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Magical Collide

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Maya embarks on an excruciatingly perilous journey, where every step is laden with dread and uncertainty. The realms teeter on the brink of cataclysm, and as Maya navigates through the chaos, she faces nightmarish challenges that threaten her very existence. Alongside enigmatic allies who harbor their own secrets, she's drawn deeper into a sinister prophecy that seems impossible to evade. Love becomes both a beacon of hope and a source of torment as she treads the treacherous path. With the realms' fate hanging by a thread, Maya's survival becomes an increasingly uncertain prospect in this heart-pounding odyssey.

Chapter 1: The Arcane Council

It was time for Bendock, the second second eldest in Eldoria to give a recap of the success of the town for the past five hundred years of his life. As he's been brought before the elders to speak, the atmosphere became quite as even a sound of a fallen pin could be heard loudly. Sitting before the people, "life has transcend generation to another, the peace we enjoy hasn't broken. We grow stronger with each setting of the sun." The elders whispers with smile to each other indicating their happiness with his words. Bendock clears his throat, signifying he needs the elders' attention. "Yes we see peace, but the prophecy can never be forgotten. It's a prophecy we must keep preparing for." Everywhere became silent as the word 'prophecy' echoes fear strongly into the heads of the elders. Just as Bendock was about to continue, Houghton, the youngest among the elders whose beard was packed into a basket due to how long it was, stood up in a rush and interrupted. "Sir Bendock if am not mistaken all you have been saying is prophecy, am absolutely lost." Everyone laughed as Bendock signaled Houghton to sit.While smiling, Bendock struggling with words and coughing, "It's barely a decade since you joined this cult. There are things you aren't supposed to have insight of. But today is your lucky day, because you have completed the required age of hundred years. "During the days of our ancestors..." Bendock couldn't continue as he was offered water to soften his aching throat. "Let the graceful mother continue," Bendock said signaling Seraphine to continue the lane of the revelations. The oldest of them all, Seraphine, whose age approached five centuries, stood out among the renowned seniors. Her existence served as proof of the long life of the people of Elysium, and everyone who saw her was moved to respect her for her regal bearing and tranquil temperament. Her silver hair cascaded down from her face, framing a face that had seen the ups and downs of life.Seraphine's presence served as a live link to the past being narrated, and at the center of it all, her eyes sparkled with a knowledge that transcended time itself. As the night wore on and linked the past to the present, reassuring all who tuned in of the unwavering resolve that lay within Elysium's people—a vitality that was going to be tested as one realm merged with another, developing an outcome that would forever alter the realm's future.Seraphine's speech reverberated like a beacon of knowledge and power among the reverent silence of The Arcane Council's assembly. She addressed them as "Esteemed Members of The Arcane Council," with a powerful and steady look. "We're here this evening not just to learn and grow, but also to protect the heritage of Elysium."A bald midget named Elder Caelum leaned forward, his eyes showing intense curiosity. "Seraphine, I'm curious about the prophesy as well." Seraphine continued with a nod, carefully choosing her words. "A prophesy that reverberates through the passageways of time is revealed by the exquisite pattern that fate's threads have weaved."In deep concentration, Elder Isolde's brows wrinkled and her eyes shrunk. "Prophecy? Seraphine, speak the words of it." She is the second female in the cult, and she has never believed in riddles, or theories that can order chaos. Making her like a rival to Seraphine.A momentary pause was filled with tension. Seraphine said, her voice bearing the weight of fate, "Elysium and the realm of Serendal are destined to converge. But this union not only brings chaos, but also a storm of trials."Elder Alaric showed signs of thought by tapping his fingers briskly against the table. "Trials? What difficulties are ahead?" Seraphine's stare was a combination of resolve and seriousness. "A mysterious power that attempts to suffocate both universes. Our long-cultivated peace and the delicate balance of our realm might be at grave danger.Elder Isolde leaned back, her face showing consideration. "How can we see through this cloud of uncertainty to the way forward?"Seraphine answered, placing her palms on the desk, "our answers are within the tomes of old. Our experts must examine the manuscripts in depth in order to reveal the mysteries concealed in their old ink. We need to comprehend the origin of the mystery, its goals, and the actions we need to do to dispel its gloom."The tone of Elder Caelum's speech was firm. "This council has survived calamities and seen eras pass by. We won't flinch right now."Seraphine looked in his direction, her eyes burning with resolve. "Together, under the guidance of our collective knowledge, we shall reveal the hidden realities. The Luminal Circle will emerge to oppose the advancing darkness."The assurance in Elder Alaric's voice was unshakeable. "Seraphine, let's start this voyage now. We'll interpret the prophesy, stand with Serendal, and maintain peace in our realm."Bendock who has been silent for long, finally clears his throat to get everyone's ears to his weak voice. "As the sun sets, a new chapter dawns. We are the guardians of Elysium's destiny, defenders of the realm. But the journey isn't ours to make," Bendock said in confidence leaving the rest of the elders except Seraphine in confusion. For she was the only one with an insight of the weight of the task and looming danger.

Chapter 2: A Dieing Sage

As the hall gets more tensed with the panicking faces of elders, Bendock clears his throat for attention. This time around he coughs out blood. Everyone were with masks of pity and confusion. They knew his time is long gone."We are picked from the selected chosen. We are minds of golden knowledge of our realm but this isn't time to show it all. We must act and prepare fast," Bendock said as he coughs again. This time around, all the elders stood with up worried for the aged elder.Elder Caelum, climbs his chair as he couldn't see fully as all were standing. He speaks with concern, "Sir Bendock, I suggest we continue some other day." Everyone have gave support to Caelum's words with facial expressions.Meanwhile, Bendock who noticed what was going on, took off the bowl containing herbal liquids from his mouth. "No my elders, it's a crucial moment as time has cast it's strength against us. We must concl


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