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Unquestionably an outcast of her pack, Audra is a stunning sheet black wolf. Not because the pack despises her, but rather because they are afraid of the curse the "shadow wolf" bears, she has spent most of her existence alone. She can choose to remain in the pack or go when she becomes eighteen. She makes the decision to go since she doesn't want to involve anyone except herself in the curse. However, she stumbles onto a certain dragon's den by accident, which throws her strategy completely off course. She knew the second she laid her eyes on his beautiful electric blue eyes, her life and everything she thought she knew, was going to change.

Chapter 1


The door of my house was knocked on. Before I exited my upstairs room, I knew who it was. My cells tingled in subjugation as the Alpha's scent filled my senses. I rolled out of bed and turned to gaze around my room one last time. 

All that remained of the timber chamber was a crisp white sheet folded neatly on the made-up bed. My clothing was gutted out of the drawers that formerly held them. My pallid hand stretched down to grab a strap of the bag that lay next to the door. 

The backpack was a deep green hue, and it was completely loaded with all of my necessities and clothing. It has numerous exterior pockets that were secured in place by leather buckles. 

I put the rucksack down and shrugged. I sighed to myself as I exited the room and opened the door. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated to shut that door. 

After shutting the door, I made my way to the wooden staircase. I turned to face my closed wood door as I down the first step. It seemed like a lifetime away, even though I was just a few feet away. 

I ripped my gaze from the door and began descending the stairs once more. After reaching the bottom, I passed by my kitchen and living room. The scent of the Alpha intensified as I focused on the front door. 

My palms shook with anticipation at the smell. Using trembling hands, I ran my fingers through my thick black hair, stopping mid-torso. I merely gripped the straps of my backpack because trying to stop my hand from shaking would not help. I might as well give my hands something else to do if I couldn't stop shaking. 

I stood in front of my door, about a toe's distance from the wood trim. The Alpha was tapping his foot over there, and I could hear it. Taking one last look at my empty house, I inhaled deeply. With a breath out, I reached down and turned the doorknob. 

I stepped back and opened the door. "I apologize for the wait," I said, looking down at the floor. 

"Don't worry I don't mind the wait." Though I didn't know the Alpha at all, I was unaware that he was a liar. I had only met him four times before this. 

To show me this house, which I have lived alone in since I was six years old. It was twelve years ago. Secondly, to see how I'm doing after two weeks. A few weeks ago, third, to talk about whether I wanted to go. Fourth, right now. 

His feet were kicking about on the porch, I noted. He was likely concerned that he would be struck by the curse. I moved my eyesight down to my toes because I didn't want to take a chance. Maybe it would. 

I merely knew that when this curse awakened, it would bring with it a ton of bad luck, but I had no idea what the curse was. I pray nobody was killed by it. I'm not sure how I would handle myself in such a situation. 

"I assume by the backpack, you choose to leave?" I felt his gaze glancing up at the top of my head. 

"I don't want to bring my pack into this," I nod. The words came out much weaker than I had intended. I avoid social interaction. I talk to myself a lot these days, having spoken to the Alpha four times and my instructor when I was younger than six. I've read novels about individuals conversing, but I find that conversations like this one are difficult. 

He began, "Thank you for your sacrifice," with sympathy in his tone. Judging by his grey hair, he must be a parent, but it's unlikely that he would dare allow Mate or his children to come anywhere close to me. "I apologize for requiring us to take these actions with you. How solitary it must have been." 

He was unable to resist. He really couldn't. If he had his way and I was a regular wolf, I'm sure I would be contentedly living with my pack, my parents, and my instructor. 

"I understand." I grin reassuringly as I look up at him. "I don't want to endanger any of my loved ones." I hesitated, attempting to articulate my ideas. "Don't think I am a sacrifice; I don't consider myself to be one. I appreciate you talking to me despite the red flags." Since I've been telling myself that for years, I was glad to finally say it to someone, I believed it. 

"I'm so sorry." His eyes began to brim with tears. I have never witnessed such a human feeling before. I turned my head to the side and looked up at him from a new perspective. 

"Are you sad?" Tears are a sign of sadness, and they usually appear when you lose something significant—a friend, a family member, a home, or a pack. Does that not imply that I ought to be the one crying? 

"I just can't imagine my kids going through what you have to." That makes me smile. 

"I'm glad they don't." I gaze up to the heavens. The horizon would soon reveal the sun. "I think I should start moving if I want to be at the first checkpoint today." Although there was a human present, it felt like I was speaking to myself. Perhaps he believed I was speaking to him? It made no difference. 

"Yes, I don't want you to be hiking in the dark." He cast a downward glance, his dark eyes catching mine. "If you ever need anything, or you ever find yourself in trouble, please don't be afraid to use the 'Flore Albo' name." 'White Flower' is the English translation of our pack's lovely name. 

"I will." He pivoted and began strolling along the veranda. I trailed along behind him, looking straight into his back. 

He unlocked the gate that led to the white fence around the home. I just painted it about a month ago. I believed that the fence was beyond its peeling paint, as the dark wood underneath had become rather noticeable. I put a letter in my mailbox, which is one mile away. I never received letters back. On this occasion, though, I was quite aback to see white paint positioned beneath my mailbox. 

"You are always free to come back." He turned to face my house. "But I'm not sure if you would be happy." 

He was true; if I returned, I wouldn't be content. I was giddy with anticipation for my next journey. My days of loneliness might come to an end if I were to pick up a dog friend along the route. 

"Thank you." My teacher has told me that packs typically kill wolves like me at birth. They saved me, and that was a blessing. Being alone is still far better than being dead, therefore I'm grateful I was alive. 

I turned to face the trail that ran alongside my fence on my right. The course I would be following. The road that would go to my mailbox was in front of me when I glanced, and the Blacktown should be a bit further on. That's where Alpha would be heading. 

"This is farewell, for now, Alpha." I never got to hear his name, which was a shame. or anybody else's. Lifting my backpack to the top of my shoulders, I pivoted to my right. 

"Audra, wait—" I glanced in his direction. He appeared to be reaching for me, and I stiffened up because I was unable to resist. I watched as he stopped himself and put his hands back by his sides. 

I needed a hug and human contact, but the hazards were too great. I simply lift a hand, smile softly, and say, "See you in the next life, Alpha." I said as I waved goodbye.

Chapter 2


I arrived at the campsite early enough to build a fire before the sunset. My bag was nestled between my wide legs as I sat at the base of a tree. Gazing intently at the flames, I observed how they licked at the heavens.

"Don't touch me!" 

The words made my spine tingle. "It's just a memory," I told myself, trying to settle myself down with a trembling breath. Even though the words were written more than twelve years ago, the scars they caused are still very much present.

"Why not?"

"Child, you are cursed! Never touch someone again!"

"Stop!" I bellowed into the obscurity. I heard the birds flapping their wings in surprise from their perch overhead. I got up and paced in a circle around the fire. I tried telling myself, "They are just memories; they shouldn't be affecting you," but it didn't help since the roots were ingrained in my spirit.

"I can't hurt anyone out here anyways." I glanced around, and all I coul


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