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How Can You Know the Agony of Heart

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Ridzz
  • Chapters: 33
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 196
  • ⭐ 7.5
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"What's wrong I did with you that you have been torturing me, for God's sake leave, I will never forget your favor, please..." She pleaded to him with teary eyes. But he grabbed her silky hair in his tight grasp and said. "Don't show me your crocodile tears, it's not impacting me, good man inside of me died a long time ago, the man who is standing in front of you is a stone made, a deaf stone, no matter how many times you beat your head with it, you will be at loss, what's wrong my dad and I did with you? nothing....but still I am suffering, and my dad lost his life, after turning someone else life into miserable, how do you people can remain happy.....?" He was not in his senses. She can't endure it anymore, so she remains silent. Hoor ul Ain was kidnapped and r*p*d in a misunderstanding that her brother happened to elope with the sister of Shanzal on her very marriage day. How things will turn out when Shanzal knows that her brother isn't involved in her sister's eloping? Will Hoor ul Ain survive after facing his brutality? How Shanzal will face the situation after finding Hoor ul Ain guilty?


All night sleeping profoundly, she woke up with birds chirping. Her head is aching with pain. Her puffy eyes and miserable state made her look quite sympathetic. At first, she can't comprehend where she is, and why? But after some moments when she comes to her senses, she remembers that she has been kidnapped on her way back to university, but why.....? "I never did anything bad to anyone that someone will take revenge from me, my father, Colonel Khalid Shah Rehmani, is a reputable man of a city, he doesn't have any enemy, in fact, he always helps those who are in trouble, he never becomes envious from anyone, and.......and, my brother, Zeeshan Rehmani....he never thinks of anything other than business, he never pays a heed to other things, then....then why I have been taken here, it's....maybe it's because of some misunderstanding..." She holds her dizzy head in both hands while thinking for a while. " my Papa will be after I do not return home? and.....and Zeeshan Bhai (brother) much he will be depressed because of he will take care of Papa? he will have to console him...? while he seems to be depressed nowadays....Ooh my God, what should I do now...." She is thinking incessantly. She gasped at her helpless state. The day is becoming brighter now. Green trees and the chirping of birds have led her to know that she has been entrapped somewhere in a jungle or farmhouse. After she stops crying, she hardly takes herself to the only window that is in the room. Greenery is visible at a long distance. Trees are standing in line and the chirping of birds on top of that has made the environment delightful. There is no sign of any building at a long distance. Most probably it's been a part of the farmhouse. As time was passing, she feels suffocating here. It's all taking on her nerves. At that instant, the door is opened with a huge thud and someone enters with a dangerous sullen look, and red eyes come to her. Hoor UL Ain can't recognize him. But still, she becomes scared after looking at his state. He comes near her, and slapping her harshly on her delicate cheek, and barked at her. "You worthless home is in turmoil. My dad.....he is in I.C.U. And that all happens because of your b*st*rd brother, who entraps my sister and elopes her on her very nikkah (engagement) day. But remember...if something happens to my dad just because of your b*st*rd brother's cheap act, then I will bring on such cruelty that you can't evade till your breath..."No wonder how red his eyes were, his accent is more heated. For a moment, she can't comprehend what is he saying. But after she comes to know what he is saying, she is startled. She is already not in her proper senses and on top of that his harsh slap has awakened her to the core. And now his cheap accusation....which has made her restless. "Shut dare you bad mouth my brother's clear brother gives a lot of respect to women....he can't think of it, let alone do it..." Due to the impact of the slap, her lip is injured, which she rubs with her left hand and shouts at him. On that, this young, good-looking man again raises his hand and leaves deep imprints on Hoor's face. "For now, just pray for my father's well-being, because till he is alive, I will behave like a man. God forbid, if something happens to him then you will see how I will make you a living lesson for your brother, who after tarnishing our image has made our home a living hell..." He is uttering fire from his mouth. He seems to be so depressed now that Hoor can't stop herself from looking at him. His reddish-brown eyes and his strained muscles speak volumes of how miserable a state he is in. At that time, his mobile ranged and his attention diverted to it. "Hello, Shanzal Ali Shah speaking...." after he picks up the phone, he turns his head away. "What....Mm....I'm coming now..." Don't know what was said from another side making his forehead wrinkle due to tension. Again, he turns towards her with a threatening look and caught her long, silky hair painfully in his grasp, and told her harshly. "My Dad's condition is again critical, remember, if something happens to him, then I will take its revenge from you that will make your b*st*rd brother and old father's life dangerous...." His tone was so cold at that time that Hoor felt a deep sensation in her bones. However, before she takes hold of herself, he harshly pushes her back and fastly came out of the room. Hi readers, hope you enjoy it.How is its first chapter? Please read, comment, and like it. Your response is highly appreciated.


Her tears were flowing nonstop. She was sobbing. Worried faces of Colonel Khalid Shah Rehmani and Zeeshan Rehmani were coming into her mind again and again. Due to thirst, her lips were dry. She has not eaten anything in college and comes out of college hungry and thirsty. But when did she know that she is going to be kidnapped? And the kidnapper will be such cruel that he will keep her hungry and thirsty. Due to thirst, her throat was getting dry. But there was not any indication of water or something to eat in the room. Due to her miserable state, she again started crying. Don't know how long she will be imprisoned here. Sixteen hours have passed since she has been kidnapped. And this cruel man has been nowhere. It was getting dark outside, and when she realized her loneliness she started shivering and no one was there to console her. Don't know what her father's condition wil


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