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Looking Up

Looking Up

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Evelyn is dying. Very quickly. She lives in a mansion that allows many people to stay there and rest, but Evelyn lives there. Her father was a very close friend of the owner and Evelyn, her pa, ma, and sister used to stay there. Tragedy struck. Evelyn needed someone to save her. That was all she needed. Or was it? A fire struck the mansion, sending people away. Evelyn needed to save the mansion and find her family if they were still alive. With the help of an ally in the huge mansion, she tries to save everything and everyone.

Chapter 1

“Evelyn,“ her Pa muttered, “how many times do I…”

”I’m sorry, Pa,” Evelyn told her father inside her room. “I’m just not hungry.”

“Well, I can’t just leave you here! The Browns are hosting a very fancy evening dinner and you’re not coming?”

“No, I’ll come. I’m just not hungry,” Evelyn replied.

Her Pa shook his head. “Ah, Evelyn. You’re never hungry! Also, it would be awkward for you to come to dinner, but not eat!” He snorted. “Sorry. Excuse me.”

”I know, Pa, but at least I’ll come.”

Evelyn’s pa, Mr. Smith, smiled. “Aw, all right. Get on your dress and make sure you do talk to the Browns’ son. What was his name again? Ah. Yes. Avery. Great kid.”

Evelyn nodded politely and picked up her dress off her bed. It was a pretty teal dress with a violet waistband. There were no sleeves. Evelyn opened the bathroom door and slipped into her dress. When she came out, her father was already dressed in a black suit and vest with a bow tie. “Good. Come on, now. Aurelia and Ma are waiting.” Evelyn followed her father outside and down the luxurious stairs. Other guests bustled around her very hastily, but Evelyn and Mr. Smith took their time.

“Nice to see you again, Lucas!” Exclaimed a young man and he shook Mr. Smith’s hand.


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