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I Transmigrated Into A World Of Zombie Apocalypse

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“The zombies are everywhere!” — Danny used to be a young high school boy with a simple life but not for long. His peaceful life took a drastic turnaround when he got his face burnt by a group of jealous schoolmates and transmigrated into a world recently rampaged with the outbreak of the ZOMBIE VIRUS. His skinny body was no longer skinny but was athletic and s*xy. Danny knew that definitely, this wasn't his body– not his identity! Strangely, Danny finds all the people he knew from his reality in this new world but with different personalities and identities. Makes him wonder where he is and now, while surviving the apocalypse with other survivors— Danny wants to find himself. “I'm Danny and I want to find Danny...”

Chapter 1_ Transmigrated into a different reality

Breaths heavy, cold sweats prickling down his slim face, Danny gawked at the five bullies in front of him. It was the semi-final of the annual talent hunt program in the school two days ago and he– the one whom everyone picks on had beaten the five most popular dancers in the school with his naturally gifted dance talents.

Now, they were here according to them– 'to teach him some lessons' because of their inability to stomach their defeat.

"Pour the chemical on his face. Let's see how he shows up to dance tomorrow with a burnt face!" Jon, the leader of the group said to his two pawns.

Danny had been held in place by the other two after getting beaten to a pulp. That was the reason behind his inability to run or cry for help.

He could only kneel there, his hands held up high by two of the boys as one approached him with a vial filled with lethal acid.

The sounds of the approaching footsteps of the boy echoed loudly in Danny's ears until the boy got to him –and Danny felt his head being pulled up by one of the boys holding him and then, the inevitable happened.

The first droplet of the sludgy content of the vial that dropped on his face burned so intently that he suddenly found his formerly too-tired tongue again.

He screamed out in excruciating pain as the rest of the contents began to pour on his face.

His flesh was tearing, it burned so harshly that he wished for his eyes to be gauged out of their sockets.

As though his cries were fuel, his perpetrator's speed increased. He emptied the rest of the content of the vial right on Danny's whitish face and dropped the can the same way those holding Danny had dropped him to wriggle about on the floor in despair.

The anguish was overwhelming. He wished for it to end as he turned about, rolling from one spot on the floor to the other whilst his screaming pitch aggravated.

He could feel his face rip off as the burning intensified. His brain and consciousness were beginning to evade him too. If hell burnt like this, Luficer would have rather himself mopping the floors of paradise than to remain in such agony.

As excruciating as the pain was, as loud as his screams were, his tone only ravaged around him. Those boys had brought him to the basement of the school by this late hour when everyone had left including the janitors.

The security guard might still be on duty but he was probably drooling saliva on his asleep face right now.

Help would not come for him, Danny knew that.

It was almost as though his brain had had enough of the pain, of the cries of anguish as it blanked out right in Danny's face and he was a thousand oceans away from consciousness.


"Wake up, idiot!" he could sure as hell hear the whispering voice and could feel the faint slaps on cheeks.

Slowly, battling with his heavy lids, he shut them open.

There was a blonde sitting right above him, delivering spanks on his face too.

"Arrrgh." he groaned as he fought to get up, holding his head in pain. "Did I just dream all of that?" he further asked himself.

"No Danny, you didn't. You better get your *ss up before the door gets broken through again." the blonde- whom he did not know from Adam said to him.

His butt felt kinda tired too and so did his legs as he stood up. His eyes went around the room, scrutinizing and when he saw trials of blood about, with a dead body laying on the floor, he screamed.

"Holyshit! What's this?!" he roared, panic-stricken down to his very spine.

As if possessed by a jin, she ran to him. Her hands blocked out the rest of the scream he intended on letting out.

"Are you insane?!" she growled. "You will attract them shouting like that. What's wrong with you?!"

Now that he looked at her clearly, her blonde hair was scattered and roundly packed in an updo. She had a white crop top under her short armless jumpsuit. A white crop top that had stains– red and rusty.

Blood stains!

How the hell did he get here from getting his face burnt out by Jon and his crew to be in a bloody room with a bloody killer?

Danny aggressively shrugged his hands away from her and took multiple steps away.

"Did you kill them? Are you going—to kill me too?" he asked, swallowing hard.

Her indifference to the body laying on the floor proved to Danny just how devious and a professional at killing she was.

"Can you cut the crap, Danny? We better block that door or more will come." she listlessly threw her hands up in the air and then proceeded to move closer to the door.


Before she locked it, before she locked him inside with her then chop his head off the way she did whoever was laying on the floor because he could not see clearly the face of the person.

Their skin was somehow scorched and the way blood melted into the flesh of the victim unsettled him. It was as though she burnt them before killing them. He had seen many scenes in movies like this.

The girl was a psychotic cannibal and she would burn him first then chop off his head to feed on his flesh after. Just like this person on the floor.

He would die before getting burnt again. Not even in the hands of a girl.

Ignoring the throbbing pain in his leg, he charged at her. Luckily, he was able to catch her off-guard as he tossed her unsuspecting body aside and flung the broken door which had a hole big enough to fit a two-year-old wide open.

He dashed out but was forced to a halt by what he found. Firstly, whatever building he was in was dark—very dark.

If dark was its only feature, Danny would have proceeded but there were marks over its walls. Blood stains were everywhere, and most of the railings in the corridor were broken.

A bulb was fluctuating from where it sat on the ceiling, adding spice to the already gloomy atmosphere of the building.

Just what in the world had he found himself in? Danny couldn't help but wonder as he rushed down the corridor.

There was a faint sound that entered Danny's ears. More than joyful he was to know that there was another living person in the building. Maybe he wasn't the only survivor running from the freak.

It was coming from a room. The vibrating sound made him wonder if the person was in pain because what flew to his ears seemed to sound like a growl.

Could there perhaps be another killer? Maybe the girl had accomplices?

If so, then he should just go down the almost-collapsed staircase and run for his life. But, would he be able to live with himself knowing that he left a person to die?

No, that was the answer.

He settled for seeing to saving the person but if the situation got beyond his power, he would flee.

So slowly, he began to approach the door. The sneaky steps were going smoothly until he stepped on something which he got to find out was the head of a person.

"Ahhh!" he screamed and was about to run when he further found the rest of the body, some dark worms slouching out of it.

He was about to start stomping on them before they climb up to his boot when the door of two rooms including the one he was about to go into to save the victim that was inside burst open.

Growling, twisting, and running to him were two people. A man dressed in a bodyguard suit and a girl in a party gown with both of their attires dark from something he presumed was dried blood.

Worst, they had the same charred effect on their skins. He could not see well but when the bulb blinks, he would catch a glimpse of them until he won't.

Who runs like a defect and snarls with their teeth hitting one another loudly?

Was he supposed to run from them or— what in the world was he supposed to do?

D*mn the darkness, he could barely see.

His heart thumping harder than ever, "Who are you, people?!" he chose to holler.

Chapter 2_ They are zombies, idiot!

As if his voice was recharging their strength, the two strange-looking people began to approach him faster. Impulse told Danny to run. He wanted to run but then, he asked himself why he should run from the two harmless people who looked like they needed his help.

"Are you guys okay?" he asked but to his dismay, the man tripped on the dead body on the floor and fell on it while the girl tripped on the man and fell on the floor.

Now, they were both crawling toward him, snarling and outstretching their hands reaching out to him.

The man first grabbed Danny's leg but Danny jerked away in fright. "What's wrong with you?!" he hollered again, already starting to sweat in the hot corridor.

Some black worms were crawling out of the dead body and crawling up the body of the two people in front of him –but they seemed not to care about the slimy things as they entered into their ears and even their mouths.

"What in the world is t


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