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Game Wolf and Sheep

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Badrika Shuura follows a virtual world game connected via android and other online devices. After joining, the game has levels according to the original world work. Badrika takes a bodyguard job where all the players hire her at different price levels. Only Badrika is the only player who has a maximum of all levels and can add a second job and so on as the main bonus in the game. But not unexpectedly Badrika heard the news said the game was dangerous that concerns everyday life. Even their natural death was too real. Even so, Badrika has to deal with one VIP customer who regularly hires her for a week every month. Twenty-year-old woman with the status of a wealthy student majoring in Psychology named Alana Liora Gantari. Is there any truth to the game? Why so many casualties?

Chapter 1: Wolf and Sheep Game Launch

"It's time for The Wolf and Sheep game launch to be opened all over the world! Game levels are connected to the real world and feel the thrill. Even the genres that you are divided into three are real life, romance and fantasy. This is only the first time it came out so there are likely other genres that you can get after upgrading. We give one year warranty to try it after massive purchase!"Badrika glanced at her TV screen with a sour face. There is no problem if now the age of technology changes and makes people make the best use of it.

Even the game can be downloaded anywhere as long as the internet connection is smooth or rely on the signal from the BTS tower. So even non signal places will not work. Badrika heard the noise of the neighbors fussing over the purchase of the game. Many of them have tried it because of the queue early in the morning. Badrika's shoulder slumped when the tv channel was changed. Breakfast sandwiches and Americano coffee on the table are easy targets.

"Uncle, I'm going to school first. Mom and dad said, the monthly money will be paid later in the afternoon via bank transfer, " said Riki raised an octave when Badrika was busy chewing breakfast compared to hearing the ambitious nephew. "Yes I know. They already told me. Do not repeat a second time. I'm not stupid, " replied Badrika sitting proudly while sipping all the coffee water. Riki rolled his eyes and shouted loudly. Hearing the news of the top 1 ranking of every social media made Riki's gaze sparkle to Badrika.

"Uncle, any extra money?"

"Used for what? for that weird game? isn't it the same as fooling people's minds and wasting time?"Badrika cleans her hands using a little mint-scented hand wash gel. Riki lowered his face, kicked his right foot forward annoyed and tightened his bag. "This is the first time I've asked for this besides studying. Can I play it during school holidays?"asked Riki who got a shake of the head from Badrika.

"You can but for extra money, I won't allow it. You better work part-time."Badrika checked the last date of the game purchase on tv while Riki twisted his body while slamming the apartment door mercilessly. If it is not the niece who must be taught discipline and independence, Badrika is reluctant to tear someone's heart. After making sure Riki goes on the bus, Badrika grabs her idle cellphone.

The name "Zero" is written there. Voice dialing is connected. Badrika discussed the issue regarding the price of work this month accelerated the date. Although it is accepted that Badrika has to deliver some goods out of town and then get a total price double that of the release game. Badrika smiled. At least tonight there will be a surprise for Riki. Let's hope that the quarrel of Uncle and Nephew does not last long. Immediately Badrika rushed to do the task given.

Taking a two-hour trip, Badrika walked along a small alley and an abandoned building. One team is already waiting for Badrika as well as her boss snapping his cigarette. "You are old, Badrik! Are you sure you can deliver my babies safely? customers ask for this until before the afternoon, " said the middle-aged man holding a stick, the whole finger pinned Agate ring and holding two flirtatious woman waving. Package in good condition. Three people besides Badrika transport packages according to the return address.

"No problem, Boss. I can see it's safe. Don't worry about my faith."Badrika grabbed two large boxes of packages. Badrika's eyebrows wiggle partially but fully. The possibilities of this order are numerous. Three people began to drive cars and motorcycles into the streets. The boss grabbed Badrika by the neck and said, " Don't make any complaints. If anything I hope you die floating in the dirty sewers!"Badrika looked flat, there was no expression.

"I told you I didn't disappoint you."Then Badrika did not care about the traces of neck strangulation still there. That proves the Green Snake Gang boss is testing Badrika. At a glance Badrika turns into the alley leading to the cemetery, there is a rickety bamboo hut covering the hiding place of some of Badrika's treasures. Where no one else knows Badrika down this place to prepare the vehicle in the basement. There are levers disguised as rotten bamboo stalks painted permanently look original. Surely no one holds it for life.

Badrika went downstairs. Close the upper arch and replaced the direction of the exit. Right-Left expensive weapons are auctioned or priced illegally cheap. Badrika chose a racing bike, put two packages on the back tied using a rope and put on a helmet before starting the motor engine. Many memories during dirty work while away from family. If anyone nudges or touches the person protected Badrika directly face the consequences.

Dark black racing motorcycle speeding. Automatic closed exit. Earphones are installed. List of songs mellow and joy let alone accompany Badrika during the trip. Address navigation on hp ranges from thirty minutes. Badrika whistled inwardly imagining the price of the two packages. The asphalt road is winding. Minutes to fifteen, Badrika received a call from The Boss and the customer who delivered the package. The song stops.

"Where are you, Badri?"

"Fifteen minutes to go. Is this the customer's number? let me keep it if there's another request ahead. When I arrived, I was wearing a brown leather jacket, jeans and a black T-shirt," Badrika answered raising the volume of the call. Not far from Badrika tahu, there are several quite old family villas. Most customers are hereditary and old but loyal enjoy the package brought.

In front is a security guard. Badrika handed over her fake ID card and was allowed to enter for the purpose of delivering goods. Then Badrika plugged her gas motor into a large villa and had a two-meter swimming pool. Pretty sure the customers here can afford it beyond reason. Two people waiting in front know Badrika's whereabouts after giving an appearance on the phone. "The package I asked for, right? This from Mr. Zero?"Badrika let go of the helmet. More careful viewing.

Looks like an unusual couple. Very different age. One was in her fifties while this woman was too young. Badrika dismissed the thought. There are so many couples in the world that Badrika does not need to express her opinion. "I know your voice on the phone. Even though the sound is just the sound of heavy breathing and impatience, these two packages have you. Payment transferred?"The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows in shock. No one knew that voice could be heard clearly by ordinary mortals.

"This is a tip from me. I appreciate you coming on time. Transfer these two packages already sent to your boss. This is proof of transfer as well as chat Zero."Badrika asked permission to photograph the evidence. Like the performance system that boss Zero taught, Badrika has been doing the same thing for years. Before Badrika comes out, one bottle of liquor as a bonus. "Thank you for your mercy."The woman pushed the ignorant forehead kiss. Man holding two packages chuckled.

"You really are an *ssh*l*. My wife likes you. Your Name Is Badrika, right? I'm going to save using the nickname X."

Chapter 2: Search Dead

Badrika had a little fun accepting the bottle of drink that the customer gave her. The transfer money from Boss Zero has increased. Tip money bought for pizza and drink fizzy Riki's favorite. Surely his nephew was very receptive to Badrika's offer at home while imagining the two of them playing the game. The pace of the motor to the place of purchase of the game in order to surprise Riki at home. While waiting in line, Vodka drinks are placed in the motor storage. Until now the queue has not ended.

The knock of Badrika's black shoes knocked loudly repeatedly waiting in the same condition. There has been no progress at all. Inevitably Badrika picked up Riki's unanswered call because Badrika was still working. No sound across made Badrika frown. "Is the boy asleep? but this was lifted. Strange."The queue number 1200 is mentioned. Badrika moved her body stepping one by one past the angry crowd.

Of course there are peers at work so Badrika asks


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