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About me

I'm a writer from Indonesia. My name is Ajeng. I have two writer names, namely ajengfelix and Felix Cute. I create stories in various genres. Hope you guys like it. You can chat with me on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram: @ajengfelix Facebook: @Ajengfelix Continue to support this writer! Love you all


Revenge Of The Reincarnation Alpha Nadhea Martinez
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Nadhea Martinez an Alpha female reincarnated back after her old life has been fooled by Brittany and Zayn Brown-the brother and sister of the Brown family - who take the opportunity to snatch their respective goals from Adam Smith and Nadhea. Hence Nadhea is considered a suffering doll. Brittany two-faced controls in order to get Luna's dignity while Zayn controls the status of the strongest Alpha replacing Adam Smith. After knowing reincarnation in the same place when having sex with Adam and having memories to improve the lives of both, Nadhea follows the two bastards ' game by pretending to be innocent. Nadhea should have rejected Adam's confession in her previous life then the second chance Nadhea accepted it with much love and sincere wholeheartedly without disturbing the existence of Zayn and Brittany. Xander, the Beta man who is looking for a solution to all the problems related to the Smith family is quite capable of accepting Nadhea's decision. However, Nadhea still took revenge for the actions of Zayn and Brittany Brown by torturing mercilessly. Smith's company will also be destroyed if they both suck like parasites. Will Nadhea be able to exact her spectacular revenge against Brittany and Zayn with her own hands? How did it feel to accept Adam Smith's true feelings as long as Nadhea used to abandon him and leave him alone?

Game Wolf and Sheep
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Badrika Shuura follows a virtual world game connected via android and other online devices. After joining, the game has levels according to the original world work. Badrika takes a bodyguard job where all the players hire her at different price levels. Only Badrika is the only player who has a maximum of all levels and can add a second job and so on as the main bonus in the game. But not unexpectedly Badrika heard the news said the game was dangerous that concerns everyday life. Even their natural death was too real. Even so, Badrika has to deal with one VIP customer who regularly hires her for a week every month. Twenty-year-old woman with the status of a wealthy student majoring in Psychology named Alana Liora Gantari. Is there any truth to the game? Why so many casualties?


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