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Rocket Team Reborn Conquering Pokémon World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kino
  • Chapters: 837
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 209
  • 7.0
  • 💬 9


"Rocket Team Reborn Conquering Pokémon World" In "Rocket Team Reborn Conquering Pokémon World," we will enter a brand new Pokémon universe and become members of Team Rocket. This time, we have a powerful starter binding system that allows us to obtain a rare shiny Magikarp as our first Pokémon. However, our opponents' storyline aura is exceptionally strong, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand in our way. Nevertheless, we are not afraid of challenges. Ash, the rival who used to give us endless trouble, has now become our pawn. We have locked him and his Pikachu in a dark room, preventing him from posing any threat to our plans. With all these enhancements, Ye Tong will embark on his journey in the Pokémon world. He will use his fists to conquer the Elite Four and his intelligence and courage to lead his Pokémon to become the most powerful Team Rocket in history. In this story, you will witness how Ye Tong faces challenge after challenge, how he builds deep emotional bonds with his Pokémon, and how he finds ways to break through difficulties. You will experience his growth and progress, as well as the synergy and unity between him and his Pokémon. "Rocket Team Reborn Conquering Pokémon World" is an exciting and surprising fanfiction work. The author will lead readers into a brand new Pokémon world with delicate strokes and thrilling plots. Whether you are a Pokémon enthusiast or a reader who enjoys adventure stories, this novel will bring you endless joy and surprises. Let's follow in Ye Tong's footsteps and embark on a journey to conquer the Pokémon world together!

Chapter 1

Under the scorching sun, the entire sky appears particularly dry, and the rocks by the lake reflect strong heat.

The real new city maintains an extraordinary tranquility, and suddenly, a crisp sound resonates.


The clear and resonant sound of a wooden stick hitting echoed by the lake.

When a sparkling golden carp king emerged from the water, its eyes turned white.

"I got you!"

Seeing this scene, Ye Tong's voice echoed with excitement.

He hurriedly rummaged through his small backpack, took out a red and white Pok é mon ball, and threw it towards the Carp King.

The Pok é mon ball hit the Carp King with a beautiful trajectory and bounced back from it. Subsequently, a ray of light enveloped the Carp King and pulled him into the Pok é mon ball. When it fell into the water, the Pok é mon ball made a satisfying splashing sound.


When he rushed into the water to retrieve the Pok é mon, he proudly shouted.

At the same time, the sound of a system echoed in Ye Tong's mind.

"Task completed, reward: 300 points."

"Congratulations, master. We have captured your first Pok é mon, and the system's beginner guide mission has now ended."

The sound stopped, and Ye Tong's lips smiled slightly.

It has been over nine years since he woke up in a car accident.

He still remembers the shock he felt when he woke up and heard the system sound, as well as the subsequent realization that he was living in the body of a newborn in the world of Pok é mon.

Fortunately, Ye Tong quickly adapted to this special reality.

Essentially, our goal is to capture Pok é mon and become the most powerful trainer.

Ye Tong grew up in Zhenxin Town with friends such as Xiaozhi and Xiaomao, and he aspired to become a champion.

Last year, his father gave him a Pok é mon ball on his birthday, and since then, Ye Tong has been considering where to find his first Pok é mon.

Coincidentally, when the system announced the final part of the beginner's task, it reminded him of a shining carp king by the lake, and Ye Tong had been preparing for several months.

Knowing that it likes fresh grapes and tomato juice, he saved his pocket money and saved a large sum of money.

After several days of vigilant waiting, Ye Tong seized a suitable opportunity and successfully caught the elusive Shining Carp King with a sturdy stick.

"Come on, let me see how strong this legendary Pok é mon is."

Ye Tong rubbed his hands, took out a Pok é mon ball, threw it into the air, and announced the classic yet slightly contrived line: "It's up to you, shiny Carp King!"

As the light faded, the sparkling carp king appeared nearby, almost reaching Ye Tong's neck.

Staring at the Pok é mon, Ye Tong's gaze shifted to the accompanying system information.

Shining Carp King's combat power: 33

Level: 1

Features: Flexible (doubling speed on rainy days)

Flash feature: Super magical scales (defense increases threefold in abnormal states)

Nature: Pride (increased special defense, reduced speed)

Moves: Shovel, Splash, Water Gun

"The combat power of Level 33 is impressive!"

Ye Tong was amazed by the power of the Flash Carp King. Ye Tong is also unaware of the situation with other Pok é mon. The combat power of the first level caterpillar he once encountered in the town was 3, which was 11 times weaker than it.

11 times!

Equivalent to the combat power of 11 caterpillars...

Ye Tong glanced at the sparkling Carp King, perhaps realizing the strange expression in his eyes.

The shimmering Carp King snorted unhappily, and in response, Ye Tong was attacked by a water gun.


"Ah, you troublemaker! Can't you just make a joke?"

Ye Tong was scared like a soaked chicken and scolded.

"System prompt: The shiny Carp King used Splash, causing unimaginable damage."

Watching this scene, Ye Tong's mouth twitched for a moment.

In fact, an extremely fierce reputation is normal for the shining Carp King.

"Come back, the shining Carp King!"

Ye Tong collected the shiny Carp King into the Pok é mon Ball and walked towards home with an angry expression.

He reached an agreement with his father that once he captured the first Pok é mon through his own efforts, he could embark on a challenging journey.

Now, with the Carp King in his hand, Ye Tong's desire to leave is becoming stronger and stronger.

The Flash Carp King needs to reach level 30 to evolve, and after evolution, it will become the Flash Rampage Carp Dragon, completely changing its abilities.

"Ye Tong!"

As I was walking, suddenly a sound came from me.

Turning around, he saw Xiao Zhi wearing a red hat and holding a basketball bag in his hand.

Ye Tong saw the bag bulging and asked, "Xiao Zhi, where are you going?"

"I'm going to Dr. Daiki's house to buy my first Pok é mon,"

Xiao Zhi answered anxiously.

"I overslept, I'm not sure if it's still there."

Xiao Zhi quickly waved his hand and said goodbye!

After speaking, Xiaozhi hurriedly ran away, and Ye Tong glanced at his gradually disappearing figure, showing a thoughtful expression.

If he is late, perhaps only Pikachu is left...

Pikachu's power is truly frightening.

Ye Tong grew up in Zhenxin Town and is good friends with Xiao Zhi.

Over the years, the daily influence has not changed Xiao Zhi's determination to embark on a journey.

"I should also hurry up."

Thinking of the protagonist halo on Xiaozhi, Ye Tong felt a sense of urgency.

Walking slowly or not keeping up with Xiao Zhi's pace can lead to him capturing the magical treasures on the road first.

Quickly, he returned home and to his surprise, his usually busy father Ye Dong'an was watching TV.

There is a tea set on the table, and the atmosphere is quite leisurely.

"Dad, I'm back."

Ye Tong awkwardly shouted a greeting, saying "Dad" to a stranger always makes people feel unusual because it is the soul of another world.

"Hmm," Ye Dong'an replied, looking up at Ye Tong.

His gaze shifted to the magical treasure in Ye Tong's hand, revealing a hint of surprise.

He said, "Did you capture your first Pok é mon?"

"Yes! I caught a sparkling magic card!"

Ye Tong became excited and released the sparkling Carp King from the Pok é mon Ball.

"Oh, it's a shiny Pok é mon!"

Ye Dong'an stared at the sparkling carp king with a surprised expression on his face.

Shining Pok é mon, the most unique existence among Pok é mon species.

Scarcity is accompanied by greater strength and potential.

After a pause for a while, Ye Dong'an seemed to recover from his shock.

Taking out a few regular Pok é mon, he said to Ye Tong, "Alright, you don't have to say anything anymore. I know you want to go out. Here are five Pok é mon balls. Take them and you can go on a trip."

Upon hearing these words, Ye Tong became excited and quickly picked up the few Pok é mon balls.

"Wait a minute."

Ye Dong'an's voice rang out, and then a medal with a rocket symbol was handed over.

"If you go to Joban City, bring this medal to the small shop next to the Elf Center to find Uncle Drew and tell him that you are my son."

"What is this?" Ye Tong looked at the medal with a puzzled expression.

The identity of the Rockets, this is my exclusive medal.

”Dong'an's voice was a bit low as he looked at Ye Tong and said, "I have already applied to the organization for retirement today, and you will take over and join the Rockets."

"The Rockets?"

Ye Tong was immediately surprised when he heard this. Is his father from the Rockets?

The Rocket Team is the villainous organization in that game, constantly trying to seize the organization that rules the world with elves.

To prevent the world from being destroyed

Thinking of Kojiro's lines in the anime, Ye Tong's head hurts.

"Can I not join?" Ye Tong looked at Dong'an and said.

"No way," Ye Dong'an shook his head and said, "I have submitted the application and it has been approved. Strictly speaking, you are now a member of the Rockets."

"The Rocket team will count the number of people once a month. If you don't report next month, it will automatically consider you a traitor, and the Rocket team will send strong men to pursue you."

At this point, Ye Dong'an smiled and said, "Pursuing is the kind of pursuit that requires seeing a corpse."

"Ah~I don't want to join the Rockets," Ye Tong wailed upon hearing these words.

Ye Dong'an looked at Ye Tong, who was unwilling, with a meaningful curve on his lips.


The door of Ye Tong's house opened heavily, and an eight or nine year old child, along with a small backpack and a Pok é mon ball, was thrown out.

"Go on, son, start your journey and become the strongest trainer!"

Chapter 2

"This is really a pit father... Oh no, pit son!"

On the way, Ye Tong rubbed his sore shoulder and cursed at the roadside.

This cheap dad retired coldly and then got himself a Rockets player and let himself go? Is there such a thing in this world?

Susu Susu.

In the grass, there came the sound of leaves shaking, and you don't have to look at Ye Tong to know what it is.

"Green caterpillar, combat power: 3, level: 1."

The little elf that has not been subdued can only see one combat power and level value in the system eye.

"Flash Carp King, come out now."

Ye Tong threw out the Flash Carp King and saw him in place, with a built-in water vortex underneath his body.

"Flash Carp King, use water spray on green caterpillars!"

The command was given to the Flash Carp King, who glanced at Ye Tong reluctantly, but still sprayed water at the green caterpillar.


Under the sweep o


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