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"There is no escape for you. I have waited a long time for you,mate. I will not let you go this time." I gasped and placed my palm over my heart, doubling over. I felt it. Strong and unbreakable, a cord that connected our bodies, minds and souls to each other's. It reached out, connecting me to him, over time, over space, over realms. I felt his power fuse with mine and cuddle around my ice, making me warm. Fire to my ice. Ice to his fire. I didn't need to see him to know it was him. My dragon growled again with mixed emotions coursing through her. I joined in with a snarl and lifted my head, anger of a woman and beast merging into something cataclysmic.      I thrummed my fingers in the air and I raised my head. Our eyes met and I resisted the urge to double over at the sensation in my chest. With Fae vision, he looked even more gorgeous than any being should be. So sensual. So dark. So powerful. My mate. I searched his turquoise depths for answers, hoping I was wrong, but they said it all. He was my mate. And he'd hurt me. I'll kill him.


I turned around and dashed for the crowd. Trying to run in chains wasn't in the very least comfortable. I fell a couple of times before I reached the edge of the dais but strong arms caught me. I wrestled and shook uncontrollably but they didn't let me go. They would definitely burn me alive now. I gazed at the people and my eyes caught sight of something --someone. I went wholly still. Orien! He came like he said he would. He was wearing a black hood and I noticed a couple of others as well. His eyes locked on mine and I shook my head in a silent message. "Don't."

      He frowned as if to say, "I'll never leave you here and you know it."

I shook my head again and jerked it towards the roof, towards the guards that surrounded the crowd. "You'll die."

    He didn't seem to want to listen so I stopped struggling and let them take me back to the center of the dais. The two guards dropped me roughly on the floor and their hands went straight to the lock of hair that covered my ears and to the jewelry I always wore on my tips-- ear-obfuscators, and they yanked it off.

    Gasps filled the air and I stole a sideways glance at Orien. His eyes were wide with a couple of emotions. Surprise(That my ears were pointed) . Anger(That I hid the truth) . Understanding( Gawain must have known and that must've been why he kept me close and protected me). Betrayal (we both lied to him and to everyone else).

     Even if he still wanted to go on with the escape, I saw the faces of the other hooded figures and they had gone pale and fear slipped in their eyes. They would never go through with it for a monster. I looked to Dameon. He was stunned. He had not even believed what he said.



      Mama, I thought faeries didn't exist.



     Little wonder she always hid underneath the scarfs.

      The whispers got louder and something hard bumped into my skull. It stung and and I held the back of my head. Another stone.

     "Kill her!"

     "Burn her alive!"

     They went crazy with excitement. They wanted me dead and it made them even happier that I was going to be tied to a stake and get roasted alive.

 More stones got tossed my way. Most hit their mark. I sighed. I knew then that there was no saving me. I had already lost everything. It was about time my miserable life ended.  

Chapter 1: The Showcase

"Aye, Nara, you are out early today!"Sir Gilbert shouted above the din of the market.

I blinked, only hearing him after a few heartbeats."Yes, Sir Gilbert. The entrance examination is in two days. I will have to work extra." I said and gave the merchant the brightest smile I could.

"What?! I did not hear you, Nara!" Sir Gilbert shouted leaning forward. Poor Gilbert. Caducity was wearing his ears out. If I could make extra coins today or even one Silver coin, I would get him a hearing aid. Getting a Silver coin would be too much to ask. It was like getting blood from a turnip. In Astros, Gold coins were the highest denominations that only the Nobles possessed. By Nobles, I mean the higher-ups. Then the Silver coins which Nobles and Merchants possessed. Then the Copper coins, which the lower Nobles had. The lower nobles were different from the Nobles as they were not as rich as the Nobles or Merchants. Last of all was the brass coins. We, the

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