad said, “You guys buy one, get one free,” Mom said as we all started laughing.

Deaban (my dad) and I get into his black Mercedes-Benz as he drives off to my school.”Dad, I will be attending Zoey's birthday party after school today” I said to my dad as we entered the car. “But you told your mom that you will be going to the library,” Dad said with a questioning look, “Dad you know mom won't allow me to attend, so please convince her for me”, I said, trying to get as cute as possible. “Anything for my Princess, but promise me that you will stay away from trouble,” Dad said, “I promise”, I said smiling. “Good luck today in school, sweetie, Dad said as he kissed my forehead. “Bye, Dad," I said as I descended from the car and waved.

“Ivy runs quickly, the Maths teacher will soon get to the class” Lisa, my best friend shouted. Lisa is a slim, brown-skinned girl with long black hair and big, cute eyes. I started running and caught up with Lisa, "I hope you are going to Zoey's party tonight" she asked as we stopped running, “of course, I wouldn't miss it for anything” I said. "Did you hear the news that Zoey and Jira broke up? She asked. “What!!!” I exclaimed with my mouth wide open, I thought they were the perfect match made from heaven, I said. "So, the school couple is no longer together", she said as we laughed and entered the classroom.

“Attention class, Zoey, our handsome class president said, as Mr. Jones, our Math and homeroom teacher entered the classroom. “I need all the last class assignments now and if you didn't do yours, come to the front of the class”, he said with a stern tone.

Lisa came out, “Of course, you wouldn't do yours, you will have to sweep the classroom after school hours today Lisa, Class your last mock results are already on the notice board, so do well to check yours”, he said as he rounded up.

Ding, ding, dong!!! The school bell rang, signifying lunchtime, we rushed out of the class to check the notice board. “Wow as always, class pres is at the top”, Philip, a boy in my class said, Zoey smiled as he and Philip walked away."Ivy!!you are in the second position that's my bestie” Lisa shouted, “what about Jira, a girl asked.

"She was never good at math, it has been Zoey, her Ex that had usually exchanged his paper for hers” another girl answered. Pang!! Everyone turned in the direction of the sound, as Jira, a tall, slim, fierce-looking girl, slaps Eva a short, chubby girl. "Are u blind? Why did you step on me” she thundered. "I didn't see you there", Eva answered timidly. Jira pushes and stepped on Eva, “oops I didn't see you, she said mockingly as she and her friends laugh and moved toward the school cafeteria.

I stretched my hands towards Eva and helped her "Don't mind her, she must have probably traded her sense for beauty” I said. "Thank you", Eva said as she stood up. “She is looking for whom to pour her frustration on, it's not like we are the ones that caused her breakup”, Lisa added.

"You guys should assist me in sweeping the classes," Lisa said with puppy eyes, "no problem," Eva answered. "Why didn't you do your assignment? I asked, turning towards Lisa.

"I tried doing it last night, but it was beyond my capacity, I then decided to watch an online tutorial but ended up watching a movie," Lisa said. I looked at her disappointed, "you should have called me", I said calmly. "I didn't want to stress you, Eva are you coming to the party?” Lisa asked. "I'm not going", she answered.

“Why? You should loosen up sweetie, this is our final year in high school let's have some fun okay” I answered. "Eva, you should come with us and don't worry about your dress, I have a perfect dress for you,” Lisa said.

Chapter 2: The party

The school bell rang and students rushed out in Multitude like they had been trapped and had just regained freedom. "Hey Lisa, wait up", I said as I ran to her. “Where is Eva?” she asked looking around, “she is far behind, she walks too slow, and where are you hurrying to? I asked. "What do you think? she said, giving me a curious face, "we have so much to prepare for the party” she answered.

"Eva over here," I said, waving to her. She came towards us, and we all went together to Lisa's house. "Are your parents not back from their trip? I asked. "Nope, and they won't be coming back until month's end” she answered.

Lisa is the only child of her parents, just like me, but her parents are always on different business trips and so are not always around. We arrived at Lisa's house, a big duplex painted with gray and white colors."Wow,” Eva said, “home sweet home, welcome to my humble abode,” she said, laughing a


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